Common Worries Of Store Owners When Developing A Magento PWA

worries when developing a Magento PWA

You are probably in two minds about developing a Magento Progressive Web App (PWA), assuming that it is challenging and may require professional technical knowledge. Take a look thoroughly at this article, and you will discover confident solutions to uplift your business with Magento PWA.

A Quick Grasp On Magento PWA

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a powerful technology to build interactive websites with functions like native apps. Together with this beneficial application, Magento 2 has become a popular platform for PWA. 

develop a magento pwa

Store owners now can access Magento PWA themes with available sources from Magento PWA Studio or other PWA developers. Many Magento businesses have successfully applied this on-trend technology to bring a better experience for users.

Despite its remarkable effectiveness, many store owners have hesitated about developing a Magento PWA. The worries are often related to high costs, complex processes, etc. Let’s simplify the operation and eliminate your fears.

Common Worries When Developing A Magento PWA

High price

Many store owners, especially new ones, may assume that building a Magento PWA is expensive. Therefore, they do not want to invest in it. This speculation can lead to a big loss of customer engagement and sales revenue for the business.

You are using a Magento website and want to attract as many customers as possible. Over time, you may think about developing an app on smartphones so that your brand may appear more on different platforms, and higher traffic will be achieved as a result.

However, progressing an app is even more pricey since you need to invest in separate operating systems: Android and iOS. In addition, these app stores will charge you a 30% standard commission on apps and in-app purchases for digital products and services.

make a progressive web app

With the Magento Progressive Web App development, the price starts from $1,000 to $3,000 for standard setup, basic design, and theme.

Let’s take an example, assuming your sales revenue from app purchases is $100,000, and you need to pay App Store and Google 30% of that amount, which is at least $30,000.

On the contrary, you can lower the cost and raise your revenue by using Magento PWA ready-made theme with a one-time purchase starting from $300.

Complex process

As mentioned, when choosing native apps, your team needs to work on Android and iOS, which is more time-consuming and complicated.

In case you want to update functions, developing separately on two systems is required. And this process may take you months.

Building a Magento PWA allows you to optimize the website’s interface and save you at least 3-month development with the setup in just a few hours (in the case of a ready-made theme application) and 1 to 2 months for custom development. Magento PWA uses a single codebase for all browsers and platforms so it can simplify your progress of building like-native app interaction. 

Lagging and connecting issue

You may wonder whether combining like-native apps and websites will cause lagging issues for customers. The answer is a complete NO. 

Building a Magento PWA brings a more fantastic experience for users. Even when their internet connection is weak, customers can still interact with your website.

Not to mention, a native app of an e-commerce website can consume the internal device storage at 40, 50, 100MB, or even up.

Instead, a Magento PWA usually takes up less than 1 MB of storage on any device, and the speed is ultra-quick, 12-20 times faster to receive the same data.

There are many other undeniable advantages when choosing a Magento PWA such as efficient display, utmost usability, safe security, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO benefit,…

Now, let’s dive into decisive steps to get you more confident in building a Magento PWA and breaking down your sales target.

7 Powerful Steps To Build A Magento PWA

Step 1: Put on a goal list

Having a goal is a must when you choose to build a Magento PWA.

They’ll keep you and your team motivated, know what to do, and specify how to succeed. Setting up targets for your e-commerce business leads you in the right direction and has an energetic start.

What do you expect from building a Magento PWA? Ask yourself, ask your team, and discuss and write down a goal list for your e-commerce business.

build a magento pwa

This step can help you stay focused and speed up your setup process. You may look at your e-commerce business performance in a specific period, and evaluate and propose potential targets.

Being objective and thorough in choosing standards when measuring progress can help your team understand the work result they need to deliver.

Step 2: Evaluating important factors

Among many components, there are three main factors a business owner should consider and evaluate carefully when building a Magento Progressive Web Application. They are feature, design, and cost.

With Magento e-commerce websites, you can choose from three available Magento PWA development solutions with different attributes – you can opt for a Magento 2 PWA extension, PWA Studio, or a ready-made Magento 2 PWA theme. Of course, each option will have its own strength and drawbacks, which you need to look into carefully.

Step 3: Research Magento PWA providers

After making the right decision on PWA solutions, you need to research providers in the market. Finding an appropriate partner can take a little work.

Referring to other competitors in the e-commerce market is also a great choice. You may find their cooperation with Magento PWA providers on their websites. Furthermore, you can go online to read reviews from old clients on the work of your provider list and find out what the provider’s success rate is.

Along with that, it is also essential to ask about experience. “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced”. That means long years of practicing in developing Magento PWA gives the provider one plus point. 

To learn better about a particular Magento PWA development agency, you can schedule a call or send an inquiry email. This step ensures that each provider in your list can give you an overview of their service and what makes them more potent than other competitors.

Step 4: Revise and pick the right provider

This step helps to make sure that the provider you choose is perfect for building Magento Progressive Web Apps. Compare your goal list to what the supplier can offer and contact them to clarify all the details. 

Verifying the service capability plays a key role in ensuring that their Magento PWA solution can meet your requirements. You have the right to ask for samples of their work with old customers to be more solid. 

Step 5: Review the contract

You want the best performance for your business through making a Magento PWA, so you need to pay extensive attention to reviewing the contract.

create a magento pwa

This step is crucial to clarify and make agreement terms advantageous for your team. You may refer to a lawyer if your contract value is considerable since it can reduce overall risks, and avoid wasting time and money.

Only sign the contract after ensuring everything you and your provider agree on is clear and accurate to avoid any trouble along the line.

Step 6: Manage progress and test frequently

The timeline and progress are agreed upon and stated in your contract with the provider. After signing the contract, you need to keep track of the project since your money is distributed.

Requesting reports from the Magento PWA development company is a must. It would help if you know what they are working on and whether they comply with the milestones.

build progressive web app

When building a Magento PWA, you should ask for a demo from the provider and test frequently in each step to ensure a smooth operation for your website later. 

Good communication is required in the process of building a Magento PWA. You may use different channels to communicate with the provider.

Step 7: Release

At this step, you must be excited to offer your customers an upgraded version using Magento PWA. However, there are tips and plans for an effective and impressive launch to boost your business.

When introducing a new feature, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. It is easier to figure out what they need, and what they want to see from your business. Focus on your customers’ most-used channel and take advantage to build fascinating content for your Magento PWA launch.

Tigren’s PWA Solutions For Magento 2

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In the era of technology, Magento Progressive Web App has proven its huge advantages for store owners. If you desire to see real progress in your business, building a Magento PWA is the right decision.

With the dynamic market of PWA providers, you can be more confident in the idea of developing a Magento PWA.