Top 45 Magento 2 Best Extensions To Skyrocket Sales In 2022

Top X Best Magento Extension for Your Ecommerce Store

Extensions play a crucial role in adding value to a Magento 2 website. They help to fulfill innovative functions and bring a seamless user experience. But many available extensions make it difficult for businesses to choose the right one. This article will help determine the top 45 Magento 2 best extensions for your e-commerce store in 2022.

Customer Support Extensions

1. FAQ by MagePrince

mageprince faq module

The FAQ plugin allows you to create a separate FAQ page where you can collect all of your customers’ questions in one place. With the collapse/expand option, the FAQs are presented almost entirely on one page. Your customers may quickly view important topics without navigating multiple pages or waiting for them to reload.

2. Live Chat by LiveChat

live chat extension by livechat

Live Chat is a tool for online sales and customer support. It enriches a Magento with a modern chat window, looking eye-catchers, and chat buttons. Live chat allows e-commerce merchants to personalize messages automatically.

3. WhatsApp Chat by Sparsh Technologies

whatsapp extension by sparsh tech

Whatsapp Contact & Share is a customer support extension developed by Softomars. It allows store visitors to chat with multiple departments on Whatsapp. A simple click on the contact button will help them get immediate responses from a store Admin.

4. Whatsapp Contact & Share by Folio3

folio3 whatsapp extension

Whatsapp Contact & Share is a customer support extension developed by Folio3. It allows store visitors to chat with multiple departments on Whatsapp. A simple click on the contact button will get immediate responses from a store Admin.

5. Help Desk Ultimate by Aheadworks

helpdesk by aheadworks

Help Desk Ultimate was developed by Aheadworks. This extension supports a Magento 2 website by utilizing a ticket system. Customers can submit tickets via the Magento contact form or the Help Desk email gateway. The tickets will be managed at the ticket grid in the store backend and can be assigned to a particular help desk agent.

Payment & Security Extensions

6. Dominate Checkout by IWD

dominate checkout by iwd

Developed by IWD Agency, the Dominate Checkout Open Source makes a Magento 2 store’s checkout procedure simple and responsive across devices. It uses the most advanced payment processor in the market. Basically, this extension allows direct work between customers and the Paypal platform.

7. Smart One Step Checkout by Aheadworks

one step checkout by aheadworks

Smart One Step Checkout has special functions that can help a Magento store with a quick and smooth checkout process. It allows the advanced performance of the checkout page with two analytical reports: abandoned checkout report and checkout behavior report.

8. Moneris Payment Gateway by Magenest

monerist by magenest

Moneris is the biggest payment service in Canada. For Magento 2, this extension allows store owners to reach millions of additional Canadian customers by enabling them to use their preferred payment method. Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Maestro, and American Express are among the payment cards accepted. The administrator of a Magento website can choose between two types of checkouts: direct and redirect.

9. Stripe Global by Magenest

stripe global by magenest

Stripe Global helps store owners accept a wide range of cards from different providers, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. Merchants can also use APIs to integrate with other payment methods like Apple Pay, Alipay, Google Pay, P24, and SOFORT. You must have a Stripe merchant account to utilize this plugin.

10. Opayo Payment Gateway by Magenest

opayo by magenest

Magento retailers can use any Opayo payment interfaces, including PI, Server, Form, Direct, and PayPal. This module also supports MOTO, direct refund, and Gift Aids. With this extension, merchants can reach out to more customers, notably in the United Kingdom and the European Union. This extension requires an additional Opayo account, as well as other costs.

Marketing Extensions

11. SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx

seo suite by mageworx

SEO Suite Ultimate is a marketing extension developed by Mageworx. It enables an all-in-one SEO function for a Magento 2 website. The toolkit can handle many on-page SEO tasks, including removing duplicate content, improving site index, and optimizing any ULRs and large amounts of metadata. Advanced HTML and XML sitemaps, cross-linking, SEO redirection, and advanced rich snippets are included in the plugin.

