Become An Excellent Magento Developer – If You Dare

Become An Excellent Magento Developer

Each Magento developer will get a certain level of knowledge and skills; however, we temporarily divide all Magento programmers into 2 types: Ordinary and Excellent ones. What are the differences between these two types of Magento web developer? dedicated magento developer The Ordinary Magento Developers:

  • Being at the elemental to intermediate levels of Magento programming skills.
  • Not many people know about them as a “Magento developer”
  • Having low to medium income
  • Having to seek their customers actively
  • Finding the Excellent Magento developers when having problems

vsThe Excellent Magento Developers:

  • Possess strong expertise in Magento development
  • Being respected by other Magento developers
  • Having relatively high income
  • The customers will actively find them
  • Desiring self-fulfillment
  • Helping the Ordinary Magento developers to tackle issues

We guess that most of the Magento developers want to become the Magento experts, the second type, one day. Nevertheless, in order to become a Magento ecommerce specialist, it will take you a lot of time and constant effort. From our perspective and observation, there are 10 common characteristics of all of the Excellent Magento developers. Is it enough to earn a Magento certification? What kind of experience do they have? Which programming languages they need to master? Let’s see if you can or still want to become a Magento expert or not!  

1. Having a Passion for Magento Ecommerce

Every successful Magento developer began by pursuing his/ her passion for Magento. Compared to other ecommerce platforms, it might be true to say that learning Magento is much more difficult and challenging. Therefore, if you are not interested in Magento, you can easily give up on it. On the contrary, with the passion for Magento programming, it will give you the drive to go on, encourage you to learn more and even make the work more fun. Undoubtedly, the passion is a powerful force to make us become awesome Magento developers.

how to become a good magento developer

Now, ask yourself: “Am I really passionate about Magento ecommerce development?”

2. Thoroughly Understanding Magento From the Basics

Magento is a complex and powerful platform. Owing to that, a Magento expert will need to know every detail of Magento basics so as to handle it with competence as well as take the most of it. Even if you have already had strong knowledge of programming, it’s suggested to learn Magento with the basics. Laying a good foundation in Magento programming is the essential step to be a good programmer. If you are a beginner, there are a variety of useful Magento tutorials on both websites and Youtube that you should spend time watching. Moreover, let’s join several online forums and discussions related to Magento to learn faster.  

3. Good Magento Developer Needs to Know Almost Everything

To be recognized as the Magento expert, you need to possess full knowledge of all the technical fields, from every little thing:

magento required knowledge
  • Version control software applications (e.g.: Git)
  • Integrated development environment
  • PHP language
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • MVC architecture
  • MySQL
  • Cache techniques (e.g.: Zend Cache, Redis, Memcached)
  • XML and XHMTL
  • Node.js, Gulp, Grunt and Boostrap
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Prototype and JQuery
  • CSS pre-processor (e.g.: LeSS, Sass)
  • PSD
  • SEO basics

Depending on the type of Magento developer (front-end, back-end, full-stack) that you will need to be good at some or all of the above technical fields.  

4. Updating Magento News Regularly

Most of the Magento experts try to improve their knowledge and skills day by day by reading useful Magento blogs and articles. Additionally, many of them spend at least 30 minutes per days on that to be kept updated. Hence, every time Magento releases a new version, they always are the first ones to know, and then analyze and evaluate the strong/ weak points of that release for us.

magento latest news

If you haven’t been an Excellent Magento Developer yet, now you should find the well-known Magento specialists on the social networks, read what they share and even “follow what they are following”.  

5. Helping Others in Magento Community

In our opinion, the Excellent Magento Developers not only focus on raising their abilities but also have a responsibility to their community. Therefore, if you want to find some Magento experts, just go to some prestigious Magento forums, and see who are the most active contributors.

magento experts

If you wish to become a recognized Magento developer one day, it’s highly recommended to participate Magento forums, Quora discussions, Reddit,… to both improve your know-how and help the others. Obviously, you can’t be able to give solutions for all problems like the experts but for some, you can.  

6. Contributing to Enhance Released Magento Versions

As you might know, every time Magento releases a new version, there are a great deal of bug fixes and improvement. The thing is that almost those bugs are detected and reported by Magento experts, and then Magento will gather and handle all of the information. For example, in the latest version of Magento 2 – Magento 2.2.4, there are more than 100 bug fixes contributed by the awesome Magento developers.

magento 2.2.4

7. Getting Official Certificates for Magento Developer

In recent years, a lot of Magento developers participating in Magento Certification Exams to get certified. These global-standard tests are created by an advisory Board of Magento experts. If you pass the exam, it will help to validate your skills as well as show that you have reached a certain professional level with Magento platform.

magento certification

Here are some Magento certifications:

  • Magento (2) Certified Solution Specialist
  • Magento (2) Certified  Professional Developer
  • Magento (2) Certified  Associate Developer
  • Magento Front End Developer
  • Magento Certified Developer and Developer Plus

Find more about Magento Certification here. Although acquiring the Magento Certificate(s) means that the developers have a stronghold of Magento basics, it doesn’t mean that without the certification, they are not Magento experts. A Certified Magento developer can write correct codes and apply the best practices into his work. Meanwhile, owing to years of experience in Magento development, a Magento expert, with none certification, can do the same things and even better. There are various reasons for an expert to decline joining the exams. He might that would be a waste of time and money. In other cases, everyone has already known his talents and he doesn’t need to prove it anymore. In short, there are an array of Magento ecommerce specialists holding official Magento certificates but to become the Excellent Magento Developer, this is not enough. The most important thing is still their level of knowledge and skills on Magento.  

7. Building an Admirable Portfolio

With the wealth of expertise and years of experience, most of the Excellent Magento Programmers have been building a portfolio for themselves containing commendable projects that they were involved. For example, you can find some great Magento extensions or amazing Magento websites that they developed.

magento website portfolio

Like a designer, the Magento developer needs to create a portfolio to show others their abilities as well as to see how they are better over time.  

9. Joining Magento Events

One of the common things about Magento experts is that they are keen on taking part in Magento events. Their aim is to meet people with the same passion for Magento eCommerce development, to share their views and ideas with each other. Even when you have already been the Excellent Magento Developer, there are still a lot of things outside for your to learn.

magento events

10. Writing Magento blogs

Finally, various Magento experts possess create blogs on Magento in order to share their knowledge with others. By reading their blogs, you will not only learn new things but also be inspired by their love with Magento.

magento blog


It is undoubtedly that more and more ecommerce stores are now going for Magento development, and hence Magento developers might have more great working opportunities. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the chances are opened for all programmers. In other words, people always seek the Excellent Magento developers to work for them, not the ordinary ones. Therefore, you should improve your Magento skills and knowledge every day to become an expert one day.   Read More:

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