How to Start a Candle Business from Home in 2024

candle business

Are you looking for a creative way to earn extra income right from your kitchen table?

Starting a candle business might just be the perfect venture for you! Candles not only enhance the ambiance of any space but also serve as a delightful gift that never goes out of style.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to launch your own candle business, from mastering candle-making techniques to marketing your creations effectively.

Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere with your scents or build a robust, profitable brand, let’s explore how you can light up your entrepreneurial spirit with a candle business.

Why Should You Start a Candle Business?

Starting a candle business is a great idea for several reasons. Here’s why you might consider launching your own:

1. Turn Your Passion into Profit

One of the best parts about starting a candle business is the chance to make money doing something you love.

When you start a candle business, you spend your days working with something you’re passionate about. Whether it’s mixing scents to find the perfect fragrance or designing beautiful candles, your work feels more like play.

People love buying products that are made with passion. When they buy your candles, they can feel the love and effort you’ve put into making them.

This can make your job very enjoyable and satisfying.

2. Low Initial Costs

how to start a candle business

To make candles, you need some simple tools and materials like wax, wicks, scents, and containers. These items are not very expensive, which means you can start making candles without spending a lot of money.

You can start small and only buy more supplies as your business grows. This means you don’t have to invest a lot of money all at once.

Instead, you can use the money you make from selling candles to buy more materials and slowly grow your business.

3. Work from Home

Making candles from home allows you to work whenever you want.

You can create a work schedule that fits your life. Whether you’re a morning person or work best at night, you can choose the best time to make candles, manage your business, and take care of orders.

Also, commuting can be tiring and stressful, especially if you have to deal with traffic or public transportation. Working from home means you can start your day feeling more relaxed and focused on making candles.

4. Be Creative

Making candles lets you express your personal style. Whether you prefer bright and bold colors or soft and soothing scents, your candles can reflect who you are.

This personal touch can make your products stand out and build a strong brand identity.

There is always room to try new things in candle making. You can experiment with new types of wax, different wick materials, or innovative container designs.

5. A Growing Market

starting a candle business

According to Grand View Research, the global candle market size was valued at USD 12.88 billion in 2022 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 5.7% from 2023 to 2030.

Candles are not just for light anymore; they are now a popular choice for home decor, relaxation, and even self-care rituals. This trend helps drive demand for new and innovative candle designs, scents, and uses.

With candles becoming a part of daily living for many people, especially in homes, the potential for sales is significant. People are willing to buy candles regularly to create a pleasant atmosphere in their homes, which can lead to repeat customers and steady sales.

6. Various Ways to Sell

One of the advantages of starting a candle business is the variety of ways you can sell your candles.

You can sell candles on your own website or through online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon. This allows people from all over the world to buy your candles.

You can also partner with local businesses like spas, boutiques, and gift shops to sell your candles. This not only helps you reach more customers but also builds business relationships within your community.

Participating in local craft fairs and markets is another great way to get your candles out there. You can meet customers face-to-face, talk about your products, and build relationships.

7. Scale at Your Own Pace

how do I start a candle business

You can begin your candle business with just a few supplies and make a small batch of candles to see how they sell.

As your candles start to sell and you get more customers, you can slowly increase how many candles you make. This gradual growth lets you manage your time and resources better without feeling overwhelmed.

You decide when and how much to invest in your business. Whether it’s buying more supplies, investing in advertising, or hiring help, you control these decisions based on what’s best for your business at that time.

How to Start a Candle Business

This section will guide you through the basic steps to get your candle business up and running. From gathering your supplies and deciding on your products to choosing where and how to sell them, we’ll cover all you need to know to begin your journey as a candle entrepreneur.

Let’s light the way to a successful candle business!

Step 1: Master the Fundamentals

Starting your candle business begins with understanding the basics of candle making. Candle making involves several important techniques that you need to know:

  • Types of Wax: Learn about different waxes like soy, beeswax, and paraffin. Each type has its own benefits and uses.
  • Wick Selection: Choosing the right wick is crucial for how well your candle burns. Different sizes and materials affect the burn quality.
  • Scent Mixing: Experiment with various scents to create appealing fragrance combinations. This can set your candles apart.
  • Pouring Temperatures: The temperature when you pour the wax into molds affects the candle’s texture and how well the scents are released.
  • Curing Processes: Understand how long your candles should set before they’re ready to be used or sold to ensure the best quality.

Take time to experiment with these techniques. The more you practice, the better your candles will turn out.

Mastering the fundamentals of candle making sets a solid foundation for your business. It ensures that your products meet high standards and that you can confidently create and sell beautiful, safe candles.

Step 2: Define Your Brand

candle business idea

After mastering the basics of candle making, the next step is to define your brand. This is about deciding who you are as a business and how you want to present yourself to the world.

Think about who is most likely to buy your candles. Consider their age, interests, and what they value in a product.

