Sales During Lockdown: 10 Tips For Lingerie Store

sales during lockdown

COVID-19 has been a major disruptor, with an immense impact on consumers’ behavior and e-commerce. As a result, new consumer behaviors lead to a significant rise in online stores, including lingerie stores. However, shopping for lingerie online can be pretty challenging due to the lockdown. This post will discuss 10 tips for lingerie store sales during the lockdown.

Sales During Lockdown: Opportunities And Challenges

1. Opportunities

Rising demand for online shopping

During the pandemic, online consumption habits have changed significantly.

With more people at home, online retail has grown by double digits. Although e-commerce growth is predicted to be low, online sales are expected to outpace overall retail growth. In 2024, online retail sales will account for 19% of overall sales, up from 16% in 2020.

Easy transactions

The demand for online shopping has increased dramatically, which requires suitable transactions during the lockdown. Companies have turned to technology to address rising consumer concerns such as safe transactions.

Transactions conducted online help simplify the process, save cost, and labor-saving, and ensure consumers can buy essentials from the comfort of their homes.

sales during pandemic

2. Challenges

Digital marketing costs

The high increase in online traffic provides opportunities for companies to keep their target audience engaged through digital marketing.

However, the expenses for digital marketing are high. In addition, marketers are increasingly required to optimize marketing spending to best suit the business’s goals.

The threat of cybersecurity

Most executive committee meetings include a discussion on cybersecurity, but given the rising threats during the pandemic, it may be given special focus.

Businesses should be proactive in addressing risks, planning measures to prevent successful cyberattacks rather than reacting when they do. Although prevention measures are crucial, cyber-attack detection, response, and recovery skills are also required.

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10 Practices To Boost Your Lingerie Store’s Sales During Lockdown

1. Create the right first impression

A good first impression is a good place to start when building a relationship with your customers. Whether over the phone or in person, the first impression can set the tone for the entire customer experience.

Here are some techniques for creating an impression on your customers:

  • Ensure that all employees understand what to say. This helps establish consistency. Prepare a sample script for certain scenarios when customers contact online.
  • If you are the manager, make sure your employees notice you using the appropriate greeting and setting the appropriate tone.
  • Create a neat and attractive homepage with uniqueness so customers can remember your brand.
  • Speak with some of your regular customers and solicit feedback. They’ll be an important contributor to your company’s improvement.

2. Optimize your mobile version

For a long time, responsive design ruled the web as the preferred format for business and personal websites. On the other hand, mobile optimization is beginning to gain traction as a potentially preferable strategy.

Here are some ways to optimize your mobile version:

  • Choose an attractive design theme. Your website will be appealing and navigable to visitors, which is the first step toward improving mobile conversion rates.
  • Cut down on heavy elements. Too many elements can slow down your website and rarely display properly on mobile devices. When the site loads fast, mobile users tend to stay longer and linger on your website, thus boosting conversion rate and user engagement
  • Integrate PWA (Progressive Web App) technologies. It allows your users to experience smooth surfing on desktop and mobile versions.
how to increase sales during lockdown

3. Enhance website navigation

When it comes to retaining visitors and driving them through the conversion funnel, navigation can make or break your website’s performance.

Strong site navigation allows visitors to quickly find the information that interests them. It also aids search engines in efficiently and effectively indexing your important information.

Enhancing your website navigation with these practices:

  • Apply clear and easy-to-use navigation promotes usability and helps visitors find relevant information more quickly.
  • Insert clickable links into all heading elements in your navigation. If you use multiple categorical divisions, this feature can make it more convenient for your customers.

4. Reduce page load time

Page speed can influence consumers’ perception of your brand. Not only does it help to boost their conversion rate and customer engagement, but it can also improve SEO ranking and deliver a better experience for users

Tips for reducing page load time:

  • Reduce the size of your images

Images improve the appearance of your web pages and the quality of your content. One of the simplest ways is to compress and optimize your images. You can reduce their file sizes, which will help your pages load faster.

  • Turn on browser caching

Browser caching can improve page loading times. This technique allows the browser to save various information, such as stylesheets, images, and JavaScript files, so the page doesn’t have to be reloaded every time a user visits it.

