How To Set Up Table Rates Shipping In Magento (5 Minutes)

How to Set Up Table Rates Shipping in Magento in 5 minutes

It is no doubt that the shipping policy is fundamental for all online businesses selling physical products. Therefore, as a Magento store owner, you need to know how to set up shipping rates and make sure that your shipping policies are implemented without any errors regardless of in different regions. In this tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to set up the table rates shipping in Magento. From that, you will be able to apply diverse shipping rates to each of your customers based on their location.

To begin with, it’s worth noting that there are three major ways of setting up table rates:

  • Price vs. destination
  • Weight vs. destination
  • Number of items vs. destination.

Owing to that, you can set cheaper shipping to certain destinations if the cost of the item is high, or if the weight and number of items is low and vice versa.

3 Steps To Configure Table Rates Shipping In Magento

  • Step 1: Go to the Admin Panel => System => Configuration => SALES => Shipping Methods
table shipping rate magento
  • Step 2: Configure Table Rates section
magento table rates

Firstly, select “Yes” to enable the table rates function.

Secondly, set the Title and Method Name for the table rate shipping policy that you want to create. For example Standard Shipping.

Thirdly, choose one of the 3 methods to calculate the shipping fee.

Fourthly, save the configuration.

  • Step 3: Choose Current Configuration Scope – Main Website. By doing so, you are applying the shipping policy to your main website. After that, the Table Rates section will be reloaded and displayed like the following.
magento table rates shipping

Here, you must import your shipping rates by submitting the CSV file. In order to create a CSV file, you can download the template by clicking on the “Export CSV” button and creating your own file based on it.

shipping rate configuration

After importing the file, remember to save the configuration again. You can test to check whether the table rates are working well on the front-end.

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