PWA Experience: A Better Solution For Web And App Users

pwa experience

PWA is a frequent topic when businesses and developers talk about improving website quality and providing a better user experience. If you wonder what makes the PWA experience surpass regular websites & mobile apps, this article will show you the most specific views.

What Is PWA?

PWA is short for Progressive Web Application. Developers use modern web technology to build the PWA so that it has app-like features yet keeps the web core. PWA is accessible on multiple devices, and the experience it offers is outstanding.

Experience On Regular Websites

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Over the years, web development technologies have developed, so the experience on regular websites is quite good on desktop. On mobiles, they offer a decent experience.

1. Web is the most common for Internet users

Regardless of other types of technology growth, the web is still the most popular Internet-access platform for users. Users access the web on their mobiles, desktop, and multiple devices.

According to Statista, mobile accounts for half of the web traffic worldwide. In the fourth quarter of 2021, mobiles generated 54.4% of global website traffic. Desktops drove 28.9% of visits.

2. Best UI & UX on “large-screen views”

A web can offer the best quality when it’s accessed on devices with large-screen views, especially desktops/ laptops. Users can easily navigate the web without moving much or zooming in.

However, the UX is different on mobile. Depending on the web design, the elements may be misplaced if it’s not responsive, resulting in an annoying experience for users.

3. Requirement for web browser

Whether on desktop or mobile, the website must also depend on the web browser to access. And the browsers are dependent on a device’s operation platform, this will also affect the experience on a website.

4. The effect of website speed

Website speed has a significant impact on user satisfaction. A fast website will attract more visits. The average page load speed for web pages is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile. On average, webs took 87.84% longer to load on mobile than on desktop.

This shows that users have a better and more complete experience on a computer. This is why many prefer to access websites on desktops/laptops.

User Experience On Mobile Apps 

The user experience on mobile apps is only significant as the influence of: 

progressive web app experience

1. Great features of mobile apps

Mobile apps can overcome the cons of websites on mobile with:

  • Easily download and access
  • Fast loading speed, smoother experience
  • Optimized interface for phones
  • Send notifications to engage users

2. Not supported on desktop 

However, most apps cannot be used on the desktop. The exception is Apple, whose users can use apps on Macbook, but this is still inconvenient. As for Android, if you want to use apps on Windows computers, you need to use Android emulators. This is both time-consuming and expensive.

If you only have an app for your business, this can limit the number of customers you may reach. Because after all, the number of desktop users is still larger than mobile users. According to statistics, 48,88% of Internet traffic comes from desktop devices; 47.59% comes from smartphones.

3. App Downloading & Updating

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to download an application to the device, and this process may have many problems, e.g., network disruption, software glitches, etc.

This can affect the user experience, as many people find it troublesome. Therefore, easy app download is also one of the essential factors to pay attention to.

PWA Experience – The Ultimate Solution For Businesses

Compared to webs and apps, the PWA experience surely exceeds them on multiple devices.

PWA experience on desktop

PWA performance is equivalent to or even better than a standard website because the loading speed of PWA is lightning speed. This can be easily demonstrated through the examples of companies adopting PWA technology.

They have reaped many specific benefits as follows:

Kubota launched their e-commerce PWA, resulting in a 192% increase in daily visits and a 26% growth in average monthly visits.

Blue’s PWA increases monthly active users by 154%, and conversion rate by 169%. Pages load 85% faster.

Clothing brand George saw a 31% increase in conversion rate. Their PWA is 3.8 times faster than the old site.

PWA helps businesses reduce bounce rates and have longer session duration. This means that the PWA offers a much better user experience.

PWA experience on mobile

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PWA provides two options for users. It is accessible via a web browser or straight from a mobile home screen for those who installed it. Users can choose “add to home screen” to install a PWA when it asks for permission. You can use it as a faster mobile app without spending time downloading.

PWA solves the limitations of regular webs and native apps. At the same time, it combines both to create the perfect UX.

That is also why many businesses already have websites and apps but still want a PWA. Lancome, BMW, Uber, Starbucks, etc., are some of the names on this long list.

How To Build A PWA?

To create a good PWA, first, pursue your store’s objectives and consider existing solutions. In this step, you need to choose precisely a legit PWA provider, a company that can offer a suitable solution for you.

Achieve The Top PWA Experience with Tigren

If you are finding a reputable PWA development company, then Tigren is the best choice for you right now. 

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With more than 7 years of PWA development, we have built plenty of excellent PWAs for our clients, who come from various industries.

Come to Tigren, you won’t have to worry too much about cost and quality of service, as we have a wide range of premium services suitable for those with small and medium budgets.

Bottom Line

The success of a business depends on the service provided to the users. Progressive Web Apps have proven to be a tremendous problem-solving tool that incorporates consumer expectations. So it’s clear that Progressive Web Apps are the future of mobile apps, providing the ultimate user experience. Don’t hesitate to have a PWA for your own business. Contact Tigren, and we will help you build an excellent PWA.

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