How to Create a Splash Page In Magento 2?

how to create a splash page in magento 2

To begin with, the splash page is the page that the user sees first before accessing the main content of the website. For a Magento e-commerce store, the splash pages are often used with the aim of introducing new promotion campaigns, promoting new products, or just simply showing the brand slogan. Besides, Coming Soon and Maintainance are also two popular types of splash page, which helps to notify the customers of website status.

create a splash page in magento

Is It Difficult To Create A Splash Page In Magento 2?

No, it takes very little time and effort to create a splash page in Magento 2, regardless of its various types. However, you must find the right tool.

Which Tool Can Be Used To Create A Splash Page In Magento 2?

Up to now, there are very rare high-quality tools to create the Magento splash page on the market. One of the most effective splash page builders that you cannot ignore is the Magento 2 Splash Page extension from the Tigren store.

What Makes Tigren’s Magento 2 Splash Page Extension Stand Out?

This extension gives you full power to create any common type of splash page for your Magento store: the splash page containing an exit link (e.g: welcome, release products, inform promotions, …) and the splash page without the exit link (e.g.: coming soon, maintenance)

create a splash page in magento free

Find more information

Front-end Demo

Back-end Demo (Account: tigren – tigren123$)

How much does it cost to own this great extension?

$0.00000000000. Yes, it’s absolutely FREE. Too good to be true, right?

How can I download the extension?

You can instantly download it at the Tigren store. Download the Magento 2 Splash Page Extension now.

Where can I find help when there is a problem with the extension?

Tigren’s support team is always willing to help you to solve all problems related to the extension, even when it’s a free one. If you have any troubles, be free to send your request to the email [email protected]/ [email protected] or send your ticket here.


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