How To Build A Greater E-commerce Website Than Christian Louboutin?

e-commerce website of christian louboutin

What Do You Know About Christian Louboutin?

Christan Louboutin is one of the most luxury brands in the world with iconic red-soled shoes. It has over 150 retail boutiques throughout 35 countries, selling more than one million pairs of shoes every year. Besides, the company is also famous for deluxe bags, cosmetics, and accessories. It’s worth noting that its huge revenue is gained from not only a wide range of physical stores but also online tradings. Have you ever visited the Christian Louboutin e-commerce website? 

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To create a powerful and classy brand identity, the website of Christian Louboutin masterfully uses a color palette including red, black, gold, and white. Besides the amazing and mobile-friendly design, this site brings about a truly great user experience through branding consistency, fast page load speed, and seamless checkout.

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If you are going to create an online business, you should learn from the best e-commerce stores like Christian Louboutin’s. Now, let’s discover how this brand is engaging and inspiring its customers via the website…

What Makes The Christian Louboutin’s E-commerce Website So Attractive?

Unquestionably, the Christian Louboutin website arouses the curiosity or interest of the shoppers from its eye-catching design to functionality. There are some advanced e-commerce features that you rarely find in other online stores.

1. Elegant Web Design Layout

Christian Louboutin is exactly where luxury lives and the customers can instantly notice that from the moment they enter the site.

The clean layout of this website focuses on a white background to make colorful high-quality images and beautiful typography stand out.

Therefore, it easily draws customers’ attention.

christian louboutin

2. Creative Navigation Menu

It’s fundamental for an e-commerce website to make the navigation menu easy to use and find for the buyers.

Christian Louboutin can give you more than that. They added some animations, images, and hovering effects into the logo and menu.

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3. Lively Catalog Browsing

All of Christian Louboutin’s finest products are elegantly presented to the visitors on the category pages.

When hovering over any image, it will immediately show another one with a different product angle and sometimes a background.

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Another plus thing on the product list page is the horizontal layered navigation. It allows the customers to filter all items by size, color, height, and other characteristics of the products.

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As a result, users can quickly find the items that meet their needs.

4. Inviting Product Detailed Page

Similar to the home page, Christian Louboutin’s product details page has a simple but exquisite layout.

Most of the products on the site are configurable products with the ability to choose the size, color, shape, length, and so on.

Also, the customers can find more information about the product, shipping, and returns policy directly on the product page.

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There are multiple images per product with a zoom-in feature so the users can see every high-class detail of the product.

As you see, Christian Louboutin wisely adds more similar items on each product page (“You may also like” product slider). The purpose is to encourage the customers to buy more items from the store or switch to buying a more expensive one.

5. Fast & Convenient Checkout, Payment & Shipping

Christian Louboutin’s website provides both customer and guest checkout abilities.

The checkout process includes 5 steps, including Billing & Shipping, Shipping method, Payment Options, Order Review, and Payment Information.

In terms of the payment, the store allows making the payment via PayPal and credit cards.

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Regarding shipping, it applies different rates based on the regions and time of delivery.

6. Customer-focus Functionality

In general, almost all of the e-commerce websites today are applying a very basic and formal customer registration page.

Christian Louboutin makes a difference by customizing the registration form, asking for customers’ honorific titles, first name, last name, email, password, and permission to send news from the site.

Create A New Account Page

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After logging in, the customers can manage their personal information and check their orders’ statuses on the My Account page.

My Account Page

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In addition, they can review their favorite products or share those items on the My Wishlist section.

My Wishlist Page

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Moreover, the buyers are able to give back unwanted products by sending a Return request.

Return Page

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7. Regularly Updated Blog

To keep the brand lovers engaged with news and collections of the store, Christian Louboutin builds a blog channel that is updated on a weekly basis.

All Blog Posts Page

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Blog Post Page

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The readers can share any favorite blog posts on their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest).

8. Organized Frequently Asked Questions Page

Christian Louboutin’s FAQ page allows the customers to find answers to all their questions in one place.

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Not only benefiting the customers, but this FAQ page also plays an important role in the SEO of the store, helping it get found in Google and other popular search engines more quickly.

9. Pre-order

This is a progressive e-commerce feature provided by the Christian Louboutin website.

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Thanks to that, the purchasers will be able to make an order for some hot items before those are officially released.

As you may know, all of the products of this brand are very quick to sold-out. With the “pre-order” function, the buyers will have more confidence that they can get what they want.

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10. More Interesting Integrated Features

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GeoIP & Multi-store view: Defining the store visitor’s location (by looking up the IP addresses) and suggesting a proper store view. The customers also can change the store view and its correlative language and currency.
Discover Lips: For certain lipstick products, the customers can explore the whole shade palette/ color wheel and figure out the most suitable one for themselves.

Stopfake: The buyer can report to the store about authorized retailers.

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Store Finder: The users can easily find the list of all Christian Louboutin department stores in their regions.

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What Is Christian Louboutin’s Secret For Its Successful Online Store?

To create such a powerful e-commerce website, Christian Louboutin made a wise decision from the beginning by selecting Magento 1 as their web platform.

As you might know, Magento is the leading eCommerce platform built for growing merchants of all sizes, offering limitless flexibility for merchants and developers to create unique and engaging shopping experiences.

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In terms of the design, Magento allows the company to freely customize the default design to meet special needs. Meanwhile, many other e-commerce platforms only provide certain ready-made themes with limited customization.

Regarding the functionality, most of the features on the Christian Louboutin e-commerce website are supported by Magento by default. Only some advanced features such as blog, pre-order, GeoIP, etc. are acquired by applying third-party Magento extensions and custom code.

magento ecommerce platform

Find more advantages of using Magento e-commerce platforms here.

So, How To Create A Similar E-commerce Website, Or Even A Better One?

1. Go With Magento 2

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Although Magento 1 is a solid foundation to develop a dynamic e-commerce website like Christian Louboutin’s, Magento 2 can give you more.

Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 can bring about an outperformed storefront, stronger performance, and more effective site management on the backend. 

2. Select The Right Magento Agency

Once you decide to opt for Magento 2 platform, looking for a reliable Magento development company to build your site is the next step.

With over 7 years of experience in Magento web design and development, TIGREN can help you to build an awesome e-commerce store satisfying all your needs.

What is more, we always offer at least 3 months of free after-service support for all Magento projects to make sure that the new sites run smoothly.

Contact us now ([email protected]) to get specific solutions and a free quote for your project!

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3. Integrate Your Site With Modern Technologies

The Christian Louboutin website only gets the most out of Magento while there are a lot of state-of-the-art technologies out there for e-businesses’ growth.

For example, many e-commerce stores nowadays apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) into…

And recently, more people are concerned about Progressive Web App (PWA) in order to enhance the mobile experience on the site. Alibaba, AliExpress, BMW, Lancome, Starbucks, Flipkart, and so on, are typical examples of companies that converted their sites to the PWA successfully.

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If you choose Magento as the platform to develop your site on, it’s easy to integrate PWA into your e-commerce website, here is the solution.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the right e-commerce platform is the very first step to building a successful online business. Christian Louboutin made the right choice with Magento 1 until Magento 2 appears. Now, you will have a chance to make a better decision than this giant brand.
What is your next move?
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