What Is The Fastest Way To Build Magento Mobile Ecommerce App?

The Fastest Way To Build Magento Mobile Ecommerce App

In the previous article, we showed you how to estimate the time to build a Magento Mobile Ecommerce App. In short, in order to build a product from the scratch, it would take about 1 month to build a Magento Progressive Web App (PWA), 3 months to build a Magento Hybrid App, and 6 months to develop a Magento Native App for Android or iOS only, or doubled time for both platforms.

Building a Magento mobile eCommerce app will not only take a lot of time but also a great deal of effort and money.

So, is there any way to shorten this lengthy process?

Fortunately, yes!

Understanding the needs and difficulties of online businesses, Tigren has provided 2 impeccable solutions to minimize your time, effort, and money for Magento mobile eCommerce app development.

What is the first option?

magento 2 progressive web app extension free

As you might know, the Magento Progressive Web App is a modern technology innovated by Google, which combines the best of webs and apps so as to deliver an app-like experience to mobile users. For example, the shoppers using the PWA will experience fast page loading, full-screen mode, push notifications and offline mode, etc. There are plenty of advantages of applying Progressive Web App for Magento website that you can explore more here.

Although developing Magento Progressive Web App just takes about 1 month, there is still a much better option.

In October, Tigren released a FREE Progressive Web App extension for Magento 2. What you need to do is download, install, and configure the module into your site. As a result, after just 15 minutes you can build a PWA – an awesome alternative for the native app – without spending a penny.

Although the Magento Progressive Web Apps can successfully deliver an app-like experience to your users, they have some limitations such as only Android devices supported, no central download center. If the majority of your target users are using the Android operating system, it’s okay to go with the PWA. Otherwise, you should consider the following solution.

What’s about the second option?

magento 2 mobile app free

If you are looking for a “more native” alternative for Magento native app, there is no better choice than Magento hybrid app. According to our recent surveys, 99% of users are not able to distinguish between a native app and a hybrid one. If your Magento mobile eCommerce app doesn’t require complicated features and the moderate loading speed is acceptable, there is no reason to decline the hybrid app. It brings about nearly the same experience as the native app and you mustn’t build separate apps for different platforms.

In general, it will take at least 3 months and thousands of dollars to build a Magento hybrid app but now you can build one within 1-2 days with no financial investment.


Tigren has built a complete Magento hybrid app based on the Ionic framework. And it’s FREE. To build your Magento app, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Send us your requests: You must fill in our contact form with some basic information about your current site and then submit it to our technical team.
  • Step 2 – Get your app and install it: After receiving your request, we will build your app within 1-2 days and send it to your registered email. Then, you must install and configure the attached module to connect the app to your site.
  • Step 3 – Customize the app (optional): In spite of providing enough necessary functions for selling, our Magento app might need some customizations to better suit your business. Hence, please tell us if you want to add any custom functions to the app.
magento mobile ecommerce app

To see a demo of our Magento mobile app, click here.

In conclusion, there are 2 awesome alternatives for Magento native apps, which are Magento progressive web app and Magento hybrid app. However, it still takes you at least 1-3 months and associated costs to build the apps. The fastest solutions are using our Magento 2 Progressive Web App extension and Ultimate Magento 2 Mobile App builder.

If you have any queries about these two types of Magento mobile eCommerce app, please contact us by sending your email to [email protected] for more information.

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