How Does TigrenPWA’s Email Quote Function Work?

magento 2 email quote

As you might know, the TigrenPWA theme supports both Magento’s rich e-commerce features and a wide range of advanced ones. For example, One-step checkout, Improved layered navigation, Shop by brand, etc. Email Quote – a favorite function of many Magento stores, has been added recently into the theme. In this post, let’s find out how it works and benefits e-commerce businesses. 

The Email Quote features in Tigren’s Magento 2 PWA theme are powered by MageComp’s (basic and pro versions). We developed custom APIs to make these modules compatible with Magento 2 Progressive Web App and the TigrenPWA theme.

Why Is Email Quote Important To Magento Stores?

Without a doubt, the needs of customers are varied. You will likely lose many potential buyers if you only provide duplicate product catalogs with fixed prices for all store visitors.

More specifically, provided that one of your customers wanted to buy a product with much larger quantities than usual. It’s pretty unreasonable for him to pay the same unit price as the others. In this case, you might consider giving him a bulk purchase discount, but how to do that?

Another assumption is that your shopper somehow would like to customize the products, but no extra service was available. For instance, you were selling necklaces, and your buyer wanted to engrave his name on the selected product. In this case, you might think about adding an extra fee to the original price for engraving, but how to do that?

For all the situations above, the Email Quote function is a perfect solution!

In short, it allows Magento store owners to get quote requests. It can be of any kind – from the customers and prepare custom quotations to meet those special requests. Notably, Magento, by default, does not support this function.

How It Works

  • For the customers (on the frontend):

After adding the product(s) with specific options and quantity as usual to the cart, the purchasers can add their particular needs into a form on the shopping cart page (Send Email Quote). In the form, customers are required to fill in their name, email, phone number, and comments (e.g., ask for a bargain or an extra service).

Moreover, the customers can review and check the statuses of their quote requests in their My Account.

  • For the admin (on the backend):

Once a quote request is created, the admin will instantly receive a notification email and handle that request on the Magento backend.

The admin can build a custom quote with the required option/ price/ discount and send it to the target customer via email to be more detailed. And this quote can be sent one or many times.

magecomp email quote extension

Another exciting feature is that the admin can follow email click statuses to check whether the buyer opens the quote or not.

What is more, there is a checkout button at the bottom of the quote email. Thanks to that, the customers can immediately check out once they know that their requests are approved.

Highlighted Features

  • Allow customers to send their cart (with a comment) to get a custom quote
  • Allow customers to manage their sent quotes in their account management
  • Provide checkout option in the quote email for the customers
  • Let admin create & resend quotes from the backend
  • Let admin check click statuses of quote emails

How To Build A Magento 2 PWA With Email Quote?

The Email Quote is an indispensable feature for all Magento 2 e-commerce stores. If you want to convert your website to a Progressive Web App without missing this function, applying the TigrenPWA theme is one of the first choices.

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