12. Responsive Transactional Emails by Magetrend

transactional email by magetrend

Responsive Transactional Emails help you create, edit, translate, and test Magento transactional emails. All templates have been tested following these famous brands: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iPhone Mail app, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and AOL. Besides default templates, Magento merchants can add more customized email templates.

13. Banner Slider by Sparsh Technologies

banner slider by sparsh

Banner Slider focuses on stunning sliders with unlimited pictures and video slides. With many design options, Magento merchants can integrate a variety of photographs and video presentations into collected materials. These banner sliders can be placed virtually anywhere on a website. Merchants can also add a full-screen picture slider to the landing page for better marketing or add a slider to the basket to improve the prospective pitch of the items.

14. Product Inquiry With Hide Price by Sparsh Technologies

product inquiry by sparsh

In case the admin wants to beat the pricing competition by not exposing the price and encouraging customers to write an inquiry about the products, this extension can be a useful tool. The customer can inquire about more product information, such as a price quotation and how to purchase, and a simple Pop Up will appear. When enabling the ‘Hide the Price’ option, the customer can only see the price after adding the product to their basket, which means that if they don’t like the price, they won’t buy the thing. This allows e-commerce store administrators to make easier price-related decisions.

15. Facebook Catalog Product Feed by Apptrian

facebook catalog by apptrian

The Facebook Catalog Product Feed extension is a convenient and effective tool. A Facebook Catalog Product Feed may be generated with just one button click. The Facebook Catalog Product Feed, like other advanced extensions, is multi-store compatible. Every store has its feed of products. A cron option is also available in the plugin. Merchants can now completely automate the procedure that can reduce heavy workload.

Accounting & Finance Extensions

16. Quickbooks Desktop by Magenest

quickbooks desktop by magenest

QuickBooks Desktop Integration for Magento 2 allows merchants to link Magento 2 stores to QuickBooks Desktop and synchronize information such as products, sale orders, and invoices. It also allows unlimited transferred online transaction data. Merchants will be able to manage both business and accounting data better. In addition, there is no risk of data loss because the data will be uploaded automatically in real-time.

17. Quickbooks Online Integration by Magenest

quickbooks online by magenest

QuickBooks Online is QuickBooks Desktop’s cloud-based version. This program will help Magento 2 merchants to keep track of all business transactions, cash flows, inventories, and other information from anywhere and at any time. It not only simplifies accounting, billing, and payments but also allows merchants to check off accounting activities on the go and organize the business’ finance. You must first have a QuickBooks Online membership to use this extension.

18. TaxJar Sales Tax Automation by Taxjar

taxjar by taxjar

TaxJar delivers award-winning help and straightforward pricing options for businesses of all sizes, from calculations through filing. It simplifies the complications of sales volume, state nexus, and platform requirements with automatic algorithms. More than 20,000 businesses have used the extension.

19. Connect Xero by Fooman

connect xero by fooman

Connect Xero is used by customers worldwide to automate their business activities. It’s a straightforward plugin that automatically helps e-commerce merchants export orders, customer data, items, and credit notes.

20. QuickBooks Desktop Connector by Webkul

quickbooks desktop by webkul

QuickBooks is accounting software that allows merchants to track and manage sales and business activities. There are two versions: QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. With this extension, merchants can automate their e-commerce operations. Sales receipts for all synchronized orders from the Magento store will be created in QuickBooks Desktop. It also synchronizes the customers who placed the orders and the product for which the charges were placed.

Shipping & Fulfillment Extensions

21. ShipperHQ Shipping Experience Management Solution by ShipperHQ

shipperhq by shipperhq

ShipperHQ helps Magento 2 merchants take control of shipping strategies, calculate accurate shipping costs, enhance checkout, and tailor the shipping experience. The plugin empowers e-commerce stores to handle complex shipment scenarios, reduce shipping costs, and offer worldwide shipping (or all of the above).

