What Is Magento E-commerce Development?

magento ecommerce development

E-commerce is becoming more popular these years. Thus, businesses worldwide face a challenge: making the best e-stores to attract more customers. As a result, the term “Magento e-commerce development” is being searched more frequently. To give you an overview, we will deliver essential information in this article.

What Is Magento?

Magento is an open-source platform written in PHP. Many developers use Magento to build e-commerce websites for businesses. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular digital commerce solutions globally, among Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

As its goal is to serve e-commerce, Magento has almost everything that a store owner needs for selling online: theme and product customization, inventory management, payment gateways, SEO, and sale analytics.

Magento has two versions that can fit any company size: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. Each edition offers a different package of built-in features to best match a business’s goals and scale.

Examples of Magento websites

Some big brands that use Magento for their e-commerce websites include:


examples of magento websites

Ford is one of the most famous motor brands globally. There is properly no one has not heard about its name. The brand started to use Magento for its website in 2012.

They include plenty of their car images on the website to show off the best features of their products and catch customers’ eyes.

With hundreds of different car models, Magento is an excellent choice that lets them efficiently manage their e-commerce site.


liverpool online store

Liverpool, a football club, uses Magento 2 for its online store. Their most popular items are clothes and scarves.

The online store stands out with a bright red color – the football club’s color. Some of the store’s features that speak loudly that it’s a Magento site are multiple store views and languages, inventory management divided into categories, and the straightforward checkout path.


magento development services

Landrover is another big car brand that uses Magento 2 to power its website. The revenue of this company reached £6.1 billion in 2019.

The first moment a customer access its website, they choose to select their country. This is to deliver the best experience to users.

The site uses many images that convey a modern and robust car brand. Customers can find helpful guides and manuals on using the cars, driving tips, or checking the Landrover news and magazines.

Ahmad Tea

magento 2 development services

Founded in 1986, Ahmad Tea is a brand specializing in fragrant tea. And for tea lovers, surely this is a ‘dear friend’.

Its Magento e-commerce website has a beautiful design, using green as the main color and a vast collection of images showing tea fields and various products. Not over yet, visitors can check their tea and beverage recipes and partnership opportunities.


nike magento site

Nike is a big brand in sports clothing, shoes, accessories, and gear. Its Magento website has some specific features to enhance buyer experience.

Nike’s store offers an advanced filter tool, letting customers find their desired product right away in thousands of other items.

Also, the online store allows shoppers to customize their shoes. Every time they change a characteristic, the image of their shoes will adjust accordingly.


canon website

Since Canon launched its Magento website in 2013, people can buy cameras and other related products such as tripods, memory cards, and camera bags directly from the web.

Additionally, customers can check the product’s features quickly on the web. The website also provides beginners with a combo of recommended products.

Christian Louboutin

christian louboutin

Christian Louboutin is famous for its red-soled shoes and high heels. Its Magento website focuses mostly on the products. Shoppers can quickly access the web and easily find the items they want.

The web also allows users to customize beauty products like lipsticks or palettes.

What Is Magento E-commerce Development?

Definition of Magento e-commerce development

Magento e-commerce development is the action of developing online stores using the Magento platform.

Magento e-commerce development can be performed by skilled developers. However, it can be significantly more demanding for those who do not know anything about coding and programming since the development process is considerably complicated.

Statistics about Magento

Magento is one of the most used platforms for e-commerce businesses in the world. About 250,000 businesses are using Magento for their online stores. This accounts for about 0.6% of the total websites worldwide.

Magento is used by 12% of the total online stores, second only to WooCommerce.

According to W3Techs, 0.9% of websites that run content management systems (CMS) are using Magento.

About the distribution, the majority of the Magento websites are based in the USA. However, merchants around the world also use this e-commerce solution, including those in Europe, Russia, India, etc.

Why Should You Choose Magento For E-commerce Development?

Here are some reasons making Magento is an ideal choice for your e-commerce website.


Magento supports merchants in creating the most powerful e-commerce stores. Since it’s an open-source platform, you can make almost any changes to personalize your web-based on your ideas. Your website can be completely different from others.

As far as you can dream it, the Magento platform can deliver it. Moreover, it allows developers to customize both the backend and frontend of digital commerce websites. This is why big brands rely on Magento to operate their specific demands.


magento ecommerce development company

Magento can help your website run effectively across multi-devices, including desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. This is highly crucial for any e-commerce business, big or small.

The world is heading into a world of mobile shoppers. Computers can be the device for work, but for shopping, they are being replaced by mobiles. So being mobile-friendly means opening the door to more sale opportunities.


Magento provides you with the all essential features of an e-commerce website:

  • Product, category, and inventory management
  • User account customization
  • Customer support
  • Order tracking
  • Payments
  • Search engine
  • Shipping information
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Business analytics

And these are only the built-in features for the Magento Open Source Edition. Thus, this is why the platform can support e-commerce businesses really well.


Magento can help your website become more exposed to potential customers with several SEO features such as product title, keywords, tags, etc. That means the site rankings can be higher.

And people tend to click on the links at the top of their search results as they regard them as more relevant and reliable. This is how you can get more traffic to your site and boost the conversion rate.

Better UX

Magento is made for e-commerce to help the owners provide their customers with a positive buying experience.

The websites made with Magento have personalized designs, run fast, and are simple to access. Therefore, customers can easily choose items and make purchases.

All in all, Magento delivers a stable and engaging on-site experience. A better user experience may make buyers want to buy more.

High security

Security is one of the most important things people want to consider when shopping online. And Magento can help the owner solve this issue.

It has a team of cybersecurity experts to ensure your information and money cannot be stolen. They always work to find new solutions for enhanced security. Update and security patches are rolled out regularly.

What Are Magento E-commerce Development Services?

Asides from Magento e-commerce development service, agencies often offer more services to meet the demands of their clients. Here are the services you’ll see the majority of agencies provide:

  • Magento web development: Developers help you create a brand-new Magento e-commerce website.
  • Magento migration: If you want to transform your existing web from other platforms to Magento or from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you choose this service.
  • Magento mobile app development: Magento development agencies also help you develop native apps for your mobile devices.
  • Magento support: You can seek support if your Magento site runs into trouble.
  • Magento website design: Developers help you have a customized and personalized web-based on your preferences.
  • Magento performance optimization: This service helps your web perform better on desktops and mobile devices. Hence, your web can provide a better user experience.

Should You Hire A Magento E-commerce Development Agency?

Magento offers web owners two options: Open Source (free) and Commerce (paid).

To build a Magento website, you can use themes or solutions available on the internet. But you cannot customize some features on your own if you don’t have any web development experience. You only have a web with default settings. Plus, when problems occur, you won’t be able to solve them.

Therefore, it is better to have professionals like Tigren handle the case. We can help you develop a Magento e-commerce site based on your ideas, and the results will fit your business perfectly. Furthermore, we provide you with premium support during the development and 3-month after-launch support.

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