Top 5+ Must-have Magento 2 Extensions In 2022


Although Magento has already offered a great number of features and functions to set up a good online store, you will need to install several Magento 2 extensions to make it run more smoothly and effectively. In this article, we would like to suggest the top 5 Magento 2 extensions that every store should have.

1. Magento 2 Banner Manager

Magento 2 Banner Manager Extension

There is no e-commerce store that can run without a number of banners on its site. The banners not only contribute to building an aesthetic website design but also support promoting the brand and marketing campaigns.

Therefore, you will need a perfect tool like the Banner Manager extension for Magento 2 from Tigren to help you easily create and manage all banners on your online stores.

By using this great Magento Banner Extension, you will be able to create as many banners as you want and display those at any position on your site.

2. Magento 2 Daily Deal

magento 2 daily deal extension

Boosting sales is always one of the first concerns of Magento e-commerce stores. There are many ways to stimulate customers’ buying, among that creating hot deals seem to be immensely effective.

The reason is that most of the purchasers are tempted to sell products for a limited time. With Tigren’s Daily Deal Extension for Magento 2, it’s easy to create a new deal with an outstanding time countdown to urge the buyers to make the buying decision.

All of the deals will be displayed nicely on the Category, Product, and Daily Deal pages. Also, the Magento store owner can track the daily performance of each deal through the sales report.

3. FREE Magento 2 Ajax Cart

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension

Besides sales, improving the customer experience also is an essential target for all Magento e-commerce stores. Owing to Tigren’s Ajax Cart Extension for Magento 2, the buyers can easily add products to the cart without reloading the current page.

Especially, for configurable products, the purchasers can select different product attributes before adding them to the cart through convenient popups. As a result, the buying process becomes much faster and more interesting for the customers.

Also, this Magento Ajax Cart Extension is simple, handy, and easy to use. It proved that a little change can bring about a big difference for your site.

4. Magento 2 Customer Attributes

Magento 2 Customer Attributes by Mageplaza is a handy tool for adding additional attribute fields to the registration or account page to collect crucial client information. From which we can categorize loyally, contributing, and transitory customers. 

By Magento 2 default, only the name, date of birth, and tax number can be entered into the registration form. This does not enable for more consumer data to be gathered.

If you use the Customer Attributes extension, having more information about clients will allow retailers to better serve their customers and launch more successful marketing initiatives.

5. Magento 2 Stripe Payment

Flexible payment options are vital for brands because customers come from all over the world and use a variety of payment methods. It is difficult to meet the needs of all consumers with Magento 2’s pre-installed options.

Stripe Payment for Magento 2 from Mageplaza is a great extension that allows you to accept numerous payment methods right on the site of the store.

With this module, instead of being redirected to an external page, customers could stay in the store during checkout. As a result, the conversion rates of the stores would be increased significantly.

6. Magento 2 Canada Post

Canada Post not only delivers within the country but also to the United States and more than 190 other countries across the world. Canada Post has become one of the most popular shipping methods in the world because it has an extensive network of air and surface shipments worldwide.

The Canada Post Shipping Extension for Magento 2 combines the Canada Post API with Magento 2 to help people worldwide use it, especially Canadians who live outside of Canada. Special more, Customers are informed about the estimated delivery time for each option. The shipping delivery is highly ensured to be on time. With only a few clicks, customers and store administrators alike can keep tabs on each parcel’s shipment status.

7. Magento 2 Store Pickup

store pickup for magento

Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension by MageAnts allows your potential customers to order and pick the same item from a nearby store. With the extension, customers can now select the nearest offline shop to collect their product and save their time and money on shipping.

Customers can easily add all the pickup location details, including store images, assign products to stores, store address, phone number, reviews, etc.

By leveraging this simple, handy, and easy-to-use Store Pickup for Magento 2 extension, store owners can enhance shopping convenience and drive sales & conversions.

8. Magento 2 Order Tracking

shipping tracker for magento

Building better relationships and user experience are some of the most crucial factors for every eCommerce store owner and there are many ways to achieve this.

With MageAnts Magento 2 Order Tracking extension, customers can check the status of their orders in real-time using order ID and email address without login. Also, store owners can add custom shipping methods like UPS, USPS, DHL, Federal express, Magento shipping, Canada Post, etc., from the back-end and allow customers to track the order quickly.

Now store admin can efficiently improve customer satisfaction and save time on shipping tracking management with the help of this Shipping Tracker for Magento 2 extension.

Wrapping Up

You have reached the end of this article presenting you what we believe are the top 5 Magento 2 extensions in 2022. At least, the ones that can be described as essential.

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