How To Upgrade Your Magento Frontend To A Modern Magento 2 PWA Storefront

magento 2 pwa storefront

Are you seeking an advanced solution to elevate the user experience with your Magento shopfront? A new Magento PWA storefront will be the key to addressing these inquiries. It boosts productive performance and powerful features to keep customers engaged with your website. Let’s learn how to upgrade a Magento frontend into a modern Magento 2 PWA storefront.

What Is Magento 2 PWA Storefront?

magento 2 pwa theme

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is the latest technology sharing the best characteristics of websites and native apps. It offers a new way of interaction between sellers and end-users. 

A Magento 2 PWA includes three main elements:

  • Magento 2 PWA storefront: A new PWA storefront will replace your Magento frontend following the decoupled structure. 
  • APIs: An Application Programming Interface works like a “bridge” to link data between the PWA storefront and Magento 2 backend.
  • Magento 2 backend: The Magento technical system functions in the new Magento 2 PWA the same as the old Magento website. 

How Does Magento 2 PWA Storefront Differ From The Magento Frontend?

A modern PWA storefront has certain distinguishes and advantages compared to the traditional Magento frontend with the latest technology. 



Magento web design enables you to pick different themes to suit your brand identity. The open-source platform also allows you to modify code and customize templates for selling jewelry, clothes, or electronics.

A custom Magento theme is built on top of a Magento base theme and is heavily reliant on the core Magento program for functioning.

Magento 2 design is responsive on many devices, yet the homepage is sometimes inconsistent on desktops and mobiles if the content is heavy. 

PWA Storefront

A PWA storefront, unlike Magento themes, is not dependent on a parent theme. It enables merchants to customize and adjust the design of their online stores easily.

In addition, the interface is well-suited to a variety of devices, particularly mobile phones. PWAs provide app-like patterns without the footers and headers of web pages, thanks to the mobile-first priority.

However, the number of available templates for the PWA storefront is very limited. Therefore, you need to pick the appropriate theme from a prestigious provider to strengthen your brand identity.

Let’s look at an example of the TigrenPWA storefront – one of the best PWA templates. 

magento pwa



The Magento frontend equips E-commerce sites with core functions to interact with customers. These include:

  • Multi-filter
  • Product browser
  • Layer navigation
  • Add to wishlist
  • Payment & shipping 
  • Account management


PWA is a perfect hybrid between websites and native apps. Therefore, besides having based functions of Magento, it also enriches your store with more robust features from PWA:

  • Add to home screen: It is easy for customers to “download” a PWA. Users only need to navigate to the browser and click “Add to home screen.” PWA works well on multiple devices, including Android and IOS. 
  • Splash page: Customers will see your brand logo when they launch the PWA, giving it the feel of a real native app.
  • Offline mode: Users can still use your PWA with the data stored from repeated visits in low or zero Internet connection. 
  • Push notifications: You can easily modify messages and distribute them to an unlimited number of people.

These attributes enable your website to interact like a mobile application with less memory required on devices.

Compared to native app development, you can save a remarkable budget when integrating Magento 2 PWA. 

magento 2 pwa examples



Standard Magento websites are built on the monolithic architecture, in which the frontend and backend are tightly connected. If you want to work on minor changes in the shopfront, you need to modify the whole system. It is not a flawed approach but can result in a loss of time and unnecessary work.


PWA, on the other hand, is used with a headless structure. The frontend and backend are decoupled for independent work. When integrating Magento 2 PWA, a modern PWA storefront will replace the old Magento frontend, while the backend functionalities remain the same.

The new PWA framework provides more flexibility, especially when updating your shopfront. Every time you modernize your store interface, it might save you remarkable time and resources.

How To Build A Magento 2 PWA Storefront?

Magento 2 PWA is the innovative and modern solution for E-commerce businesses seeking the chance to boost sales. However, this approach demands professional understanding and advanced development.

With the growth of Magento PWA, you can get overwhelmed by many advertised developers. As a result, selecting the most reputable company with extensive experience to deliver a professional Magento 2 PWA is critical.

If you are looking for a trustworthy developer, Tigren is the best option for you. We have worked relentlessly to deliver high-quality E-commerce service. Our team has cooperated with many famous brands and helped them generate positive feedback and higher sales revenue. 

We offer various Magento PWA development services to level up your website performance. If you want to dress your website with a modern PWA storefront, our TigrenPWA will not let you down.

This aesthetic design focuses on vital criteria: Simplicity, Consistency, Readability, Mobile Friendliness, and Easy Navigation. It will also refurbish your store with the fantastic functions of Magento and PWA.

Better yet, the theme only costs you $799, which is incredibly cost-effective compared to other templates (range from $ 1,000 to $25,000).

With a skilled development team, we can also build your Magento PWA project from the ground up. It means we will work closely with you in drafting the idea and developing a unique PWA storefront that makes your shop stand out from the crowd. 

We also support you dedicatedly in and after the development process to warrant “zero mistakes.”

Final Thoughts

Magento PWA enables a modern approach to replace the traditional website structure. And developing a new PWA storefront can enrich your store with an engaging design, powerful features, and flexible adjustments.

Contact Tigren to work on a modern PWA storefront to enhance your brand identity and reach more potential customers. Your modern and prominent Magento PWA is only one click away!

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