How To Start An Online Clothing Store With No Money?

start online clothing store with no money

Consumer behaviour has changed drastically, shifting from shopping at brick-and-mortar stores to purchasing online. Taking this opportunity, many entrepreneurs have considered opening online stores, and a clothing shop isn’t out of this topic. But since starting a shop may require a lot of money, people turn to ask if it’s possible to build an e-store on a low budget? This article will show you how to start an online clothing store with no money.

how to start an online clothing store with little money

Build An Online Clothing Store With No Money

With $0 needed, there are actually several ways to start up an online clothing business. Below you’ll find the 4 most effective ways to do so.

1. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is a trending method used by numerous eCommerce businesses in case that they don’t want to or do not have enough storage for products.

This business model follows 3 steps:

  1. The business owner receives an order from a customer
  2. The owner transfers the order details to a third-party vendor
  3. The vendor receives the information, pack and deliver the order to the customer.

This kind of business has a number of advantages that make it more competitive. The first one is that it helps to save a lot of costs. The owner is not required to hire any staff, invest in storage, or even in products, as well as shipping. Moreover, because owners can avoid all these tasks, they save time and can focus mainly on marketing to gain more orders, and maybe looking for more suppliers to improve quality/quantity.

2. Leverage ready-to-use platforms 

Another approach to open an online clothes shop is a ready-to-use platform. Some well-known available platforms are Shopify, Etsy, Elementor, or 3DCart, where you can create an online store using their ready-to-use designs and templates. These platforms provide free trials, so you take advantage of this offer.

The good points about these platforms are convenience and time-savings. In particular, without coding knowledge, it is also easy and quick to have an effective and beautiful website with the required features for an online clothing store.

Only by signing up an account, many beautiful templates and customizing layout functions are available. After completing your website, you can immediately upload information and sell your products.

To wrap up, it’s quite an optimal choice for people who want to start up an online clothing store without money. 

3. KOLs and influencers

how to start an online boutique with no money

You’re probably familiar with these terms if you’re gonna run an online business related to fashion. “KOLs” stands for key opinion leaders. Both KOLs and influencers have an impact on a certain number of people, who could be your potential customers.

So, why is it possible to start an online clothing store this way? 

You can work with these KOLs/influencers to promote your products, in exchange for a benefit – like your product/ voucher/ discount, etc. If they agree, you can have them introduce your products to their followers without paying for marketing costs.

4. Marketing via social media/blogging 

Apart from working with famous people on social media, you can do the marketing yourself by utilizing social media, or start a blog, or even doing both if you can manage it.

With social media, it’s suggested to begin with popular channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, etc. You can sign up for free and start promoting your clothes on these platforms. They allow wider customer reach and are good places to build a business-customer relationship. Show people your products, what makes them attractive to buyers, including images and videos in each post if possible. There are just so many ways you can start selling

In addition, you also can directly write posts on blogs, social media to introduce your products. These posts should focus on the fields that your products are related to, for instance, since it’s a clothing store, topics can be about tips to shop the perfect items, how to be more environment-friendly, etc. By showing your passion and extensive knowledge about fashion, it’ll be easier to persuade people to shop with you.

Coming to the ending, social media, blogs, and numerous pages can be used for marketing programs.

Operate An Online Clothing Store With Little Money

Even though it is workable to start up a clothing store at no cost, it is challenging to create a professional and reliable image for your online business. So, if you have a bit more money, try to invest in building a reliable website with fundamental functions.

And now, let’s find out a variety of ways to upgrade a website with a small amount of money.

how to start an online clothing store with no money

E-commerce web development packages with low cost

If you want a professional web with low cost, the first method to consider to purchasing a development package at a low price. With a package like this, you can save time and money spent on your website, and use the rest of your money for other tasks.

However, because of the low cost, the quality of the web you receive may not be expected, or it may only have basic functions with a simple design. So consider these issues prior to paying for a cheap service.

Outsource web development projects from Asia 

Due to the difference in money value, at the same price, web development projects from Asia could offer the same quality or even better than eCommerce web development packages with low costs from countries like the US or UK.

For instance, it costs between $15,000 to $30,000 for a simple project carried out by a company in the USA, while you only pay $2499 to $5499 if you use Tigren’s e-commerce development packages. With each package, you’ll be offered many benefits that will help nourish your online store. Not only that, but we also offer free support for each package, from 6-12 months.


So you’ve seen that it isn’t a mission impossible to start an online clothing business with no money and become successful. By making the right choice with your website, product, investment and marketing, you’ll soon be rewarded.

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