What Is Magento Web Development?

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“What is Magento web development?” – this is probably a common question new merchants may have when searching for e-commerce site solutions. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

Dive into it and find everything Magento-related that you need.

What Is Magento?

Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform using open-source technology. Thus, merchants have complete control over their site functionality, look, and content. Users will be provided the necessary knowledge required to develop an online store right on Magento.

Magento web development is the action of building an e-commerce site on the Magento platform. This e-commerce platform has an intuitive backend interface for effective management and growth. Magento is widely used by top companies such as Ford, Landrover, Liverpool, and Nestle Nespresso.

Magento is among the top 10 leading e-commerce platforms in 2021, according to Techliance. With more than 250,000 websites, Magento is now the second most used e-commerce platform.

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How Magento Works

Magento is written in PHP and other frameworks such as Zend, Laminas, and Symfony.

Adobe – Magento’s provider, has released its second version with many potential built-in features as default. You can still use Magento 1, but it is inefficient and soon obsolete.

If you’re starting a new site, go straight for Magento 2 and enjoy powerful features:

  • Store Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Cart & Checkout
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Content Management
  • Marketing Support
  • System Management
  • Analytics And Reporting

Why Magento Is The Match For E-commerce?

Open Source 

Every business wants to minimize as much cost as possible. Magento offers two editions – the Open Source (free) and Commerce (from $22,000 a year).

Merchants can opt for the Open Source to cut costs. You’ll still need to pay for hosting and domain, but you already save a lot with the free version.

Powerful Platform 

This is why so many big brands love Magento. Even with the Open Source edition, the system is already versatile. Break-through e-commerce features in Magento 2, like inventory management or marketing features, can help you organize and promote products effectively.

Robust scalability is another great advantage of Magento. Magento can cater to any size you need to serve thousand to millions of customers, thus saving you the cost of new site development.

This platform also provides you widespread solutions from payments methods, delivery to languages to help you better serve the expanding audience.


Merchants have considerable flexibility using Magento. From hosting server to themes, it offers you a variety of custom solutions to create a unique website look and feel to deliver a memorable first impression.

As Magento aims for excellent flexibility, e-commerce retailers can conveniently integrate many third-party applications and extensions. The integration can be done easily through plugins installed and updated, with high compatibility to the Magento standards.

Advanced Security 

Magento provides an effective security scan tool of over 30 tests to give you real-time info on how your Magento store performs. You can regularly monitor and tackle the potential vulnerabilities as soon as possible with this dynamic checking tool.

Your customer’s personal information, as well as the store system, are well protected with Magento’s enhanced security system.

Advanced SEO Options

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You can’t make your brand appear on the top positions of the first result page organically without SEO, and high visibility is critical to your online business growth. Knowing this, Magento developed the content management system exclusively with SEO in mind to improve your product searches.

It contains a comprehensive SEO-friendly list of tools from optimized URLs, product titles, keywords to meta tags and descriptions.

Furthermore, Magento is well updated with the latest ranking factors to increase prospects. Also, you can analyze the data from the tracking tools to improve the content marketing and SEO effort.


You can also tell from your daily routine, mobile appears most of the time. This raises the demand for mobile optimization.

Magento is reliable for a mobile-friendly design as both the free and paid Magento versions include the HTML5 to provide a great mobile shopping experience. Frequently generated responsive design features on Magento make it a top-notch solution to acquire many mobile prospects for businesses.

Access To Vital Marketing Tools

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Do you know that many powerful and innovative marketing tools like HubSpot, Facebook or Google Analytics can be easily synchronized into your Magento site? Unlike other platforms that require extra work, Magento offers the option of marketing tools from the start. For now, running and growing e-commerce has never been handy and productive like that.

By allowing the import of existing customer information, images, and product data from other e-commerce systems and applications, owners can save time on core strategies and grow faster while reducing costs.

How To Build A Magento Website?

Investing in an engaging and highly performed Magento site can benefit almost any business task you operate. Starting strong and sustainable can amplify your growth majorly. To attain this goal, you need a hand from a team of experts.

Tigren – Your Reliable Magento Web Development Agency

We are a Magento-specialised web development company with comprehensive services as below:

  • Magento 2 migration from Magento 1
  • Magento web and mobile development
  • Magento PWA integration
  • Performance optimization

Tigren has supported many e-commerce businesses through our reliable track record of 10 years. Our solutions always aim for the best: a responsive on-site experience with engaging designs and robust performance with advanced features that effectively increase ROI. 

You will receive a free consultation with a clear action plan and a step-by-step work process when working with us. We provide free support from 3 to 12 months depending on the complexity and a reliable contact line for urgent issues before, in, and after services thus making our prices reasonable.

Tigren exceeds competition to become the leading Magento web development agency because of our honesty and dedication, and we will continue to do so. If you think we’re a match, contact us now.

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We hope we have given you a full-fledged view surrounding the big question of what Magento is and the Magento web development process. It can be complex with lots of things to consider but take it easy, as you can grasp this novel info real quick once you’re determined to do it.

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