Most Popular Magento Integrations And Their Benefits

magento integrations and extensions

Magento is famous for its high scalability for e-commerce. But only a powerful e-commerce platform isn’t enough. To support your site, you may integrate third-party extensions. Wanna know about popular Magento integrations and the reason behind their credibility? Keep scrolling.

Most-prefered Magento Integrations

Payment Gateway

Secured payment gateways are compulsory for online stores. A payment gateway acts as the middleman between your website and customer, directing the validated payment to the payment processor to ensure the money is transferred to your account.

Regarding payment methods, data shows that eWallets are preferred by 36%, credit cards take 23%, and 12% choose debit cards. If you have done online shopping, you must notice 2 kinds of payment integrations:

  • Direct: Customers make online transactions on your site’s server. In other words, the Magento store itself manages the process, and you have the responsibility to handle or store their private info.
  • Redirect: Customers are taken to a secure payment site under the supervision of a PSP (Payment Service Provider). It will handle their information and the transaction.

Popular Online Payment Magento Integrations

  • PayPal: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Apple Pay: based on normal credit transaction fee
  • Square: 2.65% per card transaction and extra
  • Dwolla: $25/month and 0.5% per transaction
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Shipping Carrier

Shipping carriers are essential to keep online businesses running smoothly. You can select 2 types of carriers:

  • A long-range carrier takes care of doorstep delivery to international locations.
  • A regional carrier offers you better deals to ship your package in specific areas.

It’s preferable to partner with experienced shipping services with a high reputation to guarantee your product’s delivery.

Popular Shipping Carrier Magento Integrations

magento integration services

Google Tools (Tag Manager, Analytics, Search Console)

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager is a tool for marketers to store and manage 3rd code easier. Tags embedded onto your website and track all activities on it.

These tags collect data source #1 (your website), then they’re collected all at once at the GTM site. The raw database is then transferred to data source #2 (like Google Analytics).

Google Analytics (GA)

Analytics takes real-time tracking info of site visits and turns them into valuable insights into user behaviors. It helps you manage all filters and conversion tracking goals, from traffic to CTA clicks.

After analyzing, it presents the data you need (custom segments, time on page, engagement results, conversion reports, etc.). This way, you’ll see what works and what not, to make improvements.

If you’re running Googles ads, GA is also where you track all the ads’ performances.

Google Search Console (GSC)

Search Console is a useful resource to help users measure their site’s traffic, observe keyword performance and receive notice to fix contemporary issues.

It tells you how your site is performing in organic search and how to improve your rank on SERPs. But unlike GA, Search Console only collects insight from web search traffic. You can’t modify any factors directly on GSC, except for submitting pages to Google index for examination.

By taking data generated in GSC, businesses can discover new opportunities for a rank increase and boost traffic performance.

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ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) is a powerful software system automating business processes in financials, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, reporting, and human resource.

It brings more internal controls to executives by revealing workplace insights drawn from a central database collected from every department. 

Managers will gain a comprehensive performance view once the information is compiled, discover the operation weakness, analyze multiple scenarios, and open room for improvement and innovation.

Moreover, they receive real-time activities and situations, enabling the people in charge to respond quickly to external changes to leverage business outcomes. 

Popular ERP Magento Integrations

erp integrations


A CRM (customer relationship management) system is a central database that gives cross-department accessibility. However, CRM focuses on the customer’s most important external factor instead of the internal control like ERP. 

CRM helps businesses manage relationships with customers through collecting their information and on-site interactions.

Customers nowadays expect brands to be there for them as much as possible. With all of these data to analyze and follow-up events to manage, you can see why CRM is a much-needed tool for business. 

Popular CRM Magento Integrations

magento crm integrations

Accounting Software

Online business owners face a massive amount of daily transactions, and if you don’t handle it fast enough, you’ll either lose customers or lose payments, which are all profits. 

