10 Dos and Don’ts When Hiring Magento Developers In Netherlands

hiring magento developers in netherlands
Dutch e-commerce market has got ahead to many other countries thanks to prompt technology adoption and fast consumer appetite updates for online purchases. In this country, the number of online stores, especially Magento e-commerce websites has been increasing significantly in recent years. As a result, hiring Magento developers in Netherlands is always in high demand. In this blog post, we will show you some tips to search for your ideal Magento developers or agencies more effectively. magento development netherlands

5 “DO” When Looking For Magento Developers In Netherlands

1. Select excellent Magento developers from multiple sources

There are a variety of methods for you to find Magento developers in Netherlands. For example:
  • Getting a long list of Magento developers from the official Magento Certification Directory (don’t forget to filter the directory by country)
  • Browsing on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, AOL, etc. to find regional Magento developers or Magento development companies
  • Checking reliable company listings & reviews to find highly rated Magento agencies in the Netherlands
  • Searching for freelance Magento developers in trusted recruitment websites
  • Looking for Magento developers and Magento web development firms in social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)
You should combine more than two above ways at the same time to find the most proper Magento developers for your project.

2. Cautiously check portfolio/ previous work of the Magento developers

It is a must to have a look at as many projects that the Magento developers implemented as possible. For Magento development companies in the Netherlands, you can easily find their portfolio on their website. For the Magento developers who work as freelancers, you should ask them to send their completed work. Based on that, you can both evaluate the abilities of the developers and check out whether they can meet all of your requirements (in terms of the website design style for instance). While many Magento developers have strong experience in creating unique and creative online stores, others might specialize in developing formal and standard e-commerce websites.

3. Ask for contacts of previous customers to get the reference

Besides the portfolio, you should also ask the Magento developers to provide their clients’ contact so you can get in touch with them and listen to honest feedback. Thanks to that, you can assess your potential partners on more criteria such as professionalism, communication, and actual abilities objectively. dutch magento developers Don’t hesitate to contact the previous clients of the developers. Like you, they also had looked for many Magento developers before figuring out which was the best option. That’s why they could give you useful advice for either hiring process or project development process.

4. Compare at least three project proposals from different Magento developers

Assumed that you got a proposal from a Magento agency that meets all of your requirements as well as your budget. It would be amazing! But, there might be many other Magento developers who can give you the same or even better offer (regards the solutions for your projects, time of development, total cost or after-service support policies, etc.). Therefore, our advice to you is contacting three Magento development companies or developers and above, asking for their proposals, making a comparison yourself, and choosing the most potential one.

5. Consider offshore Magento developers in other countries

Although it’s not difficult to hire Magento developers in Netherlands, many Dutch business owners decided to hire Magento outsourcing companies in Vietnam, India, Ukraine, Thailand, Singapore. There are two major motivations for that:
  • There are more choices of Magento agencies and Magento developers: In the countries that we have mentioned, the number of both certified and not certified Magento developers is greater than that of the Netherlands.
  • The cost of hiring offshore Magento development companies is much cheaper: In general, you will have to pay $60-150 per working hour to hire Dutch Magento developers, while it’s a half or even less if you have your work done by Vietnamese/ Indian/ Ukrainian programmers. As a consequence, there would be a substantial difference in your total cost between hiring Magento developers in Netherlands and offshore Magento coders.
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5 “DON’T” When Partnering With Magento Developers In Netherlands

1. Rushing to an agreement with the Magento developers

As we have mentioned, you should not be too hasty in deciding which Magento developers or agencies to work with. Choosing the right partner is a premise for your e-business success, so take your time on it. Don’t sign any agreement if you miss any “Do” advice on the previous section. There might be some traps that you might be caught on if you made a hurried decision. For example, you got a very cheap offer from a freelance Magento developer from India (just $15/working hour, and just $1,500 for the whole Magento development project). Being afraid of losing this attractive deal, you instantly signed the contract with the developer without considering options. Consequently, your project was poorly done or in some worse cases, the developer can even disappear with your money.

2. Be unclear about extra costs or hidden costs

It’s crucial to figure out all of the costs to carry out your project – before, during and after the development process. Many times, the proposals of the Magento developers just cover some parts and then, they will ask the store owner for extra payment later. Due to that, if you don’t have enough reserve fund in this case, it would be a big trouble. To help you with this, let’s have a look at the following common cost checklist:
  • Platform acquisition (it’s free for using Magento Open Source but a huge yearly cost for Magento Commerce)
  • Consultation & quote (at Tigren, we offer it at no cost, but many other Magento agencies will charge a high cost for that).
  • Magento new site setup
  • Domain & hosting
  • Magento themes or custom website design
  • Logo & banners design
  • Product images editing
  • Magento plugin installation & customization
  • Custom function development
  • Payment gateways (fixed & variable cost)
  • Third-party software integration
  • Magento version or extensions’ regular updates
  • Product import & updates
  • Site configuration (emails, language, currency, tax, shipping, CMS pages,…)
  • Magento training and user guides (for new Magento store owner)
  • After-service support (Tigren provides you with 3 months of free support after moving your site to live environment)
If you don’t find any of the above elements on the developers’ offer, you should either ask the developers to add it to the proposal or clarify how much you might be charged later on. Apart from it, you had better discuss with the developers about extra costs when you have new requirements or want to make some changes compared to your initial plan and agreement.

3. Be vague about the Magento development process

Firstly, at least you need to know which server your development site is built on. In general, the Magento developers will create a development site on their server, and only moving it to the live site (on your selected server) when you are satisfied with the results. Secondly, you must be given access to the development site to be involved in the development process with the roles of a supervisor and a follower. On the one hand, you are responsible to provide the developers with all needed materials (e.g.: themes, plugins, logo, favicon, banners, product CSV file, and so on) when required. On the other hand, you have to follow the work progress of the developers and notify them when the project is not on the right track. Also, there might be some unexpected issues on the actual development process that both you and the coders did not figure out before. Therefore, you will need to be present to discuss and find quick solutions with your partners.

4. Be unsure about project estimated time and schedule

All of the professional Magento development companies will give you the specific estimated time for each task/ solution in your project. If the Magento companies or the developers only give you a number (e.g.: $5,000 to implement all of your requirement), you had better change your mind and find another trusted partner. magento development company netherlandsFor the schedule (including the exact start and end time of your project, milestones, and deadlines), it’s up to the agency to give you before or after reaching project agreement. However, it is a must to have a comprehensive project schedule so you can follow and supervise the work of the developers more effectively.

5. Sign a “loose” contract

Although your chosen partner is a reputable Magento development company in Netherland, you still need to review the proposed contract carefully before giving your signature on it. A standard website agreement must include validation dates, specific project scope, payment terms, termination, liabilities of both sides, etc. magento developers amsterdam


Hope that with our 10 “Do” and “Don’t” you can find your targeted Magento developers in Netherlands with ease. With over 6 years of experience in Magento development, Tigren might also become your perfect partner. We are committed to delivering your project at its highest quality, transparent process, 3 months of free after-service support, with an affordable price. Contact us now to get a free detailed quote for your upcoming project. best magento company netherlands [ratings] Read More:

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