Magento vs WooCommerce. A Quick Comparison

compare magento and woocommerce

Magento and WooCommerce can be considered as the two “biggest guys” in the e-commerce industry. There are a lot of prolix and complicated comparison articles with the aim of selecting the winner between two of them, which makes us even more confused.

Therefore, we want to give you concise analytics to simplify the problem. Although only the key points are mentioned, it’s enough to make a decision about which platform is suitable for your business.


There are eight common characteristics between Magento and WooCommerce as the followings:

  • Open-source
  • Easy to seek help from the community
  • Allow adding a blog to support SEO
  • Allow viewing Google Analytics
  • Thousands of free & premium themes
  • Easy to customize the design
  • Allow to upload unlimited products and manage them effectively
  • Plenty of free extensions


On the other hand, Magento differs significantly from WooCommerce in terms of target customers, features, hosting, and so on.

What is this?– The most popular e-commerce platform (account for more than a quarter of all online retailers)
– Designed specifically for e-commerce
– A robust plugin for the WordPress platform
– The 2nd most prevalent choice after Magento
Cost– Both free & paid– Completely free
Target customers– Medium to large e-commerce retailers, who hire agencies to set up & manage their stores– Small & medium-sized enterprises who have little coding experience
Installation– Require technical skills– Easy, can DIY
Hosting– Run using dedicated servers or a cloud plan when the product portfolio grows
– Use ample disk space
– Run using WordPress’s hosting
– Use little disk space, be light on server space
Features– Lots of features: Enable to cross-sell & up-sell your products, compare products, create coupon codes, use an advanced filter to navigate the products
– Provide different currencies, payment options, & multiple languages
– Manage many stores on the same account – via one dashboard
– Include APIs to connect with a third-party solution
– Limited features: Allow to rate products & feature bestsellers/ sale items through available widgets but require add-ons for more complicated things
– Sotiphicated navigation can be filtered by one attribute
– Include SSL support but require a certificate
Security– Many advanced features & dedicated patches to handle any possible vulnerabilities– Basic features

Actually, there is no ultimate answer to the question: “Who is the better between Magento and WooCommerce?”. You had better change the question to “Who is the better option for your business?” and I think now you have the answer for your own.

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magento vs woocommerce comparison

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