Top 10 Magento Extensions Will Give You Treats On Halloween

top magento extensions on halloween

Halloween, one of the most expected seasons of the year, is coming!

For everyone, this is time for having some fun and playing some surprising “treats and tricks” with their friends and family.

But, for e-commerce store owners, it’s the perfect time for boosting their sales significantly. In general, most of the online shops will offer attractive deals and huge discounts as a “Treat” to stimulate customers’ purchases.

So, have you prepared anything for your Magento store for this special holiday?

If not, let’s take a look at our list of hot Magento extensions that will help you to harvest a successful season!

Top 10 Must-Have Magento Extensions On Halloween 2021

No.1: Daily Deal Extension for Magento 2

As we have mentioned, holding promotion campaigns are indispensable for Magento stores that want to get numerous sales on Halloween. Owing to the Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension, you can easily create unlimited deals and show them noticeably with the time countdown on your storefront. Also, the module allows you to track sales throughout the Halloween season (number of sales, total revenue from deals, …)



No.2: Banner Manager for Magento 2

There are 2 great benefits from using this Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension. Firstly, it is a perfect tool for you to decorate your store, by allowing you to create and display multiple Halloween banners. Secondly, you can easily show promotional banners at any place on the site to attract customers.

No.3: Popup Manager for Magento 2

Similar to the Banner Manager extension, the Magento 2 Popup Manager will help you to introduce attractive discounts and deals to the store visitors at ease. Besides, it’s able to design your unique custom popups for Halloween; for example, creating a small game with various incentives right on the popup.

No.4: Layered Navigation PRO for Magento 2

Besides bringing Halloween to your store with mysterious decorations and undeniable deals, you should take advantage of this chance to impress the shoppers and enhance their experience in your store. Due to this Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension, your product filter will be improved significantly with multi-filters, Ajax loading, filter by ratings, price slider, shop by brand, and so on. All of these features will help the customers to find what they want quickly among thousands of products in your store.


No.5: Event Calendar for Magento 2

During the Halloween holiday, your store might hold some events (both online and offline) to engage your customers. Therefore, this Magento 2 Event Calendar Extension will help you create various events and sell event tickets online easily. Moreover, all of the events will be displayed on a colorful Google calendar with detailed information for each of them.

magento 2 event calendar extension

No.6: Multiple Order Emails for Magento 2

Another valuable Magento extension that might be useful for your store on Halloween is the Magento 2 Multiple Order Emails extension. By installing this module, you will be able to create plenty of custom email templates and set conditions for each of them. When the order of the customers match any of these conditions (based on customer groups, product attribute, shipping, and payment method), they will receive correlative confirmation emails.

magento create custom email template

No.7: Store Locator for Magento 2

This Magento 2 Store Locator Extension is extremely necessary for stores that have multiple physical stores. It allows you to show all of your stores with detailed information (location, image, working hours, specialties, …) in Google Maps. Also, the plugin will give directions for the customers to go to your stores in the shortest period of time.


No.8: Advanced Wishlist for Magento 2

If you truly care about your customer satisfaction, Magento 2 Advanced Wishlist is an indispensable extension for your store. This extension gives the visitors the ability to save their favorite products to different groups to review and purchase the next time.

No.9: Ajax Suite for Magento 2

The FREE Magento 2 Ajax Suite includes 4 extensions that are Ajax Login, Ajax Wishlist, Ajax Cart, and Ajax Compare. This is the hottest free module at Tigren Store, which is downloaded hundreds of times every month. By allowing the visitors to add products to the cart/ wishlist/ comparison list and log in quickly without reloading the current page, these plugins will move your customer experience to a higher level.

free ajax suite for magento 2No.10: Progressive Web App for Magento 2

The final suggestion among our great deal of Magento extensions is the Magento 2 Progressive Web App Extension. We have launched it this October but received plenty of positive feedback. Using the Progressive Web Application has been a hot topic in the e-commerce industry for the last year. However, by 2018 Magento updated this new technology into its Community edition. Therefore, if you want to build your PWA right now, there is no better option than downloading our Progressive Web App Extension. Then, you will give your customers a wonderful app-like experience with a fast loading page, push notification, offline mode, full-screen mode, shortcut on the home screen, and so on. View its demos here.

Let’s go shopping for Halloween right now!

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