Massive Cost Savings Thanks To Magento Progressive Web App Development

Magento Progressive Web App Development Cost Savings

Many companies spend a large amount of money trying to please their customers and develop their online businesses in this 4.0 era. To do that, the Progressive Web App – one of the most promising technologies for online businesses – has become the first solution to come to their mind due to its irresistible features. That’s why lots of Magento merchants decided to transform their site into a PWA. However, they are only concerned about “how much Magento Progressive Web App development costs” but don’t know that it also helps them to save a lot of money after the upgrade.

If you have a Magento site and want to economize for your business, changing it to a Magento PWA will be a smart move. Wonder why? Let’s find out now! 

1. Cut Down Customer Acquisition Cost

How Much Does a Magento Progressive Web App costs

Normally, a company has to spend a lot of money on finding potential customers and persuading them to buy their products or purchase their services.

It’s not a simple process since it takes a lot of effort and hard work to convince customers to buy something. But thanks to PWA’s features, online businesses can put aside lots of money.

The power of the URL

As we can see, today people have a tendency to use their phones to search for something instead of using their computers. This means that mobile phones have had more traffic than computers recently.

A Magento PWA is basically a website but it looks and acts like a native app, which means it can be found easily when you search it on the Internet.

It combines the best of both native apps and websites to offer a great mobile experience while keeping all the benefits of the URL – the one thing that makes websites good at acquiring new visitors.

In other words, a PWA is much better at reaching new customers than a native app because it can be indexed and ranked by Google while a native app can’t.

Besides, thanks to the URL of PWA, merchants can promote their PWAs on social media to broadcast their content and target potential customers. When you link your apps on social media, people who are interested will click on them to check them out.

While a native app often requires extra steps for users by making them go through the app store, a PWA is easily accessed through a single URL. PWAs help your potential customers avoid all of the complicated and time-consuming steps and send them directly to the apps. This will increase the chance that more traffic will be driven to your apps.

With the powerful PWA’s URL, you can easily incorporate it into any of your Digital marketing channels, campaign, or ad format you can think of such as Google ads and Facebook Ads.

The flawless user experience that comes with higher conversions

After users visit your Magento PWA, they will continue to browse for products and things that they like. However, Google researches show that more than 70% of people who shop on their mobile phones end up not finishing their purchases due to a frustrating and difficult mobile experience. However, PWA can help you solve this problem by improving the user experience with the features below.

1. Add To Home Screen

When users visit a PWA on their phones, they can quickly download it into their phones with one click thanks to PWA add to home screen feature. Then, they can open the app by clicking on the icon on their home screens and use it just like a normal mobile app.

2. Fast loading speed

PWA loads instantly the moment you click on it, resulting in an effortless shopping experience. Research shows that the faster the loading speed is, the more likely users are going to make a purchase.

3. Smooth navigation and scroll

All the scrolling fatigue on mobile phones will be gotten rid of by PWA’s user-friendly navigation. Users can navigate through pages and categories smoothly to find the products they easily want even if your online stores have thousands of products.

4. Offline mode

Users can still use PWA with a flaky internet connection or even when there is no internet at all on repeated visits thanks to the cached data. This function is called PWA offline mode.

5. Splash Screen

While waiting for the websites to load, PWAs will show the brand’s logo or slogan for users to watch instead of just a blank page. This is extremely helpful to prevent customers leave your sites and keep them engaged when the internet connection is poor or flaky.

6. Quick and easy checkout process

If you have a time-consuming and inconvenient checkout process, it is likely that customers will drop their carts. With Magento Progressive Web App, you can provide immensely fast checkouts. This makes a great contribution to reducing cart abandonment, which will result in boosting your website conversions.

With all the unique features of PWA that help improve the user experience when shopping online on your store, there are more chances that customers will make a purchase from your site and increase your conversions. Using Magento Progressive Web App is a win-win for both online businesses and their customers.

It can be said that discoverability is no longer a problem with Magento PWA. PWAs help your business impress mobile users without running out of budget. Compared to a native app, user acquisition over the PWA is much cheaper and more effective.

Moreover, enhancing outreach means that more customers know about your business and your products, leading to an increase in the sales rate. Thus, implementing PWA into your Magento website can help you save a great deal of money which can be used for other purposes.

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2. Spend Less On Customer Retention Cost

Progressive Web App Development Cost

In fact, when users shop online, they are often loyal to the experiences they get, not the brand itself. Nowadays, it is not just about having a great product or service anymore, it’s about the shopping experience your business offer.

Every time they decide to buy something from a brand or a business, they expect a great user and shopping experience. If your app or website is slow and cannot satisfy their needs, they will immediately switch to other apps or sites. This results in the loss of a potential customer to your competitor who has a more polished experience.

The good news is that a Magento Progressive Web App contains everything you need for your business. It has many features that can impress customers and improve users’ experience such as the “add to home screen” function, offline mode, push notifications, etc.

Unlike a native app, a Magento PWA needs minimum storage space to occupy, meaning users don’t need to delete anything on their phones to download a PWA.