5. Be adaptable and innovative

It is becoming clear that detecting and adapting to change quickly is more important than ever. Today, no industry or company is immune to disruption, but many are unprepared to adapt quickly enough to keep up with the pace of change.

There are three ways that companies can start their journeys to becoming more adaptable and, therefore, more fit for an uncertain future:

  •  Adopt a new perspective on business fitness
  • Plan for multiple possible futures
  • Avoid common and mundane approaches that competitors usually use

6. Double down on your networking

There are almost certainly some parts of a company with more momentum than others. If resources and attention are focused on them, they can achieve a true competitive advantage, changing their overall position.

There are certainly enough reasons to consider when and where the general scale helps and hinders. Shrinking parts of a business may be a difficult decision, but it also means opening new doors to the future.

7. Prioritize social media marketing 

Social media is a potent source of data and ideas that will help you direct your business efforts toward success.

That is, by prioritizing social media, you are essentially keeping up with what is going on in your niche or industry — something that will always keep you one or more steps ahead of your competitors.

Tips for prioritizing social media marketing: 

  • Look at your calendar and find plausible “down times” that you can use for social marketing. For example, you could set aside an hour during the day to interact with your target audience on social media.
  • Create attractive and appealing content with vivid images or video clips and interact with your users frequently.
  • Use hashtags in your social media posts and your content to boost your content and products.
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8. Interact with your customers via omnichannel

Customers may come into contact with your store via different platforms. It could be your own website, your shop on Amazon, or social media channels. These channels are more convenient and often receive more in-time responses compared to email.

There are tips when it comes to interacting with your customers:

  • Be polite and professional. Merchants should always address the customers using their first names when possible. Most of them are women looking for lingerie sets, so they prefer a delicate and elegant attitude. 
  • Respond faster. Customers often request further information about your products or ask you about shopping procedures. Therefore, be prepared to answer questions so that your customers don’t have to wait for a long time.

9. Provide professional customer support 24/7

Customers can come into some problems with online shopping, such as shipping delays or product return policy. They need support to clear their queries. Therefore, try to provide around-the-clock support or respond to them in the shortest time.

With new technologies, merchants can use chatbots, innovative software that can work all the time. When set up properly, chatbots can answer most FAQs, plus, owners can save budget on hiring employees or pay extra-hour salaries.

10. Offer assurance post-purchase

Consumer post-purchase feelings are important for a seller because they can lead to repeat purchases if they are satisfied or create negative word-of-mouth publicity for their brand if they are dissatisfied.

As the owner of a lingerie store, you should carefully examine the outcome of the purchase to improve performance and delight the customer. Post-purchase behavior reflects consumer satisfaction, feedback, and the success of marketing strategies. Learning from these can help store owners deliver better decisions for their businesses.

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Top 3 Trends For Lingerie Store In 2022

1. Personalization 

Customed lingerie stands out to be the best lingerie trend to bookmark in 2022. Besides comfort, everybody loves a piece of clothing that has their own signature on that, as a powerful way to boost their confidence.

Therefore, in response to customer demand for personalized lingerie sets, merchants should take advantage of this chance to release services and product that allows customers to enjoy their uniqueness freely.

2. Aesthetic and trendy products

All women love the effortlessly sexy look. They want something simple but not ordinary.

Therefore, the laid-back, all-over lace trend or see-through are perfect trends for e-commerce businesses to try out. Classic lace isn’t only expected to be a lingerie trend in 2022, but a daily wear trend. Grab this opportunity to attract more potential customers!

3. Dropshipping

The dropshipping business model allows business owners to build their stores without worrying about inventory storage. They can fulfill orders by having suppliers prepare and deliver the products to the customer’s door.

This idea suits merchants who have no space and a low budget to stock too much inventory. Therefore, when running your lingerie store online, consider this model because it may turn out really profitable.

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Wrapping Up 

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the steady shift of consumer behavior to online shopping from retail stores will continue to affect e-commerce stores. If you are running an online lingerie shop, don’t be worried because it can also be an opportunity to gain huge success. Try those tips above to increase sales during the lockdown, and we can ensure that you won’t be disappointed!

In case you want to build or improve your lingerie e-store, don’t hesitate to drop us your information. We’ve had years of experience building online boutiques for fashion stores, so we know what’s best for your website!

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