5 Common Misconceptions About Magento PWA

magento pwa misconceptions

Magento PWA – Magento Progressive Web App has been a controversial technology in the e-commerce industry in recent years. There are numerous debates around its functionalities, usability, and application, but some are right, some are wrong. In this post, we will show you the 5 most common misunderstandings about the Magento PWA.

1. Magento PWA is hard for the final users to use?

Many e-commerce store owners are afraid that their customers will reject the technology because they are too familiar with web or mobile apps and even don’t know how to use the PWA.

However, the reality has proved an opposite site.

Most of the final users know how to download and install the PWA to their phones effortlessly.


When they visit the website, as usual, they will be instantly invited to get the notifications and to create a shortcut of the PWA on their home screen. What they need to do is just… click and click and everything is done after a few seconds. After that, they will have a great app-like experience with a full-mode screen, fast page load, push notifications, and offline mode.

The customers even don’t know that they have applied a new technology to your phone.

But yes, they do.

magento pwa progressive web app free

2. Magento PWA is not ready?

This might be the most typical misapprehension about the Progressive Web App for Magento technology.

To begin with, up to now most of the major functionalities of the Magento Progressive Web App have been fully developed.

These features include: add to home screen, fast loading speed, push notifications, full-screen display, offline mode, and so on, which all are built with the aim of delivering a great app-like experience to the users. In addition, it allows the store owners to easily share and promote their Magento PWA owing to its shareable links.

For users, they can update the PWA at ease — get the latest version every time reloading the page. In general, the current Magento Progressive Web App has fulfilled the almost expectations of Google: “installable, responsive, independent, app-like, fresh, safe, discoverable, re-engageable, and linkable”.

Therefore, the only thing that might be worth concerning is that up to now this technology has only satisfied the Android users (not supported on the iOS operating system yet).

However, the Service Workers are now in development in WebKit and Web App Manifest. Moreover, due to Progressive Enhancement, we can still provide the Safari users with the similar experience they have currently, while using Magento PWA’s features on the platforms and browsers that support them.

3. Magento PWA is nothing in comparison with Magento Native App?

It goes without a doubt that the Magento PWA cannot provide us with complicated functions like the Magento native app.

Nevertheless, if your site doesn’t require a lot of complex features and just needs to improve customer experience, plus with a limited budget, you should go with the Magento PWA.

The best part?

There is something that only Magento PWA is able to do.

For example, it is much easier to approach the progressive web app than the native app.

It’s obvious that 80% of the shoppers might prefer visiting traditional websites to buying their stuff to using an app. Although the native apps bring about more convenience, the buyers are not willing to download and use these unless they made regular purchases.

As a result, it would be simpler to encourage the customers to use the Magento PWA than the Magento native app.

4. Magento PWA is expensive?

Yes, it could be… if you hire developers to build a unique progressive web app for your Magento store.

Or you can choose a simpler solution – to acquire the Magento PWA with $0.00.


1st step: Visit Tigren Magento store

2nd step: Download and install our amazing Magento PWA extension for FREE!!!

If you have difficulties when installing the module or using it, just contact our support team by sending your email to: [email protected].

Another thing you should know…

If you don’t buy Progressive Web App Magento now but wait until the iOS is supported, the price to achieve this extension might be very expensive.

free magento progressive web app pwa

5. No proven success about this technology?

In fact, there are a number of businesses – “big guys” in the e-commerce industry that has adopted this Magento PWA technology dared to face the challenges and got a lot of noticeable successes.

For example, Alibaba —  one of the world’s largest e-businesses — has seen a 76% increase in conversions across browsers; or Flipkart — the biggest Indian e-commerce company — has experienced a sharp rise in re-engagement rate; and so on.

Do you want to be successful like them?

progressive web app magento

The final words…

It’s undoubted that the PWA technology will continue growing strongly in the near future.

The best way to boost its progression is to embrace them and give developers your valuable feedback.

If you hold off too long to make the decision, there is a high possibility that you will be left behind!

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