[Hot Release] Magento 2 Mobile App – The Best FREE Hybrid App For Magento 2

magento mobile app free download

In this November, Tigren is proud to introduce an awesome product – FREE Magento Mobile App. To be more specific, this is a modern Magento hybrid app that was built on the Ionic framework. If you are going to build a mobile app for your Magento e-commerce store, keep reading since this product might change your plan.

Free Magento Mobile App. Unbelievable?

We guess that you might be very doubtful about the existence of this product since building a mobile app for Magento 2 can cost you a huge amount of money in general.

However, Free Magento Mobile App is real, 100%.

We have created a complete mobile hybrid app for Magento 2 with full of necessary functions to start selling now.

From the homepage, product page, cart page, wishlist page to checkout page, all of them run fast and smoothly.

There are also plenty of useful features that we will reveal in the next parts.

How to build your future app with our ready-made Magento Mobile App?

  • Step 1: Visit our store, send us your request to build the app by submitting the contact form.
  • Step 2: Receive the app that we have generated for your store via email.
  • Step 3: Complete your settings with several basic configurations.
  • Step 4: Launch your app (and submit to any app stores if your want).
  • Step 5: (optional) Customize some parts of the app and solve any conflicts if any.

In case that you don’t know how to install and configure the new mobile app, we are glad to help with a reasonable fee.

Moreover, if you don’t have in-house developers but need the app customized to suit your business, let’s take our module customization service into consideration.

Since we are the app builder from the beginning, no one can do it better than us.

What are the special features of this Magento Mobile App?

This ready-made Magento Mobile App can provide all of the fundamental features that you expect to have in an app:

  • Simple, clean and product-centered design
  • Login with Social account (Facebook) or email
  • Useful hamburger/ accordion menu
  • Banner slider/ carousel
  • Featured products and hot items blocks
  • Be able to add products to cart/ wish list/ comparison list
  • Handy filter and sorting tool
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Simple and easy checkout
  • Various payment methods included
  • Account and wish list manager
  • Seamless synchronization
  • Push notifications
  • Deep linking

… More interesting features are waiting for you to discover!

(Please switch to 1080pHD resolution to get the best video quality)

In conclusion, there are 3 persuasive reasons for you to possess this Magento Mobile App instantly:

  • It’s Free => It helps you to save a HUGE amount of money.
  • It’s a fully worked-out Magento mobile app => It helps you to cut down the time for building an app from 3-4 months to just a few days.
  • It’s well-design, user-friendly and equipped with all mandatory functionalities => You can start selling on the app now without further customization.

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