7 Common Magento Development Mistakes Developers Must Know

Magento development mistakes

If you’re a developer working with Magento, it’s essential to be aware of some common development mistakes that could lead to instability and even lost sales. A simple error can result in performance bottlenecks, and problems with the performance of the code can have a dire immediate effect on the company’s operations.

In this post, we’ll outline seven of the most common Magento development mistakes and why Magento developers frequently make these mistakes. So if you want to keep your business running smoothly and keep your customers happy, make sure you’re aware of these!

Brief View Of Magento Development

One of the most well-liked eCommerce platforms available is Magento and for good reason. It is adaptable, simple to use, and loaded with tools that will help your store succeed. A qualified worker with expertise in creating and maintaining online stores using the Magento platform is known as a Magento developer.

This well-known e-commerce platform enables companies of all sizes to design unique web pages and sell goods via an intuitive user interface. It has features like flexibility, usability, and smart functionality that particularly appeal to retailers. Additionally, Magento is highly suited for conducting business in the digital realm because it was created specifically for online retailers.

Magento development

There are a few Magento facts, nevertheless, that not everyone is aware of. It has had countless updates since its first release in 2007 under various names. The Magento version and the Magento 2 version are the two primary versions of Magento that exist today. Moreover, there is a wide range of tools and new features which make it easier for Magento developers to make mistakes when working with such a platform.

7 Common Mistakes Every Magento Developer Should Avoid

There are a few common mistakes that Magento developers often make, and they should avoid them if they want their project to go smoothly. Here are the seven most common ones:

1. Multiple loads of the same model

One of the most common Magento development mistakes is loading the same model multiple times. This can cause problems with performance and, in some cases, even data loss.

When you’re working on a Magento project, it’s important to make sure that you only load the models that you need. This means that you should only load the models that are required for your particular page or section of your website. If you need to load a model more than once, then you can create a separate file for that model and include it in each instance where you need it.

loading the same model

Loading the same model multiple times can also lead to problems with performance because it causes Magento to have to repeat certain processes over and over again. This can slow down your website and affect its overall speed. Additionally, if there’s a problem with one of the loaded models, then this will affect all of them. Finally, data loss can occur if something goes wrong while Magento is loading the models – in this case, it might be necessary to start from scratch and rebuild everything from scratch.

2. Irregular backups

One of the most common Magento development mistakes is making backups irregularly. By doing this, you’re placing your entire website at risk if anything goes wrong.

It’s essential that you make regular backups of your Magento files so that you can restore them in case of a problem. You should also make sure to keep these backups up-to-date so that they include the latest changes and updates to your code. If there are any problems with your site, you can always restore your backup and start from there.

3. Modifying the core files of Magento

One more common mistake is modifying Magento Core files without first checking if they’re actually necessary. This can lead to instability and problems with your website. If you do need to modify a Core file, make sure to save it as a .mag file so that your changes will be applied automatically when you reload the page.

modify the core file

Typically, developers are given a limited amount of time to create or modify a Magento store. Few developers seek to alter Magento core files as a quick fix for customer customization needs because of this. The e-commerce website will suffer long-term consequences of this type of patchwork development because it will obstruct future Magento updates.

4. SQL queries inside a loop

One of the most computationally expensive operations is the execution of a SQL query. A performance bottleneck will almost certainly emerge from repeatedly running a SQL query. Magento models are frequently loaded repeatedly by developers.

An entity attribute value (EAV) model must be loaded by running multiple complex queries. We end up with incredibly slow and inefficient code when the number of products is multiplied by the number of executed searches.

To avoid this problem, a Magento data collection can help to load a set of models very quickly instead of loading products in a loop.

5. Utilization of redundant data sets

By using the $collection->getFirstItem() method or returning the first item on the first iteration of the loop, collections are frequently used to obtain just one item. Inexperienced Magento developers frequently fail to apply a limitation to the query results of the collection.

It might not be immediately clear that the $collection->getFirstItem() method limits the result to a particular element and does not alter the query results returned by the collection.

To define the restriction and offset, use the $collection->setPageSize() and $collection->setCurPage() methods, respectively, or change the collection query directly:

6. Not individualized the shopping experience

Making the shopping experience more unique for each customer is essential for increasing sales. You may personalize your buying experience with Magento using a number of its features. However, a lot of shops don’t use these features, which means that sales chances are lost.

individualize shopping

Retailers may choose not to tailor the shopping experience for a few reasons. For instance, some retailers worry that this may drive up their costs excessively. Some people might not understand how to use these features properly or may believe that they are overly complex. However, by utilizing Magento’s personalization features, you may increase sales and boost client retention rates.

7. Wrong Magento installation updates

One of the most common mistakes that developers make is installing Magento incorrectly. This can lead to problems with the software, such as incorrect installation updates or conflicts with other applications.

Make sure you have the latest Magento installation updates installed before you start working on your project, and make sure you keep them up to date. This will ensure that your software is fully optimized and ready for use. If there are any errors or issues with your installation, be sure to consult a Magento expert for help.


1. Should businesses hire a Magento development company to avoid undesirable mistakes?

Yes, businesses should definitely hire a Magento development company to avoid undesirable mistakes. Mistakes during Magento development can have serious consequences for a business, both in the short and long run.

However, before hiring a Magento development company, you have to consider carefully your budget and the reputation of the company you choose. If the company commits that they won’t make any mistakes and develop your website effectively, then you should think about hiring them.

2. Which tools could help solve the Magento mistakes?

There are a number of tools that can help you to solve Magento mistakes. One such tool is Adobe Site Catalyst, which helps eCommerce professionals design and manage their websites. It provides access to advanced features like SEO, SEM, A/B testing, and data tracking so that you can make informed decisions about your site’s content and optimization strategies.

3. Which is the best company for Magento development services?

When it comes to Magento development services, there are a number of companies that you can choose from. However, if you’re looking for the best company, then you ought to consider outsourcing your project to an experienced Magento developer. By doing so, you’ll get access to high-quality code and software design that is guaranteed to meet your requirements.

We are proud to say that Tigren is one such trustworthy company and has years of experience in developing tailor-made Magento solutions for our clients. With more than 10 years of working in this field and qualified staff, we always try our best to give the best Magento solution to every project. So that you don’t need to worry about making Magento mistakes when choosing us to develop and maintain your online store.


Wrap Up

Obviously, losing time and money on bad Magento development mistakes can cost you a ton and cause your business many troubles. Having the right team of Magento developers can help you save time and money by avoiding such mistakes.

In case, you’re not happy with the services provided by any company yet, then head straight to us! We offer all-around Magento development services that ensure your site gets launched in no time. All you need to do is just call us and tell us what kind of website you want to create!