[Hot Release] Address Autocomplete Extension For Magento 2

address autocomplete extension for magento 2
We are glad to introduce you our new Address Autocomplete Extension for Magento 2. There are available demos and a detailed user guide for you to discover the module before purchasing it. SIMPLIFY YOUR CHECKOUT PROCESS. TAKE JUST A FEW SECONDS TO COMPLETE THE SHIPPING AND BILLING ADDRESS. OFFER AUTOCOMPLETE AND DROPDOWN ADDRESS SUGGESTIONS. NO API INDEPENDENCE LIKE OTHER GOOGLE ADDRESS AUTOCOMPLETE FOR MAGENTO 2. magento address autocomplete extension features High rate of shopping cart abandonment is one of the headache problems of Magento e-commerce stores. Moreover, complex checkout is the most common reason leading to this issue. Fortunately, the Address Autocomplete Extension for Magento 2 can help you to simplify the checkout process and improve your cart abandonment rate. 


  • Address suggestions: When the users enter one of the shipping fields (Subdistrict, City, Province/ State, Zip/ Postal code), the system will show the suggested addresses. Once a proper address is selected, the remaining fields will be auto-filled.
  • Drop-down suggestions: The users don’t need to type their address, just choose their Province/ State, City, and Subdistrict in order by picking appropriate options in the drop-down. Then, the Zip/ Postal code will be auto-generated.
  • Billing address movement: By default, the users have to provide their billing address in the second checkout step (Review & Payment). By using the Address Autocomplete extension for Magento 2, you are able to move the billing address section to the first checkout step (Shipping). As a result, the customers can enter both of the shipping and billing addresses on the same page.
  • Checkout & Address book: This Magento Address Autocomplete extension is not only effective on the checkout page but also on the Address book. It takes just 1 minute to set fixed shipping and billing addresses on the users’ Address book owing to the autocomplete function.
  • New Subdistrict field: This is one of the most essential features of the Magento 2 Address Autofill extension. Many countries in the world are divided into districts (city) and subdistricts (districts’ lower levels). By adding this field into the Shipping section, your customers can provide their addresses more accurately.
  • API Independence: More than 90% of the current Address Autocomplete extensions for Magento 2 on the marketplace is working based on Google Places API, which are commonly known as “Google Address Autocomplete for Magento 2”. There are several disadvantages when using those extensions. For example, you will have to update your modules very often to adapt to the changes of Google API. In addition, you might have to pay a monthly fee for Google for using its API. Meanwhile, the Magento 2 Address Autocomplete PRO works based on the address data imported to your database and has no relation with Google API.


  • Import data of your targeted countries into your database
  • Be able to choose between Autocomplete and Dropdown suggestion type
  • Move Billing address section to the first checkout step or stay with Magento default
  • Easily update address data by re-import
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