Download Free Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart – The No.1 Ajax Cart Extension for Magento 2

free magento 2 ajax add to cart

As you may know, the Ajax Cart is one of the most fundamental extensions for Magento 2 that all e-commerce stores must have to enhance their customer experience. Up to now, there has been quite a lot of Magento Ajax Cart extensions on the market but Tigren is confident that our FREE Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart Extension is the BEST one.


In short, there are 3 main reasons:

1. It can provide all features that other Ajax Cart extensions do

Similar to those Ajax Cart extensions from other providers, the FREE Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart Extension allows your purchasers to immediately add products to the shopping cart without reloading the current page.

All of the annoying page reloads will be replaced by convenient Ajax Popups to add more value to the purchasing process.

magento 2 ajax cart free popup

After adding items to the cart, it will appear a success popup with a handy cart overview including product name, selected product attributes, number of items in the cart, and cart overview.

magento 2 ajax cart free cart

Moreover, on the bottom of the success popup, there is a block of related products, where the store owners show more items with the aim of boosting sales through up-selling and cross-selling.

magento 2 ajax cart free related products

2. It offers even MORE

The Free Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart Extension allows displaying a countdown timer on the “Continue Shopping” button to notify the users of automatic popup close. In the back-end, the admin can set the specific duration for the popups.

free magento 2 ajax add to cart timer

Another special feature is that the product image on the success popup matches the selected options of the buyers. For example, if they choose a blue T-shirt, it will show that T-shirt on blue on the success popup instead of keeping the default image on the category page.

free magento 2 ajax add to cart popups

Additionally, while other Ajax Cart extensions are mainly concerned about the functions, the FREE Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart Extension also emphasizes the interface.

More specifically, the module allows you to freely customize the popup design to match your current theme and style. As a result, you are able to create well-designed and elegant Ajax popups in order to bring about the greatest experience for your visitors.

Moreover, these custom popup designs might contribute to creating the difference between you and your competitors and hence make your store stand out.

free magento 2 ajax add to cart popup design

3. It’s absolutely FREE

Although this is not the most important factor affecting your decision of buying, it’s a strong advantage of the FREE Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart Extension. In contrast, you have to pay from about $60 to $220 for an Ajax Cart extension for Magento 2 from other providers.


On the one hand, you can choose to spend a certain amount of money to buy an Ajax Cart extension on the market. The more money you spend, the more functions the extension might offer.

On the other hand, you pay NOTHING but possess our extension with even better quality than all of them.

The decision is up to you!


Frontend Demo

Backend Demo (Account: tigren – tigren123$)

Notes: Since Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart is a module of the Free Magento 2 Ajax Suite, you must download the whole suite then decide to run the Ajax Cart only or all extensions (Installing the Ajax Suite and the Ajax Cart are compulsory to enable the Ajax Cart). However, it’s highly recommended to apply all of the awesome modules of the Ajax Suite to enhance the customer experience in your Magento store.

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