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Managing growth is not easy. Many small businesses have struggled to scale online, looking for solutions to attract and retain customers. This is why CRM was born. The best CRM for small business is the one best assisting them in managing the present and potential customers to encourage natural growth.

To make it less stressful for small business owners, this article introduces top easy-to-use CRMs that you may apply to start making differences in the game.

How A Suitable CRM System Benefits Small Businesses

crm benefits for business

CRM (customer relationship management) is professional software that helps businesses manage relationships and interactions with customers and prospects, all in one place. It allows you to track and store data from any touchpoint, organise and retrieve them for analysing to generate better strategies and decisions.

A CRM system aims to improve your business’s connection with the target audience to create retention and loyalty, thus resulting in increased sales. This is critically important for small companies to enable more robust growth.

The most important thing about maintaining a small circle of customers effectively is constantly offering value to them and strengthening that connection for a deeper bond. Then use this satisfying base to leverage to bigger groups.

A good CRM system should provide you with these benefits:

Scaling sales process

A repeatable sales process is key to testing new sales motions and strategies. The data you keep in a CRM system will help you spot effective and ineffective patterns in sales behaviours. This knowledge will help you grow your business effectively over time.

A duplicable effective process is key for development. Checking back and testing all kinds of data tracked in the CRM system lets you see what works and what doesn’t. Your business will expand by analysing the impact and making improvements and data-backed decisions accordingly.

Segment customers into groups easier with CRM’s handy classification of location, demographic, close date, order value, etc. Know where’s the warmest to attack and coldest to nurture to expand your customer base strategically.

A CRM with good technologies can generate a sales forecast for marketers, helping you make more accurate predictions, better plan, and manage your team’s pipeline.

Achieve greater employee satisfaction

Managing customers’ contacts and other info wasn’t too complicated and overwhelming in the early days. But now, the big data age requires powerful tools to manage and optimize that information.

CRM releases employees from time-consuming tasks like information input and organization, letting them focus on more essential works. Of course, it only brings benefits when employees understand its importance and how to optimize the system.

That’s why ease of use is crucial to consider, as it will be your business’s everyday access. Intuitive, well-organized software that the team can quickly hit the ground running with should be preferred over a complex one with high-level algorithms.

Implement cross-team alignment

With CRM, your team can keep track of every conversion, every interaction and classify it. This alignment would help the sales process run smoothly and efficiently.

Executives can see the progress made by the team, how many meetings are booked, how many deals are closed, calls made, or emails sent. Understand what your team is doing well and who’s falling behind to talk with.

Other teams can avoid wasting time, awkward conversations and work seamlessly through the CRM system, contact deeper and more effectively with the Marketing and Sales team.

Increase revenue and profitability

Though CRM can comprise a different set of features and tools tailored to business needs, all the changes are to make sure the procedure is streamlined, and the customer service is improved to increase value for the business offerings.

The best of CRM is that it allows you to filter through all your contacts to pull the warmest leads in real-time, who constantly revisit and deeply engage with your content, to appropriately and timely take care of.

And along with all benefits above, ultimately contribute to helping your business more likely to close wanted deals, and scale your sales like never before, making the CRM investment worthwhile.

Best CRM For Small Business In 2022 – Top 5


best CRM software for small business

Hubspot provides high-quality CRM for free forever to anyone to use. Right at the CRM dashboard, you get access to each profile’s contact and their info. Its control panel is intuitive, helping you track the whole pipeline mistake-free.

Hubspot automates little errand tasks – logging emails, recording calls, and managing data. It’s great for everyone, especially startups and small businesses. Many businesses have praised its CRM.

Stand-out features

  • Unlimited users storage
  • Easy apps integration
  • Access to diversified customizable email templates
  • Automated personalized email sequences
  • Place phone calls inside the CRM


best crm for small business free

Salesforce is probably best known for enterprise-level businesses, with a fee of $25 per user per month. They offer an extended trial period of 30 days but no free plan. Small Business Pricing Solutions is a competitive set dedicated to SMBs, as they can enjoy the essential package at a low price.

It’s the leading CRM system for advanced customisation, providing all-in-one solutions for services, sales, and marketing. You can personalise your user experience, customise dashboards and reports, etc., to cater to your business requirements.

Stand-out features

  • In-house communication tools
  • Simplified tracking and storing process: client knowledge base, data export, email templates
  • Robust 3rd party integration


zoho crm

Zoho is a cloud-based CRM system, best supports small businesses in customer management and leads generations with powerful technology and intuitive control. This software offers a free plan and 15-day trials for any paid package, starting at $14/user per month.

Its simplified working interface doesn’t make Zoho a weak capacity. The major benefit is how effortless it is to integrate other functional tools from the Zoho library that you can use.

Stand-out features

  • In-feature social media, with the ability to acquire contact, business info, and a subsequent automated shift to the sales team
  • Website visitor segmentation
  • Seamless pipeline management



This software is nominated as the most straightforward CRM system to set up and learn, manage contacts, and visually work the sales funnel.

For all packages, Pipedrive offers businesses a free 14-day trial, no credit card required. After that, paid plan starts at the Silver packet, for $12.50/month per user.

Stand-out features

  • Detailed analytics of sales report and future sales forecast
  • All at once sales communication process, with Email integration
  • Available mobile apps and integration for iOS and Android



Drip eCRM is an all-in-one software automating business sales progress in workflow periods. It’s one of the few services that handle the entire email marketing for you, from start to finish.

Drip contains a sleek and dynamic user interface, and powerful and impressively designed features such as target segmentation yet newbie-friendly for businesses of all kinds to get started with.

Stand-out features

  • Dynamic workflow builder with great customization
  • Split testing workflows with A/B testing
  • 10 built-in and easy-to-export reports
  • Connects with Facebook Lead Ads and Custom Audiences, tap into Facebook and Instagram’s user base

Where To Find A Reliable Service For CRM Integration?

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How To Choose The Best CRM System For Small Business?

Your business objectives and unique needs take the lead in this discussion, but sometimes it can be about the external resources available. Some companies focus on powerful or handy all-in-one solutions or high-level customization ones, while others take financial conditions into account first.

No matter what your priority is, when looking for the best suited CRM assistant, it should be a combination of 3 core factors. First, eyeing and gazing upon terms of use, is it easy for our team to access every day? Then head to price, do we afford it?

Are those the stand-out features we need to have? Also, be aware that your business growth level may also guide you to the correct answer.

Wrap Up

A CRM system can step in and make your employees’ work brighter. Not only streamlining the business process for automation, CRM serves as a central database source to ensure decisions are made will ultimately contribute towards final goals.

And if you’re still seeking a partner to help you equip a powerful CRM integration with strong customization and reasonable price, Tigren is here, and we can help.

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