A Simplified Post Of All You Need To Know About PWA Website

pwa website

If you’ve stumbled into this techy jargon, PWA, or PWA website, here and there quite often and you wonder what this new buzz is all about, keep scrolling ’till the end to find out. We have conducted a concise, simplified article about PWA just for you.

What Is A PWA Website?

A PWA website is a website that adopts the PWA technologies in its browser to create a deeper site engagement through the app-like simulation. 

So why does a website simulate a native app?

Because according to the survey, mobile users spent an average of 88% using mobile apps while only 12% is spent on mobile browsers. 

And that’s why PWA was born to solve the problem of the browsing web app. 

In 2015, two developers from Google introduced the technology to the world under the name of Progressive Web App or PWA.

Big brands have also recognized the catch of this future-next web standard, and they have brilliantly crafted their PWA site that suits their categories and demands well.

Here are some popular names and one prominent aspect of their PWAs. 

  • Twitter – the Twitter Lite PWA platform gains roughly 100 million logging per day!
  • Financial Times – PWA delivered a better user experience with positive feedback.
  • Pinterest – PWA easily supports Pinterest’s image-heavy nature and boosts the loading speed.
  • Uber – widely used for its minimum loading time of only 2s!
what is a pwa site

What Can PWA Do?

Technically, PWA is still a website, but it carries the look and feel of a native app thanks to modern web technology. The progressive side of PWA lies in its ability to bring the best out of a website and a native app.

So it’s like two-in-one. PWAs copy the best in native apps while fixing some inconveniences with webs.  

PWAs take advantage of native apps through:

  • Offline usage: You know that when the connection is lost, websites go completely blank while apps still allow you to interact with some elements, right? Well, PWA can do the same as native apps.
  • Push notifications: These in-device messages aren’t exclusive to apps anymore. PWA website owners can send notifications to re-engage with the customers.
  • Full-screen view: this creates an authentic app experience with a unique URL bar that goes “hidden.”
  • Responsive interaction: PWAs take after native apps in responsiveness. A PWA reacts quicker and more precisely with touches compared to regular webs.

Thanks to the Service Worker in PWA, all site resources are pre-cached and ready to deliver after the initial loading. Hence, the longer users stay on-site, the smoother interaction they get. 

Loading optimization is a prominent feature of PWA. It doesn’t only focus on first-page loading, which is already fast, but the whole user experience within the site is also taken good care of. 

While retaining the best in web through:

  • Visibility with search engines: PWAs are websites, and websites are indexable by search engines. Thus, it’s better for SEO.
  • Less data usage: A PWA loads fast and takes less space even when installed on the mobile home screen.
  • Easy update: Users only need to reload the PWAs for the latest content.
  • Reduced development cost: PWAs are cross-browser compatible. Businesses only need to pay to develop one PWA version.
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Most Popular Solution To Develop A PWA Website

Many people would pick a PWA theme because it’s reasonable and quick to build. Here’s what you get in a PWA theme according to each price range and, most importantly, how you can detect a decent PWA theme with an example.

The price range of PWA themes is extensive, from as low as free up to $10,000.

However, be aware that a theme isn’t enough. PWA integration is quite complicated. You need support from developers who know this technology.

The total cost of PWA development also includes the installation, maintenance, and updates services.

The free themes provide you with the bare minimum functions of PWA but are poorly designed with limited customization. Not to mention the risk of incompatibility, hidden bugs, and no support from the providers.

The basic lies within the $300-$500 range, offering basic e-commerce features and core PWA functionalities. These limited versions are more fit for developers to learn about PWA technologies as they are performance deficient with a user-unfriendly design.

Starting from $500, the premium will provide you with comprehensive PWA features, absolute compatibility, advanced built-in functionalities, and a diversified list of PWA designs for you to pick comfortably.

Best PWA Website Example

Here’s the demo of a premium PWA theme by TigrenPWA so that you can check out its amazing features. Best choice and best price for small and medium e-commerce businesses.

Benefits of The TigrenPWA theme

First is performance, TigrenPWA theme provides powerful advanced built-in features for e-commerce: improved layer navigation, live chat, shop by brand, etc.

We enhance the mobile experience by restructuring an app-like look and feel such as side menu, bottom navigation, etc.

By purchasing the TigrenPWA theme, you’re eligible for free installation service and support for the next 3 months, plus free updates in the future.

pwa website template

How to use TigrenPWA?

If you don’t already own a website and decide to build PWA right from the beginning, then you’ll install this template right onto the new website. If you have an existing website, it must be a Magento-based website to use TigrenPWA.

Don’t worry if your e-commerce platform doesn’t Magento. You can contact us and ask for the custom PWA development service or consider migrating your current web platform to Magento and applying the Tigren PWA theme.


So, a PWA website is simply a website equipped with innovative technologies to make the user experience responsive, highly protected, and captivating. Web owners, especially e-commerce businesses, can consider trying this standard-next web development to take the lead in the future.

Tigren has been a prestigious PWA development agency based in Vietnam. We exceeded our competitors by bringing the top-rated quality within an affordable range to make it available to every e-commerce business.