Priceless Advice For Hiring Magento Development Agencies In New Zealand

magento development agencies in new zealand

Magento has always been a top choice of Kiwi entrepreneurs when it comes to e-commerce platforms. However, selecting the right platform is not enough to develop a great “online face” for their businesses. In other words, they will have to hire the right Magento development agencies in New Zealand to turn their ideas into specific plans and perfect execution. In this blog post, we will show you some useful tips and advice to find your ideal partners.

1. Equip Yourself With Essential Knowledge First & Foremost

It’s very common that after having an idea/ intent of starting an online business, the owner will immediately look for a Magento development company to build their website. Then, the owner is asked to provide the project requirements in detail, they will either not totally understand questions from the agency or give vague answers.

Hence, before contacting Magento development agencies in New Zealand, you had better do your own research about website development in general, how to develop a website on Magento, how much does it cost to build a Magento store, Magento web development process, and so on. Besides, you should understand the following basic terms and concepts:

magento agencies new zealand

Web Design vs Web Development: Although “web design” and “web development” often go together, they are very different.

  • Web design: This is the process of creating the layout, visual appearance, and usability of a website, using various programs and tools in order to achieve the intended look, such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Flare, Squoosh, and so on. The person who will take care of your web design is a “web designer”. After completing the design, the designer often saves it as images or PSD files for you to review.
  • Web development: This is the process of building an actual website based on your graphic design. It includes front-end development – creating everything you see on the storefront by using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and back-end development – developing all functionalities on the site. These processes will be implemented by front-end developers, back-end developers, or full-stack developers (who can handle all of the work).

It’s worth noting that some Magento development companies in New Zealand can provide both website design and development services, while others might focus only on web development. In case that your selected agency does not specialize in web design, you will need to hire a designer.

Freelance Magento Developer vs Magento Agency: You must decide whether to hire Magento developers who work as freelancers or hire a Magento web development company to take on your project. Each of these options will have certain pros and cons:

magento web development new zealand
  • Freelance Magento developer: One of the biggest benefits when hiring freelance Magento developers is a highly competitive cost. For example, if you hire Magento development agencies in New Zealand, they will charge you from $70-120 per working hour. Meanwhile, you will have to pay only $40-60/hour to have your work done by the freelancers. On the other hand, you might face some potential risks when hiring freelance developers such as lengthened development process, poor quality, unprofessional communication, and so on. To overcome those threats, it takes time to select the freelancers very carefully (from trusted sources) before signing a contract.
  • Magento development company: It would be definitely easier to find a reputable Magento development company in New Zealand than a reliable freelance Magento developer. There is no difficulty to get feedback and reviews from previous customers of the agency, viewing its portfolio (often posted on the website), or visiting its office to build trust. Apart from it, your project might be implemented by a professional team including front-end developer, back-end developer, tester, designer, project manager, technical manager, project coordinator, etc. The only disadvantage of hiring Magento agencies, compared to hiring freelancers, is the higher cost.

Depending on your budget and how complex your project is that you can choose to work with freelancers or Magento website design and development companies.

Magento Default Theme & Features vs Magento Ready-made Themes & Extensions:

  • Magento default theme & features: Magento has become one of the top platforms in the world thanks to its powerful e-commerce functionalities. By default, Magento provides us with a responsive theme, effective products/ catalogs/ customers/ orders management, useful SEO and marketing tools, smooth checkout, etc.
magento development new zealand
  • Magento ready-made themes & extensions: To build a new site, you cannot use the default theme (it’s just a basic demo) but create a unique design based on it or apply a Magento ready-made theme to your store. Besides, although Magento creates a solid foundation for your website with a lot of useful features, there are some unique needs that might not be fulfilled. That’s why you should install some third-party Magento extensions or develop custom functions.

Magento Website Development Process

  • Development site setup: After reaching an agreement on project specifications and timeline, your developers will create a development site (mostly on their server). Then, they will implement all design and function requirements on this site. It’s worth noting that the dev site will not be public, only people who are granted permissions can access it.
  • User acceptance testing (UAT): When the developers complete their work as on the plan, they will notify you for testing throughout the site. After that, you can give some feedback and make some changes to the site if necessary.
  • Launching: Once all feedback is handled, and the site is ready, the developers will move the whole database from the development site to the live site (production mode). You can still maintain both the live and dev sites for later testing purposes.

