[RELEASE] Event Calendar Plugin for Magento 2 – The Best Tool For Ticket Selling

magento event calendar plugin

This month, Tigren has released a very special extension – the Magento Event Calendar Plugin. The thing that makes it different from other extensions at Tigren Store is that it is not for selling normal online products but event tickets.

In other words, this events extension provides Magento store owners with a comprehensive tool for event management, from creating events, selling tickets to managing participants.

Here are some of its outstanding features:

  • Creating a new event just in a few minutes:

To create an event, the admin needs to add general event information, organizer information, choose the category and create an associated product (if it is a paid event). The interesting thing is that you can select the color presented for each event to display in the event calendar. We suggest you choose hot colors such as red, yellow and orange for more important events.

magento event calendar plugin
  • Show all events in a colorful calendar and upcoming events in the sidebar

Since this is a calendar, the customers can see all current events on a month/ week/ day or move to the previous/ next month to see what they missed or what is going to happen. Above the calendar, there is a convenient search bar allowing the viewers to easily find out their favorite events.

Another thing is that when the shoppers hover on each event, it will show an event image with a reduced description.

magento event calendar plugin
  • Display events nicely in the grid mode:

Besides the Calendar mode, the Grid mode might be favored by those who like simplicity and want to get the information quickly. On the back-end, the admin can choose which viewing mode is the default.

magento events extension
  • Show full event information on the Event Details Page:

All of the event information is presented nicely on the Event Details Page, which includes time, location, number of participants, registration deadline price, description, and organizer information.

magento 2 event calendar event page
  • Easy to register for Free events or buy tickets for Paid events:

To join a free event, what the customers have to do is fill in some basic information on the Event Registration form. On the other hand, they have to buy tickets event go to the checkout as normal products in the online store.

  • Allow customers to like, share on their social networks and send emails to invite friends to join the events

The buyers freely share their favorite events via their social network accounts (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter). Moreover, they can send an invitation email to friends by clicking on the “Invite Friends” button on the Event Details Page.

  • Send confirmation email to the event participants automatically

For a normal product, you have to send an order confirmation email to the customer when an order image. Similarly, you should send an email to ticket buyers to confirm the ticket and essential event information. The Magento Event Calendar Plugin allows you to customize the ticket confirmation email easily and send it automatically to all event participants.