5 Reasons Why In-App Chat Is Great for Your Business

No matter how much we disappear behind our laptops and tablets, we’re still social creatures. And when we run into a problem, we like to talk to a living and breathing human instead of a chatbot with pre-encoded commands. 

So, as a business, if you’re focusing on improving your bot commands, stop right there. 

Users like to be continuously engaged on your platform, so automated emails and messages aren’t going to make the cut. You have to provide your users with a real-time chat where they can get their queries answered as quickly as possible. 

But why should you actually use an in-app chat for your business? What are the benefits of using it? Let’s find out. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use In-App Chat in Your App

The world of B2C interactions has shifted from messages and email queries to instant messaging on chat and messaging apps. So, instead of continuing with your automated emails and messages, here are several reasons why you should use in-app chat for your business. 

  1. It Increases Engagement and Retention

Most of the time, when users need help, brand apps redirect them to an external platform or link where they can submit their query. This redirection interrupts the user’s experience, causing frustration and annoyance that can even cause them to quit your product. 

As a result, you lose out on customers, and acquiring them back is notoriously difficult. Plus, disappointed users may state their opinions publicly, further driving away potential customers and decreasing your conversion rates.

However, by using an in-app chat feature, you can reduce the likelihood of the above occurring and make sure your users don’t have to leave your app. Plus, the in-app chat will allow your customers to immediately make queries and provide feedback, increasing customer retention and engagement. 

  1. It Provides a Better Customer Experience

Automatic emails and messages often don’t provide the information users are looking for, so the need for an in-app chat is crucial because it’ll allow users to gain the information they’re looking for. 

By providing an in-app chat feature, customers will get quicker responses, which will drastically decrease the time taken to resolve a query or issue. And because of improved interaction, you’ll increase the number of positive feedback on your app. 

Plus, an in-app chat feature will allow customers to share multimedia attachments like videos, screenshots, and audio without character limits. So, if they can’t describe their issue in words, they’ll be able to do it in other formats, allowing you to understand what’s happening on their end and provide the help they need. 

  1. It Helps You Gain Insights to Improve Your Product or Service

Most of the time, your community will provide feedback in the form of Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok posts or specific feedback through your feedback form. However, that type of feedback is often one-way and doesn’t involve you as a business. 

But by providing an in-app chat option, you can allow your customers to provide feedback directly to your customer representatives, which can enable you to identify areas of improvement in your product or service. 

Plus, when you establish rapport with your community, you can ask some of your regular users to act as beta testers for your product or service, allowing you to identify quality and testing issues you may have missed. 

Users can also provide feedback on features they think could be improved, helping you create a list of developments you could make in your next product update or launch. 

For example, if you’re building a pay stub creator and ask your beta testers to perform a quality assurance check and they find that they are unable to input their name, payment details, and account number automatically in the online form, you’ll find the error in time. 

If you hadn’t asked beta testers to run your software, you could’ve released software full of bugs, which would’ve decreased your customer retention and conversion rates, as well as your ROI. 

  1. It Allows You to Build a Community

The internet is home to billions of people separated into thousands of communities. One of these communities is your business community. 

Communities require regular communication and engagement to flourish. So, if you don’t engage with your community or regularly come in contact with it, it’ll disintegrate and split apart, pulling down your customer retention and conversion rates. 

However, you can stop this from happening by using an in-app chat feature in your brand app. The cat can allow users to communicate with your people, quickly get their queries answered, and provide feedback that can improve your product design process. 

Your users can even surprise you with suggestions for improvements that can increase your ROI and sales by a wide margin, giving ideas for improvements you could make in the next edition of your software or product.  

  1. Provide Your Employees with the Tools They Need

If your employee needs access to Adobe or AutoCAD products for their work and doesn’t have it, you need to provide them access to these products. The same goes for specialized software you expect your employees to use. 

If you don’t give your employees access to specialized software, they may need to pay out of their own pocket for these products and end up resenting their job, eventually leading to them quitting. 

So, always provide your employees with access to the tools they need to perform their jobs. They’ll help you keep your employees for years and provide them with rewards for their efforts through implementing milestone programs

The Bottom Line

An in-app chat is a B2C feature that allows customers and businesses to connect to each other. It encourages customers to directly contact a business when they need to place an inquiry or require clarification about an issue. 

It also helps businesses gain feedback, increases engagement, and improves customer retention. An in-app chat also provides a better customer experience. So, consider using an in-app chat in your brand app. You’ll increase your ROI and customer base — the reasons behind business success.

I hope you’ve found this article to be helpful. If you want to learn more about business, check out Tigren’s blog!