Forecasting Magento Progressive Web App Future In 2023 And Beyond

magento progressive web app future

One of the leading-edge web app technologies, Progressive Web App (PWA) is a huge buzz recently and receives significant interest regarding its potential. And Magento is one of the first and largest eCommerce communities that adopt this modern technology. To help Magento web owners decide whether or not to integrate PWAs into their sites, we’ve composed this concise article forecasting Magento Progressive Web App future and prospects.

What Made Magento PWA So Popular?

How Magento PWA Technologies Surpass Native App

progressive web app future

Since its first appearance in 2007, native apps have redefined the concept of engaging user experience. This continued until 2015 when Google introduced PWA.

To be clear, PWAs are still websites. Yet, it has powerful features which are used to be native apps only. What’s more exciting, PWAs can overcome many users’ concerns when using apps. 

To End-users

End-users can have a more enjoyable experience with PWA’s app imitation. It is fast, responsive, and installable. They can click to add a PWA to their home screen instantly without opening app stores.

Plus, they don’t have to worry about the device’s storage and the updates that app developers constantly require. PWA is always up-to-date, users just need to refresh the site, and voila!

To Business Owners

PWAs work across browsers efficiently. Business owners can build one PWA that works for any device and save their budget.

PWA is designed efficiently for re-engagement. Brands can send effective reminders, make deeper connections, increase conversion rates, and attract many more prospects with push notifications.

How Magento PWA Surpasses Regular Magento Websites

Speed Optimisation

Magento Progressive Web App can easily exceed regular Magento websites in speed performance with the same content size. The secret lies in the core of PWA techniques, Service Worker, which pre-cache all contents from previous touchpoints.

PWA is already fast at its first-page load, but it’s even more impressive that everything would appear instantly from the second click onwards.

SEO Improvements

PWA is prominently known for its swift, smooth and spry interaction between users and each element on the site. These features all contribute to satisfying involvement whenever users come to the site.

Greater site experience, greater time-on-site rate, and greater security will lead to a greater site return rate and credibility for search engines’ ranking. And ultimately helping Magento PWA websites receive higher visibility and chances to show up on the top result page.

magento pwa future

3 Factors That Will Drive The Demand For Magento PWA In 2023

Praises From The Techy Gurus

It’s all starting because Google made the voice. They promote and convince web developers and experts about the power of PWA.

Once the techy experts are on the board, they help further promote the adoption of PWA to the world, especially e-commerce.

PWA Adoption From The Big Names

Leading brands have trusted PWA to enhance their site performance to serve the customers better. Pinterest, Flipboard, Twitter Lite, and Starbucks,… just to name a few.

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And these brands claim how successful their PWA projects are with the remarkable number of traffic and sales. Thus, other businesses will soon follow to get similar positive results.

A New Trend In E-commerce

E-commerce businesses are actively looking for new technologies to stay in the game as the market is becoming extremely competitive.

Because many online business owners take an innovative step and convert their sites into PWA, others will soon follow, thus generating a tendency for PWA adoption in 2022 and beyond.

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Forecasting Magento Progressive Web App Future In The Long-term

Dominate The E-commerce World

All the features of PWA are just the match made in heaven for e-commerce businesses. PWA has proven its ability to help numerous e-commerce businesses thrive during the pandemic when shopping online is the shining star.

Also, many large e-commerce companies or corporates have chosen PWA for their sites. This is one of the biggest approval of the e-commerce world for the PWA functionalities. 

Reduce The Growth Of Native Apps

Gartner Research implied high possibilities of the PWA replacement with native apps in their report. Google continued to release their PWA for Chromebooks on Google Play.

The positive impact of PWA is then further confirmed by the collaboration of Microsoft and Google, to increase the number of PWA development. They aim to create advanced privileges for the future of PWA. From here, you can see the ambition of Google in leveraging the standard of PWA.

Become The Standard Of Magento Web Development

Once visitors get so used to Progressive Web Apps, their standard for web performance and user experience will rise.

They will expect every web to be as powerful as PWAs. This means that in the future, responsive, fast-loading and can work offline are the standards for websites.

Then every web owner should advance their current Magento website into a PWA web if they want to retain visitors and increase the site traffic, or else visitors will gradually bounce from their site. This is when PWA become the new standard for the web development industry.

Be The Early Adopter Of Magento Progressive Web App

If you notice, Magento’s increasingly attracting their users to pay more attention to PWA, along with the effort to update PWA Studio constantly.

So when Magento further promotes the merits of PWA, more and more merchants will know of PWA’s exclusivity and convert their site into a Magento PWA.

Therefore, whoever well prepares their resources and strategies to embrace innovation, and quickly and effectively adopts the latest trend can take the lead in the game.


New technology adoption can bring businesses massive advantages along the way. While some can doubt the worthiness of PWA, many others have secured a seat in the next competitive game for the e-commerce market with PWA.

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