How Fast Is Magento PWA? Is It Faster Than Regular Magento Websites?

how fast is magento pwa

We all know that PWA improves websites’ loading speed, but how does it perform when integrating with Magento? How fast is Magento PWA exactly? Does it help attract and retain more customers online? Is there a way to examine the Magento PWA performance and compare it with regular Magento sites?

You must have so many questions and considerations in your head before investing in this new technology. So if you are ready to learn more, welcome to the post, and we hope to see you by the end.

How Does A Slow Website Affect Your Online Business?

magento pwa page load speed

Easy Bouncing

If you’ve gone through the irritatingly long wait for a website to load, you probably understand this too well. Waiting 1-2 minutes for a website to load becomes a cranky experience.

Even for content people really want to see, not many can wait until the web finishes loading. Instead, most people will find another site with similar content to what they seek but can load quickly.

Reduce Buying Intention

Slow-performed sites can imply a business’s lack of care for customers. If your site is too slow, they might not have enough trust in you to carry on the purchase.

This is because they might feel their private info like bank account or address won’t be protected with a site of low performance. Or they might gradually lose their buying intention when the site appears to be slow.

Put Your Effort To Waste

A website can be visually appealing with high-quality products thanks to the effort put in by the business owner. Yet, it can all go to waste by a single factor – the slow speed.

Some businesses rank high on search page results yet still can’t convert. Why? If this is the case, they should probably recheck their site performance, especially the speed. A slow site is one of the fastest ways to drive people away.

How Would Users Expect Speed And Performance Of An Ecommerce Website?

average ecommerce web speed

There are plenty of studies on user expectations of site performance, some as early as 2001. People used to refuse to wait for 8s for a site to load, yet as technology develops, so does their expectation of site speed. Now users would only stay for about 3s before becoming irritated.

Since online shoppers need to take on many tasks with the site, they want to experience as agile, responsive, and smooth as possible. Magento PWA can help you satisfy all the requirements and even more than you expected.

How Fast Is Magento PWA? How Does It Satisfy End Users?

magento 2 pwa is very fast

Even a slight reduction in seconds matters. A source from online retailers reveals that PWA can keep their web loading within 4.5s. So this number still exceeds the 3-second rule.

But Backlinko had found that the average full-page load for a regular website is 10.2 seconds and for mobile is up to 27.3s! So when it comes to first-page load, PWA performance is still fast, but only not the optimum number.

It’s because of how PWA optimizes the load process. Visitors may wait a bit longer for the first time, but from the second load onward, they can view content at a speed of only 1.3s, almost in the blink of an eye. In general, most PWA web pages are 43% faster than their browser-based counterparts

This is when PWA gives your e-commerce store a powerful edge. It improves the time-on-site rates and retains customers better. The longer visitors stay around the Magento PWA site, the smoother, swifter the browsing transition they get.

This advantage is all thanks to the core technology of PWA – Service Worker. PWA websites allow all the site content to be pre-cached to perform for the next visit.

And Magento PWA is just a well-matched combination. PWA can store massive data composed of high-quality images, texts, and videos, all supporting the e-commerce business. While Magento allows you to easily scalable your business, PWA will enhance the performance of the new highly-scaled website.

Check Out This Magento PWA Demo

You can fact-check all of the info above with Tigren’s PWA demo. Access the site and interact with every element as you wish to see how smoothly it is. Then jump to your site or other Magento sites to compare and notice the differences while carrying out the site tasks.

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Online shopping is getting more popular and valuable in daily life, but so does the rise in the rush of these shoppers. Poorly performed websites with slow loads and dull transitions will profoundly impact your business achievements.

Noting that, it’s not only about the swift first-page load but also the responsive browsing transitions. And Magento PWAs focus on delivering both of those criteria at the most excellent rate possible.