22. Shipping Suite Ultimate by Mageworx

shipping suite by mageworx

With Shipping Suite Ultimate, Magento merchants can define custom shipping rules based on any combination of product, cart, or address attributes.

23. Order Management by Mageworx

order management by mageworx

Developed by Mageworx, Order Management helps Magento merchants optimize the order management workflow. Order Management allows seamless order management from smart order preview to final order approval.

24. Restore Cancelled Orders by Addify

restore cancelled order by addify

This extension allows you to restore canceled orders. It minimizes the risk of canceling orders by accident which Magento does not restore. Merchants do not need to review the code and make changes to the database. This Restore Cancelled Orders add-on allows you to retrieve an order from the order grid’s mass actions dropdown. The order can also be recovered from the order detail page.

25. Delivery Date by Mageworx

delivery date by mageworx

Delivery Date allows Magento merchants to display the next available delivery date and set the amount of time it takes to complete an order. In addition, customers can choose when they want their goods delivered, write comments on them, and more.

Site Optimization Extensions

26. WebP Optimized Images by Jajuma

webp optimized images by jajuma

WebP Optimized Images enables reduced image size without losing significant quality. It also contributes to better site optimization for Magento stores, including faster loading time, SEO, and an easy-to-use interface.

27. Cloudflare Dashboard by Jetrails

cloudflare by jetrails

Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) that improves the security and performance of any platform. It is a service that sits in front of any website’s hosting provider. It helps disperse the traffic burden over Cloudflare’s network rather than loading files from the primary hosting accounts. Loading times will naturally improve as fewer hops over the internet are required to access the Magento page.

28. SMTP Settings by Xtento

smtp settings by xtento

With this extension, Magento merchants can safely and simply connect Magento stores to their favorite email service. An intuitive user interface and the extension’s built-in testing mechanism help ensure that all settings are accurate and allow merchants to send email tests. SMTP Settings supports secure SMTP servers and enables the log of all emails sent, including email body and email status. In addition, merchants can freely customize and debug email delivery problems.

29. Purge Varnish Cache by Ascure

purge varnish cache by ascure

If a site uses varnish and the administrator changes products, categories, or other items, the changes may not appear on the frontend due to the varnish cache. To do so, the developer must use the command line to cleanse the cache. This extension allows cleansing varnish cache from the admin panel without any technical requirement. It helps save time for store owners and does not cause any conflict with other plugins.

30. Fastly CDN by Fastly

fastly cdn by fastly

The Fastly Magento plugin replaces Magento Enterprise’s native caching and spans over its distributed infrastructure. Fastly was chosen to be part of the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition technology stack in addition to being Magento’s first and only Premier Technology Partner for content delivery networks (CDNs).

Reporting & Analysis Extensions

31. Nosto by Nosto Solutions

nosto by nosto solutions

Nosto, a Magento Premier Technology Partner, enables businesses to provide completely personalized commerce experiences with fine-tuned merchandising rules control. It is an AI-powered Commerce Experience Platform that can create, deploy, and optimize 1:1 multichannel marketing campaigns and digital experiences.

32. Advanced Reports by Aheadworks

magento 2 best extensions

The Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 adds many reports that track various aspects of the store’s sales and overall performance. A visual chart and a data table are used to present each report. If any abnormalities are discovered, a table can be utilized to provide more information. The Advanced Reports extension examines orders and Magento database tables to deliver pertinent data to the store administrator.

33. Actionable Google Analytics by Tatvic

google analytics by tatvic

Google Analytics is a free online analytics service provided by Google that equips site owners with useful information about their visitors’ behavior. There are four sections categorized in Google Analytics: Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions.

34. Feedback by SMAC

feedback by smac

Feedback was developed by SMAC Softwares GmbH. This extension improves the shopping experience by including a ‘Feedback’ button and a fully working feedback form on every site page. The store owner can also create unique feedback questions. This Customer Feedback plugin assists merchants in better understanding the demands of customers and their feeling about the store. With this extension, e-commerce merchants can learn more about enhancing site performance to satisfy customers.

