What Are Custom Magento Solutions And Why Do You Need Them?

custom magento solutions

Are you looking for the optimum solution to set your Magento store in a different league? Do you need a solution that fits you perfectly to start selling and see the high ROI? If so, here’s the answer you need: Custom Magento solutions and a crackerjack team who are dedicated to your success. 

What Are The Custom Magento Solutions?

To make it clear, you can easily ask for a full custom build or any custom part for your Magento store, which might be either the development of a website, web app, progressive web app, hybrid app, or even a native app.

But below are the most common custom Magento solutions and services: 

Custom Website Design

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Custom web design can bring the exact look and feel you’re chasing after. Frontend developers and web designers will cater to each layer, each combination of colour and font, to pull out an eye-catching and intuitive storefront. 

You can choose the style you want with a Magento theme and make simple modifications. Or, you can completely level up by using a custom Magento web design from an experienced agency. 

The ultimate aim is for customers to navigate the site easily and interact smoothly.

Custom Feature Development

If you want to alter the current features or equip new features to the Magento backend, use the custom feature development services. 

But before that, you should find out exactly what you need to effectively leverage your current web performance or amplify your marketing effort. You will have to describe your ideas for developers in detail for a precise development. 

Custom Extension Development

Magento solution providers can help modify your existed extensions with their expertise by adjusting certain functions as requested. 

Developing custom features from scratch can cause you extended time and money, so instead, you can purchase the extensions closest to your desired solution and then customize them. 

Custom Integrations

There are many services out there offering powerful and convenient tools to help businesses productively attain their goals. Progressive web app, multi-vendor marketplace, CRM, ERP… to name a few.

These tools can significantly amplify the growth of your Magento store. Depending on the specific requirements of these systems or your storage, you can ask the Magento development company to integrate the tools and technologies you need.

Benefits Custom Solutions Bring To Magento Businesses

Advanced Built-in Features

Basic and default features are often inefficient for business growth; hence they might affect a customer’s shopping experience on your site.

By boosting your Magento’s features, you’re on the way to providing a better experience for customers, thus encouraging them to buy more, and they may even come back in the future.

Third-Party Integration

Third-party management software integrations could bring you certain comparative advantages. 

They help e-commerce businesses better manage their inventory, site, and customer data. Tracking systems and analytics are of great importance these days as you can grow stronger by understanding your customer buying behaviour.

Excellent User Experience

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A design that isn’t made with the satisfied customer experience in mind will not sell. If you want anyone to purchase for you, you need to show them your worth. With custom Magento web development, you can greatly satisfy your target customers and turn them into repeat buyers. 

For instance, if your target group is mostly purchasers with high-value orders, aim to design an intuitive look with a step-by-step buying journey. This way, you can provide them with a detailed view of your products and relevant information to eliminate any doubt they may have. 

Strong Brand Differentiation

If your brand isn’t impressive, customers won’t remember it. And they won’t come back because there’s not much to recall about your brand, it’s simple as that!

Lack of brand differentiation could take away your chances to acquire many prospects to foster purchase intentions. But with custom Magento development, in turn, you can fully exploit the competitive advantage to align with your unique branding scheme.

Tigren’s Custom Magento Solutions 

The Best Custom Magento Solutions Provider For E-commerce Businesses

After 10 years of dedication and effort to bring premium quality Magento solutions, Tigren has successfully helped hundreds of businesses from diversified industries launch their e-commerce website. 

We exceeded many competitors to become the world-leading Magento development by our ambition to achieve your goals, and we will continue to do so. 

Based in Vietnam, we are proud to offer you a reduced price range for the top-notch custom Magento solutions, best support SMBs to impressively kickstart the e-commerce release. 

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Our Services – How We Will Help You

We provide a comprehensive range of custom Magento development services, including every solution mentioned above. Custom hybrid, progressive, and web app development cater to your specific needs. 

When contacting us, you will receive a quick free consultation. Our team will carefully examine your case to understand the core problems you’re facing. 

Then we will further discuss the level of customization to fill in the final proposal. We afterward create a specific timeline and milestones for your project. We carry at least one testing process at the end of each development phase, and you will be closely connected with our timely report. 

Only after you are satisfied, we’ll move on to hand over the product to you. Contact us now! We are excited to hear from you and help you achieve your goals. 


Custom Magento solutions are the perfect fulfillment of whatever your Magento store lacks. You can easily reach out to a reliable agency to make custom modifications from certain web parts, different extensions, and features to complete web development. 

Custom Magento solutions own many crucial benefits and exclusively leverage your e-commerce performance in a way that hardly any premade solutions can bring about. Tech-savvy and expert web designers will help you acquire all the functionalities and designs you need within a short amount of time for you to pay only an efficient cost. 

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