[HOT DEAL] 20% Off Magento 2 Multiple Order Emails Extension – Only in June

Magento 2 Email Extension

For the first month’s release, Tigren gives you a great opportunity to possess the Magento 2 Multiple Order Emails Extension with a very attractive price – A discount of 20% (Original Price: $99).

If you haven’t known about this amazing extension, you should find out now. As you might know, the Magento Core only allows us to create only one email template and send it to all of your customers, which therefore leads to many limitations on the delivered content.

For example, on the email sent to a purchaser who chooses the COD payment method you might want to add some information related to time and address for delivery and remind him/her about the money he/she has to pay. However, since that email template also is used for the one who pays through PayPal you cannot add unrelated information.

By using this Magento 2 Email Extension, everything has been changed. You will be able to create as many email templates as you want and send them to the right receivers. For each email template, you can create a set of rules based on Product Attributes, Customer Groups (guest/ general/ retailer/ wholesaler), Shipping, and Payment method.

When an order is made, the system will collate its details with the predefined email conditions and finally send the buyer the email template that matches the order information exactly. As a result, the extension helps the Magento store owners to communicate better with their shoppers. On the other hand, the customers also might feel more respected since the email they receive has been already customized and seems to be sent only to them.

magento create custom Magento 2 email template

Set a specific set of conditions for each multiple order emails template

If you are still wondering about how this Magento 2 Email Extension works, please view the following demos:

Back-end *(Account: tigren – tigren123$)

Besides, you can find more information about the extension Here or Download it now.