Should I Go For Cheap Website Design Packages?

cheap web design packages

Say you’ve been looking high and low to find a reliable yet cheap website design package among hundreds of offers out there. If you’re feeling lost among numerous choices, let us show you the actual good web design services that are affordable.

Do All Cheap Web Design Packages Provide The Same Quality?

When talking about cheap web design packages, many would consider cheap equal low quality. But that’s not totally the case. It all comes down to the reason behind such low costs.

The first type of ‘cheap’ is the ones with low price and low quality. in other words, these packages trade cost for quality. You may work with an inexperienced designer/provider, that’s why they only charge so little. The drawback is obvious; they will take more time to complete a web design, not to mention extra time for making adjustments.

The second type is the ones which charge less but can still assure their service quality. But how do they do that? This is mostly the case with outsourced companies. Due to the difference in the region and lower labor costs, these agencies may require a smaller budget for web design.

For instance, an agency in Vietnam charges $25-$40 per hour while the one in the UK may ask for $70-$100 per hour. The living cost in the UK is higher, that’s why they can’t bring the price down any lower.

So the idea here is you should carefully consider the reasons why a provider only charges a certain price, not falling for a random “cheap package” trap.

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How To Pick The Best Cheap Website Design Packages?

Review The Options

First, you should carefully check all the bullet points provided in the package to estimate the quality and actual value you get.

If the package doesn’t include enough options to build the whole design and many extra fee selections, then you really should ask for clear how exactly the additional cost is to avoid unwanted spending.

Many services use easier-built e-commerce platforms like WordPress/ Woocommerce/ Shopify to reduce costs. This is understandable, but if you want to have a scalable and better-performed website running strong from time to time, then you might want to look for Magento packages.

Choosing A Credible Outsourcing Web Design Agency

There are many ways you can collect valuable info about these global companies. Always check for the address first to see if it’s valid! You don’t want to bump into some ghost developers to serve you.

When you find their websites, head to their “about” pages. Are they the vetted ones in the market? Do they mention their work process and pricing schemes there for you to fact-check the transparency and no hidden costs?

Then head to their previous clients, search for their websites, and try to evaluate their sites in the shoe of a visitor when you’re there. Also, you can look for many diverse sources like forum reviews, social media comments, and third-party review sites to get a complete view of the agency.

The Bonus 

People are increasingly addicted to their mobile. It’s portable, convenient, easy to do most things they need. That’s why most online shoppers come from mobile users. If you are a small e-commerce business owner, they are the juicy prospects that you’d better chase after.

Responsive designs for better mobile users are essential as they help you reach a wider audience. Also, many agencies offer SEO options, extended free support, or any other extras that appeal to you. Prioritize them as these tidbits also save you money in the future.

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Where Can You Find The Reliable Cheap Web Design Solutions For Businesses?

Tigren’s Web Design Solutions

Are you looking for a provider of a cheap service package that still meets the quality? If you say yes to all of this, then Tigren can satisfy it all, and we want to save you time and effort in finding the one like us.

Our Web Development Packages

Our Take-off and Fly web design and development packages start only at $2,499 and $5,499, respectively. 

Our Take-off package is ideal for those who want to start managing an e-commerce site. You will get a comprehensive list of core features and benefits to kickstart the business online.

As the Fly package is exclusively designed for those who want sustainable leverage, we provide advanced built-in features with unlimited CMS page and analytics systems integration in the long run.

So Why Us?

Here at Tigren, we take great pride in serving more than 1k businesses to successfully achieve their goals after using our services throughout the journey of 10+ years. We are based in Vietnam.

We commit to communicating effectively via various channels regardless of time zones to continually update you and finish tasks on time. If you think you’ve found “the one”, drop us a message to start making money quickly!

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To detect the real cheap yet quality website design solutions, try to research everything, from the options provided to the companies’ information like valid addresses, experiences, testimonials, previous works.

But most importantly, try to understand why they could give you that low price because everything works strictly under the supply and demand law. If you think it’s too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true.

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