Concise Pre-launch Checklist For Magento 2

magento 2 pre-launch checklist

Building a Magento website is a long “journey” for all online store owners, which requires a lot of time and effort. Especially before the launch, there are obviously a lot of things to concern and check to make sure a good start. To help the owners overcome this difficult stage at ease, we have created a detailed Magento 2 pre-launch checklist including the most essential tasks to be tested before launch.

To help the owners overcome this difficult stage at ease, we have created a detailed Magento 2 pre-launch checklist including the most essential tasks to be tested before launch.

  1. Security: Guarantee that payments are always processed in a secure fashion. Make your Magento store secure with an SSL certificate. Don’t forget to change all the passwords.
  2. SEO: Remember to embed Google Analytics and Google AdWords in your site. Try to optimate SEO on-page and off-page before going live.
  3. Marketing: Prepare welcome and confirmation emails, newsletters, discounts, and promotions for your customers to get started.
  4. URLs: Every URL must have a correct address, avoid the error 404. However, you still have to create a 404 page.
  5. Information: You must provide enough information about the store (who you are, what will you sell, and how to contact you…)
  6. Email: Don’t forget to configure email sending and email templates (e.g.: welcoming registration letter, confirmation email, out-of-stock notification, …).
  7. Checkout: Before launching the site, you should decide what checkout options you want to enable – one-page checkout or guest checkout.
  8. Inventory: It’s fundamental to make sure the quantity of products in stock is enough before getting started.
  9. Cart: You must configure cart settings and functionalities, make sure that the customers are able to add, edit, and remove products from the cart, as well as the total amount of purchase is calculated correctly.
  10. Taxes: Tax percentage has to be configured according to the government rules in your country or state.
  11. Shipping: You should provide the buyers with some shipping methods, configure them correctly.
  12. Payment: Make sure that all possible payment methods are enabled and configured correctly, and all the financial transactions are properly in place. Also, you need to disable some default Magento payment methods if they are unnecessary.
  13. Back-up: Let’s create a database backup in order to go back to a previous state of the system that did work properly and “restore the store.”
  14. Test data: Remember to eliminate all of your test data from the system (e.g.: test products, prices, shipping, and payment settings, customers, orders,…).
  15. Index Management: Ensure that your catalogs are functioning properly after migration. Also, you need to re-index the data to make sure your changes show up in the front-end.
  16. Caching: You must re-enable caching again and refresh it when preparing for showtime.
  17. Sitemap: Make sure that the sitemap for your website meets the most basic requirements and shows the real picture of what your site looks like.
  18. Page speed: Make sure that your website loads quickly and as planned.

You might think that this Magento 2 pre-launch checklist is still quite long, however, we tried to make it as concise as possible. Don’t ignore even a thing if you want your Magento store to be launched successfully.

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