35. Skroutz Analytics Integration by Spirit Digital

skroutz analytics by spirit digital

This extension enables script connection between Skroutz Analytics and the Magento 2 shop, as well as some additional widgets included with Skroutz Analytics, such as a partner badge and product reviews. The main tracking script sends back order data, such as product SKUs, names, prices, and quantities from the order.

Content & Customizations Extensions

36. Improved Import & Export by Firebear Studio

improved import and export by fire bear studio

Improved Import and Export is a Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce plugin with many features. The extension is completely manageable from the administrator panel and requires no technical skills.

37. Fast Simon Instant Search, Filters, merchandising

instant search by fast simon

This instant search extension assists merchants in maximizing the value of their online visitors in orders. After using the robust search platform, many merchants claim an increase of up to 40% year over year. Fast Simon is free for retailers with up to 500 monthly sessions, while paid memberships are available for stores with more than 500 monthly sessions.

38. Layered Navigation by Aheadworks

layered navigation by aheaworks

By presenting a meaningful selection of products, the plugin improves the catalog browsing experience. As a result, Magento 2 will have better-layered navigation.

39. Searchanise Smart Search Autocomplete by Searchanise LCC

search autocomplete by searchanise

This extension helps Magento 2 stores improve conversion rates and user experience. It includes a better site search, a better search results page with customizable filters, product merchandising, labeling, and statistics.

40. Subcategories Grid/List by Apptrian

subcategories by apptrian

Using XML layout changes or CMS markup tags, Apptrian’s Subcategories Grid/List extension for Magento allows you to have subcategories in the form of a grid or list on category pages, home pages, or optionally any other page. Additionally, there are many customizing choices. Merchants can set up subcategories in multiple locations on the page.

Sales Extensions

41. Gift Cards by Mageworx

gift cards by mageworx

Gift cards can assist merchants in attracting more customers, increasing revenue, and increasing brand awareness. It promotes a seamless and effective present-giving practice for Magento 2 stores by offering a wide range of gift cards and pricing strategies. Merchants can choose different gift cards type to send to customers: Post gift cards, Print gift cards, or Email gift cards.

42. M2E Pro Amazon eBay & Walmart Integration

M2E pro

M2E Pro allows Magento 2 merchants to link with global e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. It integrates a sophisticated data processing layer that connects the Magento product catalog to eBay (23 marketplaces), Amazon (9 marketplaces), and Walmart (US & Canada) channels directly.

43. HubSpot Integration

hubspot by cedcommerce

HubSpot has many powerful features in terms of social media marketing, content management, SEO, analytics, and attracting visitors to an online shop. The HubSpot Integration syncs data from a Magento store to a HubSpot account, including sales, customers, products, and abandoned carts. When connecting HubSpot to Magento, Magento syncs data via Bridge API. Integration with HubSpot CRM can help Magento stores grow online sales and build customer loyalty.

44. Point of Sale by Anyhow

pos by anyhow

Supermax Point Of Sale enables merchants to complete all retail transactions in their physical store in one window. Owners can effortlessly transfer orders from physical stores to their Magento online ones. A POS system can boost complete control over business operations, making them more efficient and productive. Remarkably, this extension can work both online and offline.

45. Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program

loyalty program by zinrelo

Zinrelo is a modern-day loyalty rewards program that uses 360-degree customer engagement, data sciences, and machine learning to increase repeat purchases and per-customer revenue. Customer loyalty can be measured in various ways, including transactional, social, referral, engagement, behavioral, and emotional loyalty. To use this plugin, you must first create a Zinrelo account.

Bottom Line

Extensions are powerful in fulfilling the seamless experience for merchants and online users. You can refer to and use the practical ones from the list of 45 Magento 2 best extensions above to generate sales for your Magento store. If you have questions, comment below or contact us at [email protected].

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