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affordable magento 2 migration packages

Magento migration perhaps might not on your top priority, but it needs to be considered seriously. The main reason is that Magento’s support for Magento 1 officially ceased from June 2020! Moreover, Magento 2 owns advanced features such as One-page checkout, Ajax Cart, and storefront speed improvement. In fact, migrating from Magento 1 to 2 is complicated, but you can make it easy by using the affordable Magento 2 Migration Packages at Tigren.

What Are Included In These Packages?

We are now offering two budget-friendly Magento 2 Migration packages, starting from $3,000 – including 6 to 12 months of free support. Depending on your specific requirements that you can select the Standard or Custom offer.

For example, if you want to apply a ready-to-use Magento 2 theme to the new website and have less than 15 extensions to migrate, let’s go with the Standard Magento Migration Package.

If you expect a brand new theme that is exclusive for your store, choose the Custom one. Our talented web designers will craft your ideas and make those come to life.

However, both cover the whole Magento migration process, from Theme migration, Data Migration, Extension Migration, Custom Code Migration, Settings Migration to Performance Optimization for the new site.

We can make sure that your website will be upgraded from Magento 1 to Magento 2 successfully, regardless of your choice.

magento migration packages

Why Tigren’s Magento 2 Migration Packages?

If you are looking for companies that deliver high-quality Magento migration services, Tigren will be at the top of the list for ten reasons below:

1. Experienced Developers

Tigren is one of the top Magento development companies that provide excellent but cost-effective Magento 2 migration packages. We have been delivering a wide range of Magento services since 2012.

Our developers used to carry out successful web development projects on Magento 1 and now on Magento 2 platform. Many clients come back to us and request Magento migrations.

2. Reasonable Cost

At Tigren, all services are low-cost compared to other Magento agencies in the US, UK. By selecting our Magento migration packages, you can start your project with just $3,000.

3. Long Support Period

We offer 6-12 months of free support after accomplishing the migration process to get the highest customer satisfaction. No company in the market can offer such extended and free support except us.

Moreover, after running out of this period, you can continue using our service by selecting one of our Monthly Support Packages, starting from $300/month or Pay As You Go (pay for each task).

4. No Data Lost Guarantee

Understanding the seriousness of losing the database during the Magento migration, our developers take every movement carefully. Before starting the migration, we will back up all data in the Magento 1 store and then transfer the data from the current site to our server’s development site.

Finally, we will move the site’s data to the client’s live site (on their server). As a result, we can keep all of your products/ customers/ orders’ data intact throughout the process.

5. Fast Migration

We promise to bring you a smooth migration to Magento 2 with the minimum time required. The estimated time to implement our Standard Magento 2 Migration Package is around 1-2 months, and that of the Custom one is from 2-5 months (depending on your requirement complexity).

6. Detailed Weekly Report

We will offer you accurate reports weekly, which show our progress and results at each phase of the project. You can then easily follow and control your project, giving us valuable feedback to keep it on track.

We do believe that constant communication might help us go far beyond your outcome expectations.

7. Active Participation

Most Magento development companies will not allow their clients to be involved in the Magento migration process. The reasons are varied. For example, they are afraid that too much client feedback can negatively impact development progress.

In other cases, they don’t want to be hastened when being behind schedule. On the contrary, we always give our clients the right to control their projects – to be informed and updated regularly. Our work will be managed on Jira software, and the store owners will have access to that.

8. Free Magento 2 Extensions

When migrating Magento 1 to 2, Magento 1 must be replaced by similar ones for Magento 2, which might be very costly. However, if you select one of our Magento 2 Migration Packages, you can get any extensions that Tigren provides at no cost.

Some of our outstanding Magento 2 modules that you can consider are Banner Manager, Event Calendar, Multiple Order Emails, Address Autocomplete, Reseller, and so on.

9. Specific Project Record

After the Magento migration is completed successfully, we will send you a comprehensive document of the project. You may need it one day when upgrading the website or maintaining its performance in the future.

Even though you will continue working with the Tigren team or hiring other Magento agencies, this record is still beneficial.

10. Fast & Free Quotation

As soon as you reach us, we will immediately examine your current website and requirements. Then, we prepare a proposal with the estimated time and cost for your Magento migration project.

More specifically, it will cover comprehensive solutions and recommendations for theme/ extension/ data/ setting migrations, project scope, payment terms, and so on.

Find more about our Magento 2 Migration Packages here, or contact us ([email protected]) now to get an exact quote for your project!

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