Combined with the “add to home screen” function, a PWA encourages customers to download the app to their phones and experience it. Users can access it easily whenever they want by tapping on the app’s icon on their home screen.

Magento PWA also delivers a fast and responsive shopping experience with the fast loading speed and smooth navigation, which can increase the chance a potential customer will become a loyal customer of your business.

Push notifications

Another unique feature of Magento PWA over a normal Magento website is PWA push notifications, which are long-known for being exclusive to only native apps. In fact, push notifications are one of the most powerful benefits of a Magento Progressive Web App.

By sending relevant content and updates to users, Push notifications can help you reengage your customers. They are also a great way to increase conversion rates when you deliver the right message at the right time.

Another big benefit of push notifications is increasing your brand awareness. Push notifications help inform users of important sales events or deals that they may not want to miss. This will remind old customers of your brand or business and help you keep in touch with them effectively.

In general, all the existing features of the Magento Progressive Web App can help you get your old customers’ loyalty without having to spend money on customer retention. In other words, a Magento PWA helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

As you can see, with a rational Magento Progressive Web App development cost, you can save many other types of business development costs.

3. Save A Lot Of Money On Google Ads

How Much Does a Progressive Web App Cost on Magento

To stay on top of the game, businesses have to spend a lot of money on marketing and particularly on Google ads to keep them stay ahead. However, search engine optimization (SEO) is not an easy task to tackle.

Fortunately, Magento Progressive Web App is well-known for being great for SEO and it can be easily discovered through a simple web search because PWA can be indexed just like other normal websites.

That’s the reason why so many businesses nowadays are interested in implementing PWA into their Magento sites. Plus, a Magento PWA has a lightning-loading speed and better user experience than a traditional website. This is a plus point for PWA since the search engines reward websites with a smooth and fast speed and great user satisfaction.

By making your user experience better than your competitors on the market, PWAs improve your organic search profile. Therefore, there is no need to spend a lot of money on Google Ads when you have Magento PWA.

4. Say No With SMS/ Email Marketing Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Build a PWA for Magento

Magento Progressive Web App development cost savings are also related to marketing cost reduction.

E-commerce businesses need to use a variety of marketing strategies to up their game, two of the marketing strategies they usually use are SMS and Email Marketing.

SMS and email marketing costs do help a business, but it is not really effective and worth the investment. Commercial email tends to go to the spam not many users read their spam emails. Meanwhile, with SMS Marketing, normally, your content will be limited to just less than 100 characters. Besides, if you send your SMS too frequently, you will run the risk of being ignored. With all the cost that you spend on these marketing strategies, the result that you get does not scream “worth it”.

A Magento Progressive Web App can solve this problem.

You do not have to spend a single penny on SMS or Email Marketing but you can still receive the same or even better results with PWA. PWA’s push notifications can remind customers of your business and keep them updated with your new products, sales season, or special discounts.

In addition, PWA can cater to more users, reach a wider audience, and create a direct interaction with users, which is the exact result you get in the first place when you opt for using SMS or Email marketing. For this reason, you can say goodbye to SMS/ Email Marketing costs when running a Magento PWA.

5. Require Lower Development Cost Than Native Apps

magento pwa benefits

Building a Progressive Web App is much more affordable and effective than developing a native app for the benefits that come with it. In terms of native apps, a business has to build a version on each platform.

In other words, you have to build at least two versions of a native app for your business, one for iOS devices and one for Android devices. Building two versions of the app also comes with the resources needed to maintain and update the apps. Depending on the complexity and the function of the app, this can cost you a large amount of money and take a lot of your time and effort.

Magento PWA is easier to build and is compatible with any platform, which means you only need to build one version of the app and it will run everywhere.

Besides, it is not necessary to build an app from scratch if you have already run a Magento website. There are tools to help you integrate your Magento sites with PWA. Also, you can take advantage of Magento PWA ready-to-use themes to convert your Magento site into a PWA online store, which is the solution that many businesses are using at the moment. In this way, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort in building your Magento PWA. In addition, it is easy to find many Magento 2 PWA themes at a reasonable price.

Apart from that, it is quite easy to maintain and update a Magento PWA. A huge benefit of PWA when updating is that it will be much faster for merchants to update their apps when they only have to update a single source code. Besides, they don’t have to wait for the approval of app stores to release their app updated version. Overall, you can save a lot of time and money spent on building, maintaining, and updating the Magento PWA compared to that of a native app. In other words, the Magento Progressive Web App development cost is much more reasonable than the native app development.

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Is Magento Progressive Web App Development Cost Worth It?

benefits of magento pwa

Magento PWA development may be the key to the success of your business. E-commerce websites can save a lot of money spending on Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, and Marketing thanks to PWA in Magento.

Anyone can know the countless benefits of PWA for Magento, but only those who take action can really benefit from it. On one hand, the Magento Progressive Web App development cost is affordable. On the other hand, your PWA will help you cut down a lot of money when running your online business.

Let’s start with Tigren’s ready-to-use Progressive Web App themes and transform your site into a powerful Magento PWA!