Small Business Ideas For Kids: Make It Beneficial For Children’s Development

Small Business Ideas For Kids

Business administration has always been one of the best ways to educate children. Your child can achieve excellent soft skills and sharp thinking with proper methods. However, not all small business ideas for kids positively impact the development of young children. Besides, the influence of parents also has a significant effect on the learning process results. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good enough idea and mindset to avoid money-wasting and get satisfactory outcomes.

So is business beneficial for children, and what are the right ideas? Scroll down to read!

Is Business A Good Way To Educate Children?

best business ideas for kids

The experience of managing a small business can motivate children to achieve soft skills and knowledge.

The first benefit of kids business is building working habits. Business operations will require a day-by-day routine for management. Therefore, they will need to work harder and more often. After a while, your child will get used to the workload and acquire the virtue of labor.

In addition, business activities require specific plans and strategies. Thus, children will have the opportunity to train for a sharp and organized mind.

Moreover, by working to make a profit, they will understand the value of money. Thereby, they will become frugal and spend in a more planned way.

However, everything has two sides, so does business. If your children are too focused on making a profit, this can negatively affect them. Some downsides can be mentioned: heavy but tedious workload, study neglect, or constant fatigue. Therefore, close parental supervision is essential.

Top 7 Small Business Ideas For Kids

1. Online content creator

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With the development of social media, online content is becoming more critical for both business and entertainment activities. 

However, the benefits it can bring are even more than that. It can create a good personal image, build experience and obtain a steady source of income from advertising activities for content creators.

Besides, this is one of the most fun and easy ways to make money when you can let kids make videos about what they have a strong interest in. For example, reviews, gaming, or unboxings for platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok.

Note that Youtube doesn’t allow kid channels to earn money from ads or affiliate links in the description. You can set up a personal website, list the products there, and add the store link under the videos to support your children. Besides, some brands are interested in sponsorships for small content creators, meaning more opportunities may come once your kid’s channel has more subscribers.

2. DIY toys and food selling

kid business ideas to make money online

This is a more common business idea for kid entrepreneurs model than online content creators, and it’s fairly easy to operate. The products can be from home-baked sweets to seedlings to handmade crafts.

Remember to let your child do as much as possible on their own. This will train their patience, plus the crafts you sell will also become more impressive.

After finishing making products, set up a stall in your backyard and sell it to neighbors or friends. At the same time, encourage them to write short product descriptions if possible and post them on social media to attract more customers.

A small tip is to build an online store to attract more buyers.

3. Pets and plants caretakers

dog sitters

Your children can provide simple services such as a pet sitter, feeding the animals, and looking after them during a certain time. It will be more suitable for your kids. More complex services will require specialized knowledge.

Taking care of plants is a similarly exciting business for kids, plus it’s safer for small children than pet sitting. You and your kids can spend time learning about plant species to offer better service. They will water the gardens and memorize what they learn as they are given a chance to observe the plants they’re looking after. This also creates a habit of learning for young kids.

4. Resell used items

kids resell used items

Used items are a headache for many households. Maybe they don’t need to use those objects anymore, but it would be too wasteful to throw them away. You can let your child be the answer to this question.

First, kids can gather and sell their families’ and neighbors’ used items online and offline. After obtaining some experience, they can find more goods by scouring local thrift stores for rare or vintage stuff and reselling them for profit through local marketplaces or a dedicated online store.

You can instruct them to focus on some products, such as reselling sneakers, records, or collectible toys.

5. Street artist

street artist

If your child has unique musical, drawing, and such talents, help them develop! Skills like playing an instrument, demonstrating card tricks, or cosplay performance could become the first products. This is one of the best business ideas for kids who love creativity and performance.

You can help them find customers through schools in the neighborhood. You can also look for parties, crowded streets, or events and work as an entertainer or performer there. Later, you may even set up social accounts to let more people know about these performances.

This job can bring many benefits for your child besides profit, such as confidence, creativity, presentation ability, etc.

6. Podcast Creator


Podcasts are a perfect idea if you want to help your kids express themselves. This job doesn’t require significant initial capital. Therefore, your children may start right away and practice telling stories.

This job is similar to content creators. However, it’s a bit simpler, the little ones can practice first with telling everyday stories, pitching their ideas. Later, they may even go deeper into topic discussion or debating.

This will enhance the children’s confidence and sharpen their communication skills so that they ensure the content is delivered well to listeners.

Also, since it’s a zero-investment business, it will take you a bit more time to build your own community. However, after you get a certain result, you will have many sources of income. Some common ones are donations, sponsorships, advertising, etc.

You can further diversify your income by setting up a website and applying the affiliate marketing business model to your podcast channel. Take a few minutes to recommend the product, and you will receive a commission based on the sales.

7. Car washing

car washing

Car washing is often listed for small business ideas for kids since it’s an easy-to-do job, and the market is always in great demand for this service. If you provide a competitive price and good service, most car owners won’t mind spending some money to get their car sparkling.

You can open a car wash in your backyard and attract acquaintances in your area to use the service. In the first stage, your customers might be neighbors, friends, and family members. Later, when more people are interested, build a website and open more services to facilitate customer care. This also helps your child have more opportunities to access technology from an early age.

4 Advice For Parents When Your Children Start A Business

Monitor them closely

As mentioned, besides the advantages, kid start-ups also bring downsides such as the intensity of heavy work and time-consuming.

Thus, they need protection and guidance from adults while managing a business. You don’t have to be with them all the time but remember to keep an eye on them to make sure nothing wrong can happen.

Help them make plans

Creating personal plans with clear strategies and directions is a vital skill for your children in the future. For instance, individuals will need personal financial plans, and business plans, marketing plans, and the like are crucial to businesses.

In particular, this skill also allows children to practice sharp, multi-dimensional thinking with a broad perspective. Assist your child in acquiring this skill by helping them create their plans and goals.

Support children in technology

Technology experience is now so important. Take advantage of your child’s entrepreneurial process and turn it into an excellent opportunity to teach them about technology.

Plus, as you accompany them along the process, you can guide them so that they know what’s right to do and what they should avoid on the Internet. They may also feel easier to share their life with you because you’ve been with them the entire process.

Therefore, do not hesitate to invest a small amount of money in teaching them about this knowledge early.

Let them solve their problems

Sometimes parents are too worried about their children, leading to overprotection. They fear their child will have a hard time solving complex problems. Also, some people may feel less confident in their child’s working ability, leading to unnecessary instruction.

This is not necessarily good for the children. Remember that the biggest goal of this business is education, so besides “teaching” the theory, there are practical exercises. Let them find solutions on their own first, allow them to try and fail. Failure isn’t always bad, and you may give them a hand after that.

parents support child

Bottom Line

Small business ideas for kids have been a hot topic recently. This educational method is efficient and easy to impart soft skills, problem-solving skills, sharp thinking, etc.

However, because children are still young, they don’t have much experience, so it is necessary to choose business models that are simple and easy to do.

On the other hand, the business process is an excellent opportunity for children to access online technology from an early age. Parents should consider setting up online stores for them to have a better experience.

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