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How To Manage 5 Hidden Magento Migration Risks?

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Magento 1 will no longer be supported after its end of life on the 30th of June this year. If you are a Magento merchant and have a bias to migrate to Magento 2, you should consider its possible failures. This blog post will point out the 5 hidden Magento migration risks and how to manage it. Let’s see!


5 Hidden Magento Migration Risks

  1. Losing The Crucial Data
  2. Losing SEO Traffic
  3. Overrunning Cost
  4. Wasting Time On Unexpected Issues
  5. Incorrect Working Of The New Website

Ways To Manage The Hidden Magento Migration Risks

5 Hidden Magento Migration Risks

As everyone knows, Magento 2 migration is a complicated process requiring a lot of technical knowledge and experience; thus, failures are inevitable.

Not only the foreseen risks that affect the Magento migration process but also the hidden dangers. So, what are the 5 hidden Magento migration risks?

1. Losing The Crucial Data

The first hidden risk of the Magento migration process is data loss.

data loss Magento migration risks

As people might think that this is a process of migrating data from the old website to the new site. However, the bitter truth is the Magento 2 migration is more like building a website from scratch.

2. Losing SEO Traffic

During and after the Magento migration process, many factors might affect the website’s SEO metrics, which leads to website traffic loss.

Losing SEO traffic M2M risks

SEO plays a crucial part in the success of eCommerce websites. And if the migration has not been done properly, many SEO issues can happen. The most severe one if broken URLs that failed to redirect.

3. Overrunning Cost

Along with the risk of data loss and SEO traffic loss, the hidden cost is also a problem that merchants might have to deal with. The below price can arise when merchants did not have a specific Migration plan, and the service provider did not provide inside the quote. Moreover, those factors usually are not included in the service fee.

The first cost that can arise in the migration process is the cost of themes. We all know that the layout structure of Magento 1 and Magento 2 is different. That’s why we cannot reuse the theme of Magento 1. It must be redesigned or replaced by a new ready-made theme for Magento 2.

Risks of Magento migration overrunning cost

Besides, the extensions and custom functions cost can also arise. Extensions in Magento 2 has its alternative or including in the default functions of Magento 2, but not all of them. If the merchants need that function, it must be customized. And the custom functions will also be processed in the same way.

Likewise, the Magento service providers will charge the fee of support. The cost will contain the cost of fixing conflict, updating the website, Magento 2 training, etc.

4. Wasting Time On Unexpected Issue

The next controversial is the time to complete the migration process. Due to the unclear requirements from the beginning, the Magento 2 migration time is usually spun out.

The migration time takes longer than the estimated time, and the wasted time may be spent on unexpected issues like merchants altering the requirements, unclear requirements led to misunderstandings, etc.

migrate to magento 2 risks (wasting time)

5. Incorrect Working Of The New Website

After migrating to Magento 2, if the website may not works correctly in the way we want.

The causes of this can be the obscure requirements, the unprofessional Magento service providers, and more.

Ways To Manage The Magento Migration Risks

Above are the 5 hidden Magento migration risks. Let’s see what we have to do to prevent it!

Choosing An Experienced Magento 2 Migration Service Provider

The first and foremost tip is choosing an experienced M2M service provider.

By choosing an agency that rich with experience, they can help us to solve the risk of migration such as eliminate the data loss by backing it up, migrating it several times (migrating the data from the original Magento 1 website to the development website, then to the new Magento 2 website)

Besides, they can also solve the SEO problem. They use 301 redirects combine with SEO URLs migration. This process is the action to keep the current rankings of the website on the search engines.

Planning Thoroughly

The second suggestion for merchants to manage the risks in the Magento migration process is planning thoroughly.

The better merchants know and understand their needs and want, the higher chance they can get a successful Magento 2 migration project. Moreover, the plan can help merchants to find out which service provider is the most appropriate for their project.

Selecting The Service In Packages

The last tip for Magento merchants is selecting the service in packages. Depending on the project scope, the service providers can advise which packages are tailored for our needs.

Moreover, people do not have to own too much technical knowledge to use the service in packages. Also, we can know what we pay for because all the information is provided clearly.

Hence, Magento 2 migration packages are very convenient.

Wrapping Up

All of the severe hidden risks of Magento migration are mentioned in this blogpost. Besides, the tips to handle these risks is provided. We hope you can now confidently apply it and migrate your website to Magento 2!

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April LeeHow To Manage 5 Hidden Magento Migration Risks?

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