Magento For Small Business: Why They Are The Perfect Pair

magento for small business

Choosing the right platform is highly critical, especially for small e-commerce businesses. They need a platform that’s not expensive yet still reliable and powerful enough. Magento is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce, so many merchants wonder if they should go for it. This blog post will explain why it’s possible to use Magento for small business.

What Is Magento? 

Magento is a PHP-enabled e-commerce platform. It comes into 2 editions – Open Source and Commerce.

Magento has become one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms through the years. Thousands of businesses from small to big sizes use Magento, including Nike, Samsung, Jaguar, Ford, etc.

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Magento For Small Business: Why They Are The Perfect Pair

Because it’s used by many well-known brands, many think it’s expensive to use Magento. It’s actually the contrary!

Let’s discover why Magento is an ideal platform for small businesses.

Magento Open Source

One of the biggest hurdles of small businesses for web development is the budget. That is why choosing a cost-effective platform is essential for their website.

As mentioned, Magento offers both a free and a paid edition. Thus, businesses can download and use the Magento Open Source edition to operate their online stores.

Being free doesn’t mean it lacks features. The Magento Open Source offers plenty of features that help growing businesses. Most of the small business requirements can be covered with built-in features.

Moreover, almost every part of the platform can be customized to best fit one’s business. And this isn’t something that any platform would allow. Usually, the customization extent is limited.

As a result, Magento may be the best option for small businesses to build a cost-effective and feature-rich website.

Available features of Magento for small businesses to build a monumental site

Apart from financial limitations, small businesses also have technical difficulties. Fortunately, Magento already has enough features that a small business usually uses:

  • Catalog management
  • Catalog browsing
  • Product browsing
  • Site management
  • Order management
  • Checkout, Payment, and Shipping
  • Customer Accounts
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing, Promotions, and Conversion Tools
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Mobile optimized shopping

As you can see, Magento’s basic features are sufficient to build a complete website without spending more money to develop it. 

Affordable extensions and web design of Magento for small business

  • Web functions

If owners need more features for their Magento sites, there are thousands of extensions to meet the demand.

The average price of each extension ranges from $60 to $200. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for costly custom development.

If there are no existing extensions, store owners need to develop custom functions. The cost for this option is based on the complexity of the extension.

  • Web design

Theme selection is crucial since it influences the store’s frontend design. Magento ready-made themes are available at a cost ranging from $0-$180, which are pretty affordable.

Third-party integrations of Magento for small businesses at no cost

Magento provides sufficient features to run an e-commerce site with its built-in features and crucial third-party integrations. Magento doesn’t have a payment gateway of its own or a logistic system. Still, there’s no need for that when it already includes some of the most potent integrations for businesses.

This platform provides such third-party integrations, including:

  • Payment: PayPal and Braintree
  • Shipping: USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx
  • Email: Mailchimp

SEO friendly

Magento has several SEO features, including:

  • Search friendly URLs
  • Sitemaps
  • Layered navigation
  • Product Title
  • Keywords
  • Meta tags
  • Meta descriptions

These features cover SEO basics, giving new owners a good head start. And as time passes, when the owner requires more SEO effort, they can purchase extensions to boost their SERP ranking.

Community of professionals

The Magento community has a large forum that includes certified Magento developers from all around the world.

In fact, this is one of the most active communities. While businesses that use Magento Open Source aren’t eligible for direct support, they have a strong community to turn to. These Magento experts and users are enthusiastic about helping if you have questions about the platform.

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Which Company Provides The Best Magento Web Development Service?

Above are the basics about Magento and how it fits small businesses.

As you can see, you may build up your website on your own. However, to get an optimized Magento site, it’s recommended to let the experts handle it. You may look for a quality Magento web development provider to ensure your site is in good hands. Quality, cost, and delivery time are the criteria for such a provider.

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Wrapping Up

Choosing a suitable platform for your website is vital for the growth of your business. Regarding small businesses, budget and technological skills are their limitations. Therefore, the Magento platform is the best solution for them. Hopefully, this article can help you to understand the benefits of Magento for small business. Besides, you have found some information to select a trustworthy provider for your website development.