For example, are they people who love luxury items, or are they looking for eco-friendly products? Knowing who your customers are helps you create products that they will love and buy.

Deciding on a specific niche makes your candle business stand out. You might focus on creating candles that are:

  • Aromatherapy Candles: These are made with essential oils that can help relax or energize people.
  • Luxury Candles: High-quality materials and elegant designs that appeal to customers looking for upscale products.
  • Quirky Designs: Fun and unusual candles that are as much a conversation starter as they are decor.
  • Sustainable Practices: Candles that are environmentally friendly, using natural waxes and recycled materials.

Choosing a niche aligns your products with specific customer interests and makes your brand memorable.

Defining your brand helps customers understand what you stand for and what they can expect from your products. It builds trust and recognition, making it easier to attract and retain customers.

With a clear brand identity, you can effectively market your candles and grow your business.

Step 3: Business Planning

Once you’ve defined your brand, it’s time to plan the business side of things. Start by setting clear, achievable goals.

What do you hope to accomplish in your first year? How many candles do you want to sell?

Writing down your goals helps you stay focused and gives you targets to work towards.

Calculate how much money you will need to start your business. This includes costs for materials (wax, wicks, scents, containers), tools, and any branding elements like logos and packaging.

Check what licenses or permits you need to sell candles in your area. This might include a business license, a vendor’s permit for markets, or home business permits.

Creating a thorough business plan with clear financial understanding and legal compliance sets your candle business up for success. It helps you manage risks and ensures you can focus on creating and selling your products without unexpected setbacks.

Step 4: Source Supplies & Design Products

The next step in starting your candle business is to find the right supplies and design products that appeal to your customers. You need to source high-quality materials at a good price:

  • Wax: Choose from different types like soy, beeswax, or paraffin, depending on what suits your brand and candle type.
  • Wicks: Select the right size and material to ensure your candles burn evenly and safely.
  • Fragrance Oils: Look for suppliers who offer a variety of high-quality scents.
  • Jars and Containers: Find styles that match your brand identity and appeal to your target market.
  • Labels and Packaging Materials: Source these from providers who can offer customizable options to fit your brand’s look.

Finding suppliers who can consistently deliver quality materials is important. Consider ordering samples to test the quality before making larger purchases.

By carefully sourcing your supplies and thoughtfully designing your products, you create candles that not only look and smell good but also sell well. This attention to detail can help set your candle business apart from the competition.

Step 5: Build Your Online Presence

Once you have your supplies and candle designs, it’s important to build an online presence to showcase and sell your products. An online store is essential for selling your candles.

Consider using ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, or BigCommerce. These platforms make it easy to set up a shop and handle transactions.

Social media platforms are also powerful tools for connecting with customers.

Instagram and Pinterest are great for visual products like candles. Post beautiful images of your products, use hashtags to reach a broader audience, and engage with your followers to build relationships.

Step 6: Launch and Marketing

After setting up your online presence, the next crucial step is to launch your candle business and start marketing your products. This involves several key activities to ensure your candles reach your target audience and your business grows.

Set your prices

Firstly, you need to set your prices. Make sure you account for all costs involved in making your candles, including materials and labor.

Add a profit margin that provides you with a reasonable return but still keeps your prices competitive and attractive to customers.

Start selling

Once pricing is established, you can start selling your products. Besides selling online, consider participating in local craft fairs.

Additionally, approach local stores that might be interested in stocking your candles. This can include gift shops, boutiques, and even cafes that align with your brand’s aesthetic and customer base.

Marketing strategies

Marketing is critical to your launch strategy.

Consider collaborating with influencers who can showcase your candles to their followers. This is particularly effective on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where visual appeal is paramount.

Social media advertising should also be part of your marketing strategy. Paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can help you reach a wider audience.

Tailor your ads to highlight the unique aspects of your candles, such as their scents, colors, and the stories behind them.

By carefully planning your launch and employing strategic marketing efforts, you can set your candle business up for success. This approach will help you spread the word about your brand, attract and retain customers, and establish a strong foothold in the market.


How much does it cost to start a candle business?

Starting a candle business typically requires a low initial investment. Costs can range from $200 to $2,000, covering basic supplies like wax, wicks, scents, and molds. Expenses vary based on scale and choice of materials, with additional potential costs for marketing and legal compliance.

Is candle making a profitable business?

Candle making can be a profitable business, with industry profit margins ranging from 25% to 50%. Success depends on niche selection, branding, and efficient production. The growing demand for home décor and aromatherapy products further enhances its profitability potential.

How do I start a small candle business from home?

To start a small candle business from home, acquire basic supplies like wax, wicks, molds, and scents. Learn candle-making techniques and safety protocols. Establish a brand, create a product line, and set up an online shop. Utilize local markets and social media for marketing and sales.

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