Domain name & Web hosting

  • Domain name: This is the address of your website that your customers type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website.
  • Web hosting: This is the place where all the files of your website live. All of the websites on the Internet need web hosting.

2. Create Detailed Project Requirements Before Approaching Magento Companies

Many merchants rush to approach Magento Development Agencies In New Zealand even when they haven’t had a clear list of website design and development requirements.

As a result, it will take significant time for the Magento development companies to understand all of the needs of the owners. In some cases, the agencies believe that the owners are not serious about the project and can deny giving a quote.

nz magento developers

To prepare a comprehensive requirement list, you should mention:

  • Products (kind of products, quantity)
  • Website platform and version (e.g.: Magento 2.3.1)
  • Website design (if you want to use a theme, show your chosen theme; if you want to create a unique design, describe it or give some reference sites)
  • Website function (besides Magento default functions, which one do you want to add?)
  • Website domain & hosting
  • Others (payment gateways, shipping carriers, languages, currencies)
  • Expectations (time, cost, after-service support, access, reports,…)

3. Combine Multiple Sources To Look For Your Magento Agency

There are a lot of useful sources for you to look for your ideal Magento development agencies in New Zealand. For example:

  • Magento certification directory (filtering developers from Auckland/ Christchurch/ Ranui/ Mt Albert/ Canterbury/ East Tamaki/ New Zealand)
  • Popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo,,,…)
  • Prevalent social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,…)
  • Company listing (Clutch, Itfirms, Crunchbase,…)
  • Magento events (Magento Imagine, Magento Live, Meet Magento,…)
  • Your own networking

Besides, you can find a good Magento agency by looking for your favorite Magento e-commerce websites first, contacting the stores, and asking them to share the names of their web builders.

4. Contact At Least 3 Magento Development Agencies In New Zealand For Comparison

magento web design new zealand

It would be a big mistake if you contacted only one Magento development company and immediately selected them as your partner. There might be many better choices out there that you ignore.

Therefore, you had better get in touch with 3 or more Magento development agencies in New Zealand and make a comparison among them in terms of experience, portfolio, professionalism, proposal, cost, after-service support, communication, and so on.

Sometimes, in spite of offering the same e-commerce solutions and having the same quality of coders, Magento firms can offer very different quotes. If you get only one offer, it would be difficult to know whether it’s good or not without comparing it with the others.

5. Consider Hiring Magento Outsourcing Companies For Modest Budgets

In fact, most of the Magento development agencies in New Zealand will charge you a high cost for website design and development (at least $10,000 for a basic store). For startups or small e-commerce stores with a limited budget, this might not be a good start.

In this case, hiring offshore Magento development companies in other countries (e.g: Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine, India…) could be a perfect alternative. As you might know, IT human resource in those regions is huge with a cheap labor cost. For instance, the average hourly rate of Magento developers in New Zealand is from $50-80 while that of Magento coders in Vietnam is just $20-30.

magento development company new zealand

Tigren is one of the most experienced Magento web development companies in Asia, who can help you to build amazing Magento websites at an affordable price. Especially, we can provide you with:

  • Free consultation
  • Free quote for your project
  • Free theme and extensions at Tigren store
  • Free 6-12 months of free after-service support
  • Free training and user guide

Find more about our Magento development services here.

6. Search For “Magento Agency” Instead Of “Web Development Companies”

Another tip for you when searching for Magento development companies is typing keywords including “Magento” on the search engines instead of the general keywords.

  • Recommended: NZ Magento agency, Magento development company in New Zealand, Magento web development company, Magento development firms, Magento website design and development company, offshore Magento development companies, Magento outsourcing companies,…
  • Not recommended: web development company, web design company, eCommerce website development company, web design agency,…

There are some reasons for that. Firstly, if you decided to use Magento due to its powerful features, you had better find Magento agencies only. Secondly,  some web design and development companies provide services on a wide range of e-commerce platforms included Magento but you should select the agency that Magento is their major.

7. Which Is The Best Magento Development Agency In New Zealand?

magento new zealand

It would be never ended if you look for “the best” Magento development agencies in New Zealand. There are a lot of criteria for deciding who is the top Magento agency, and each person has a different set of criteria.

Therefore, you should only find “the most suitable” Magento development company for project requirements and budget instead of looking for “the best”.

With over 10 years of delivering Magento e-commerce services, the Tigren team will never make you disappointed. Contact us now to get a free estimate for your project.


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