Is Magento 2 Ajax Login Useful For Your Site?


The Free Magento 2 Ajax Login is a useful extension that makes the login experience become easier and more interesting than ever. Instead of reloading the page, the extension offers elegant popups to guide customers to smoothly log in step-by-step. In this way, the customers will be able to log in to their accounts nearly immediately, especially when they use social accounts.

Experience fast login without reloading the page with Magento 2 Ajax Login pop-ups

With Magento Core, the customers can click on the “Sign In” section on the header of the page to log in. After that, the page will be reloaded and moved to the Customer Login Page. Once the users fill in enough information to log in, they will be redirected to the Customer Dashboard.

In comparison, by employing the Ajax Login, the purchasers don’t have to face annoying page reload after clicking on “Sign In” but a well-designed login popup. As soon as completing the form, they will receive a success popup and then be moved to a Destination Page. This page might be the Customer Dashboard, Homepage, Cart Page, Wishlist Page, or Current Page, depending on the admin’s configuration.

Be able to log in instantly via social accounts (Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter)

This feature will not only shorten the time for login – no typing, just clicks – but also eliminate new account registration steps for new visitors. They can choose to sign in via one of the 3 most prevalent social network accounts namely Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

Another interesting thing is that the system will automatically generate a new account for the customers who logged in by the social account. The new account is created based on the email registered with that social network with a random password. Subsequently, an email will be sent to the customer’s inbox, asking them to reset the password for their new account.

The Magento Core doesn’t provide this great feature.

magento 2 ajax social login popup

Create a new account or reset your password in just a blink of an eye

Keep using functions of Magento Core, on the Customer Login Page, the users can select to create a new account or reset passwords. Before moving to the Create New Account/ Forget Your Password Page, the current page will be reloaded. Then, the page reload is repeated again to redirect the users to the Customer Dashboard/ Customer Login Page.

On the other hand, the Ajax Login Popup shows a much better performance. When the customers ask to create a new account/ reset password, it will continue to display nice popups to submit information. It’s also worth noting that the users will stay on the current page after finishing the task.

magento 2 ajax login reset password

What Is More?

The Magento 2 Ajax Login Extension is a part of the Free Magento 2 Ajax Suite (including 5 handy extensions: Ajax Suite, Ajax Cart, Ajax Login, Ajax Wishlist, and Ajax Compare).

  • Ajax Suite: manage and synchronize all of the popup design and effects (Ajax Login’s included)
  • Ajax Cart (NEW):  instantly add products to the shopping cart, view cart information directly in the popup
  • Ajax Login: conveniently log in with social accounts without reloading the page
  • Ajax Wishlist: easily add items to the wishlist while staying on the current page
  • Ajax Compare: add multiple products to the comparison list in the shortest time

Utilizing the Magento 2 Ajax Login as well as the whole Magento 2 Ajax Suite will pledge to bring about the greatest experience for your customers. It helps you to eliminate one of the most irritating issues of online shopping – page reloadings.

Download FREE Magento 2 Ajax Login

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