5 Awesome Tips To Skyrocket Your Clothing Sales During Lockdown

Sales During Lockdown 5 Tips For Online Clothing Store

Is your online clothing store experiencing unstable sales growth due to the Covid-19 pandemic? It is not only your situation since the outbreak has hit the global economy forcefully. However, there are many opportunities that your online business can develop sustainably during quarantine periods. This article covers five practical tips to rocket your online clothing sales during lockdown and even after that.

Challenges And Opportunities For Online Clothing Stores During The Lockdown


There are particular challenges that any online business store may face. 

First, global logistics has witnessed great difficulty since the Coronavirus appeared. Many logistics companies have stuck in delivering materials due to restrictions. It leads to a more extended shipping period and supply shortage.

Especially if you partner with overseas manufacturers, it is necessary to think about transportation. Calculating risks and additional fees in transportation is a must to ensure a stable development for your online clothing sales during the lockdown.

Besides, it would help if you worked on improving the security of your website. Consumers are more and more concerned about privacy. They are afraid of leaking personal information to third parties when processing online transactions.

sales during lockdown

And the rate of phishing attacks has increased remarkably during the pandemic. As a result, you need to update your site with high-security solutions to earn trust from users.


The pandemic has extensively driven consumer behavior towards online shopping. And your online clothing store has potential as well to make more money.

In particular, high traffic during the pandemic brings a better chance for your store to approach more customers. And if you invest considerably in your website, it is an excellent opportunity to increase sales revenue.

Apart from that, many innovative tools and software have allowed easy business management. They enable you to keep track of daily performance precisely and lead to better decision-making.

Approaches to various marketing channels are also trouble-free. You can communicate with customers through social media, SEO, email, and your own website at any time. It creates a faster connection in maintaining relationships with potential clients.

sales ideas during lockdown

As mentioned, the pandemic has brought many challenges and opportunities. As a result, you need to make proactive decisions to enhance business performance.

Following are five pro tips to rocket your online clothing sales during lockdown.

5 Tips To Boost Online Clothing Sales During Lockdown

1. Improve Service

Nothing beats excellent customer service. It allows clients to be more satisfied with what they purchase from your clothing store. Excellent customer assistance is also a sharp weapon to win against your competitors.

Since customers have queries about your product, you need to impress them. A warm appreciation, as well as appropriate consultation, is preferred.

It is also necessary to improve package and shipping services. Customers will be happy with well-packaged items. Include thank you, handmade notes when sending items can make them more likely to rate you five stars. Plus, it would help if you were proactive in handling any shipping issues.

increase sales online during covid

Generating feedback and enhancing after-sales could also help to enhance your brand. It shows your genuine care towards customer satisfaction.

Working well on these services makes your brand more professional. And you can definitely get more repeating orders.

2. Cross-selling

Cross-selling helps you generate more orders from a customer without much effort. When users click on a product page, you can push them to add more items to the cart by offering appealing recommendations.

For instance, creating a “top picks” section may keep customers wandering more on your site. And they are likely to buy your recommended products. Or, you can create combos that go well together with discounts. Giving customers incentives to look at more items on your website.

Research indicates that customers are more interested in value products relevant to their purchase. To make cross-selling effective, you should update your category frequently and create diverse collections following new trends.

3. Focus on UX

Focusing on the user experience should be relentless for any business. You need to optimize your website to ensure effective interaction with users.
The work involves improving image, typo, layout, and other design elements. These need to be clear and straightforward. But the presentation should also be well-combined to deliver your brand identity.

boosting sales during covid

Moreover, failure to bring an excellent mobile experience will lead to a bad reputation and business loss. The number of mobile users towards online shopping has surpassed desktop remarkably. Therefore, you need to always keep in mind the importance of improving mobile approach performance. Simple navigation, payment process, and notification are considerable to work on.

If your website has been around for a while, it’s suggested to rebuild it completely, maybe on another platform which is optimized for e-commerce performance. In case you need a name, Magento is a powerful platform for online business and has been used by many famous brands.

Sure you’ll have no problem finding Magento development offers, and many of them give you great value. One of the best offers would be our Takeoff package. The price is $2499 for new sellers. You will get standard requirements for a Magento website.

Or, if you want to improve your current website, choosing their Fly package would be more appropriate. The cost is fair at $5499. With this, you will get a broad range of choices related to theme customization, payment & shipping integration, hosting, and support.

clothing sales during lockdown4. Upgrade website

Your website is like your sales representative. That is why upgrading the web page is essential.

First, you need to evaluate your site performance. Design, speed, security, SEO friendliness, and features are things to consider. There are many tools to keep track of these elements.

For example, using Google Analytics will help you indicate essential metrics related to customers’ bounce rate, traffic, and behavior flow. You need to measure these metrics closely.

After measuring key attributes, solving the related issue is crucial. If your website speed is not lightning as expected, fixing the code or integrating speed extensions are necessary. Or, if the bounce rate is remarkably high, you need to redesign the website and maybe add more built-in features.

However, working separately on each element may be time-consuming and expensive. You need to refer to different sources for each attribute. In this case, integrating your website with Magento PWA can be the best choice.

Using the Magento platform will help you improve organic traffic. And PWA technology can function effectively to meet your demand for a premium website. Magento PWA allows lightning speed, SEO-friendliness, high security, offline mode, and many powerful built-in features. It also delivers efficient like-app performance prioritizing mobile-first approach.

Consequently, you will be free of concern about an optimal website. And your online clothing store is likely to generate more sales.

The cost for Magento PWA is also quite reasonable. For instance, TigrenPWA Theme only charges you $799 for advanced features and well-structured design, with the installation cost already included.

5. Promote on diverse channels

Promoting different marketing channels is also efficient in rocketing your online clothing sales during the lockdown. When people stay at home during quarantine periods, they spend more time online. It would help if you took advantage to approach and increase loyal customers.

increase sales during the pandemicTo make your customer more engaged with your brand, you can create loyalty rewards. For instance, each time they make a purchase, they will get some points. And when they reach a certain number of points, like 50 or 100, you offer them a gift as a warm appreciation for choosing your brand.

Or you can deduct prices on special events like Valentine’s, Christmas, New Year. No one can resist attractive discounts.

Building creative content on social media is also an excellent approach to advertise your clothing store. Instead of lengthy content, you can try making short videos on Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram.

The video can relate to product reviews or mix and match suggestions. Adding on-trend music and having creative content can help your brand stand out and increase customer engagement. It is also ideal for customers to subscribe to your channel and purchase.

Final Thoughts

The Covid-19 epidemic is a big challenge for all businesses. But with the increase of online shopping trends, your clothing store can still earn great opportunities to rocket sales during the lockdown.

Improving service, cross-selling, user experience, website, and marketing is crucial to delivering high performance for your business. And when it comes to website updates, integrating with Magento PWA is the best solution.

All the best to your business!

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