23 Guaranteed Ways To Accelerate Your Online Sales (Part 1)

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How were your sales revenue and profit of the last year? Was this a surge in sale volume, treading water, or a lag behind? Anyway, you must build a new plan to improve the current situation this year. Let’s take a look at the following sale enhancement methods and find what suits you most.

1. Exploit Huge Amount Of Abandoned Carts

Recent surveys have indicated that roughly 70% of online carts are abandoned before checkout that makes shopping cart abandonment become a considerable issue for E-commerce businesses. People tend to abandon carts since the buying process is quite complex or they get a surprise about shipping costs. There are some ways to turn this disadvantage into an advantage in order to improve sales:

  • Send customers reminder emails about their abandoned carts (with a small discount is recommended to motivate them to come back).
  • Decline steps needed to accomplish a transaction.
  • Make sure shipping cost is clearly stated (homepage or product page) and avoid listing the cost later in the buying process.

2. Facebook Livestreaming

Livestreaming on Facebook has become a phenomenon recently and has proved its effectiveness in selling products no matter how to scale your business is. There are some reasons that encourage viewers to buy items through live streaming videos.

First, they can “see” the products in real-life (even only on the screen, it’s still much better than images on the website). Second, many stores offer a small discount for those who watch and order instantly during live streaming, which gives a strong motivation for the buyers. Try this tool and you might be surprised by what it can bring about.

3. Make Videos – Create A Viral One If You Can

It is no doubt that the surge of video marketing has been one of the hottest trends in the last years. By creating exciting videos, you can easily introduce your products and services as well as wisely instill your message to your customers.

Especially, if you can produce viral videos (large amount of views and sharings over a certain period of time), the result brought about not only is a high volume of sales but also your reputation and solid position in the market. Viral video marketing is definitely a great tool for any enterprise when implemented suitably and successfully.

4. Try The 3-Second Test And Act Now

Take a quick look at your homepage and ask yourself 2 following questions:

  • Can visitors realize what you are selling within only 3 seconds?
  • Should they trust and buy products from you?

If you say “No” to either or both above questions, you must work with your site as soon as possible.

Are products outstanding in your website design? When someone visits your online store, it must be plain on what you sell. Please keep your design clean and professional with high-quality images. In contrast, a complicated design might mislead purchasers from what their “main task” – view and buy your products at last.

Do you make it easy to call you? Sale starts from the trust. To increase your credibility with buyers, you need to display your phone number, best in the header of pages. Consequently, people are ensured that you’re not a virtual business, and therefore they can trust you 100% on you.

5. Build An Effective Pricing Strategy

Have you heard about the “decoy pricing” – the customers often ignore the cheapest products and the most expensive ones and find the middle-tier option the most engaging.

By providing the third “decoy” option in your pricing plan, you can stimulate people toward the middle option – the one you focus on selling. Although some people still prefer the most expensive one but the majority will intuitively pick the middle-tier option, which is exactly what we want them to do.

6. Show Off Your Positive Customer Testimonials

Nowadays, customers’ feedback has become increasingly important in the social media environment. A huge amount of satisfied customers will have a strong impact on potential buyers so make sure you display reviews about how wonderful you are on your site (on the homepage, product pages, services pages, or your landing pages).

7. Create Sense Of Urgency

Most buyers respond positively to incentives that come with a sense of urgency, from limited-edition products to time-limited special offers. In case you can’t provide a limited-edition product, you probably offer a financial incentive such as free shipping or a discount to customers who make a buying decision right away. It’s essential that you are able to instill a sense of urgency in your visitors, urging them to buy now.

8. Offer Money-Back Guarantee

One of the most pivotal elements affecting a consumer’s decision is risk aversion – when confronting ambiguity, people tend to dismiss that uncertainty by choosing lower-risk options. Moreover, the perceived risk when buying online most of the time is finance-related. There is no more perfect solution for this problem is offering a concrete money-back guarantee policy. If you can eliminate risk from buying at your store, there are definitely higher chances that customers will buy from you.

9. Approach Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

One of the most potent ways to grow your online sales is to take advantage of existing customers data to find more people like them. Fortunately, Facebook gives us a great opportunity to do this by targeting lookalike audiences.

The lookalike audiences in Facebook are users on Facebook who have mutual characteristics as well as behaviors with your current customers. What you need to do is import your data to Facebook to create matches based on the criteria you have set.

10. Bring In Fewer Choices Of Products And Services

In many cases, a variety of selections can result in confusion, which consequently leads to dramatic sales loss. If you have an array of products and services, why not consider restructuring your site or product pages in a way that offers visitors fewer choices.

As a result, it will reduce the possibility that the visitor will be overwhelmed by dozens of different products. You can conduct this method by reorganizing all of your products into fewer categories or putting emphasis on certain products.

April Lee23 Guaranteed Ways To Accelerate Your Online Sales (Part 1)

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