Everything about e-commerce accounting relates to collecting, analyzing, and organizing, reporting financial data surrounding every business transaction and asset. Accounting would comprise 3 core tasks: bookkeeping, reporting, and tax return submissions. 

A proper accounting solution is handy, more accurate, and more productive to manage your finances.

Popular Accounting Magento Integrations

magento accounting integrations

Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWA represents the modern web app technology that the core contribution belongs to Service Workers. Google gave it the title because PWA can create a progressively better on-site experience the more you interact. 

E-commerce owns a voluminous amount of site data and requires a large capacity for multiple interactions to take place simultaneously. 

That’s why PWA comes as a solution to improve the user experience for a faster, smoother, lightweight, and more engaging buying journey. 

A PWA improves loading speed instantly by the subsequent time a user clicks, reengages, and retains customers better with native apps’ outstanding features, including home screen presence, full-page view, popup messages, and offline usage. 

magento pwa integration


Marketplace integration is to access any marketplace you’ve been using to transfer the database to the current e-commerce software. It’s about tying any SaaS app to any market to handle the online store’s retail activities.

Without this connection, your e-retail store cannot perform functions such as order and inventory management, marketing automation, WMS, ERP, repricing software, shipping management, etc. 

You can connect with various marketplaces to sync, add, retrieve or delete any piece of data relating to customers, products, orders, or delivery details. 

Popular Marketplace Magento Integrations

magento marketplace extensions

Marketing Automation

The integration of any marketing automation system allows it to connect, operate and sync with your Magento store. Marketing automation tools are all about much-needed features that tackle core functions of the marketing process and turn it into a friendly ecosystem. 

Most of these tools can easily be corporated into other platforms and programs and customized and utilized to create and maintain a successful marketing campaign or funnel. 

Common marketing automation tools: all-in-one marketing automation, email marketing, social media, advertising, pricing, customer journey, loyalty, and referral marketing automation. 

Live Chat

Live chat is a chatbot or one-on-one personal chat box that happens in real-time, as you frequently see at the corner of the website, popping up to ask if you need support. 

This helpful tool is getting more popular as visitors can quickly connect to staff and clear off any confusion along their journey on your site.

Popular Live Chat Magento Integrations

livechat tools


Having opinions of previous buyers shown close to the purchase button allows customers to feel confident with their choices of product.

This would help increase the conversion rates, reduce the skepticism about the product or service effectiveness and turn to think that this offering may not be right for me, but it’s still a good one because it did help other fellas. 

On the flip side of the coin, it also benefits your business in knowing what the customers and prospects are thinking and discussing about your offering, thus making an effort for imminent improvement. 

Popular Review Magento Integrations

best review extensions


Point of sale refers to the moment when a complete transaction is made between the merchant and the cardholder, in online and offline stores.

The POS system collects all your sales, your customers, and inventory data so you can calculate and apply them to a successful marketing campaign that fosters increased potential leads to your store. 

Integrating the POS system into your Magento site will help you sell more at the right time, keep you overselling through the real-time inventory data, and deliver cross-channel promotions and discounts while avoiding manual data entry.

Popular POS Magento Integrations

magento pos

Where To Find The Reliable Provider For Magento Integrations?

Tigren is the leading Vietnam-based agency in e-commerce development. Over a decade of experience, we have helped numerous online small and medium businesses to increase their ROI and reach their goals. 

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If you’re thinking of any integration and have inquiries for it, like whether it will suit your business’s type and size, drop a ting in the DM. 

If you’re wondering about which system providers to partner with for the long term, we can help you.

Or start by telling your request and issues, and we’ll research the best ways possible to support you.

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Wrap Up

Magento integrations are the advanced solutions to help you manage your store more efficiently, better serve customers, and react timely and appropriately to market changes. This all together can generate a competitive edge for you if all is done right, which ultimately refers to higher ROI and growth. 

If you’re thinking of high-quality integration services of all kinds above, with great accuracy, privacy, and quick turnaround time, think of Tigren. We have the skill and expertise you need, you will be happy with our dedicated service.

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