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[VIDEO] How To Create A Configurable Product In Magento 2 (2 minutes)

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The configurable product is one of the most popular product types of Magento. It looks like a simple item plus a list of options for each variation. For example, the store sells a T-shirt and offer different colors (yellow, green and red) and sizes (S, M and L) of that shirt for the buyers to choose. In this case, the yellow T-shirt is in fact a separate simple product, which has a unique SKU. Therefore, it is easy for us to track inventory for every variation.

magento 2 configurable product

Configurable Product on the Category Page

Configurable Product on the Product Page



There are only 5 steps to create a configurable product. Here we will create a simple product – a T-shirt with 3 colors and 3 sizes.

  • 1st step: Go the Admin Panel, navigate to PRODUCTS, tap Catalog, on Add Product choose Configurable Product

(Admin Panel => PRODUCTS => Catalog => Add Product => Configurable Product)

how to create configurable product in magento 2

  • 2nd step: Fill in the Required Fields (Product Name, Price, Category, Description, …)

create a configurable product magento 2

  • 3rd step: Create Configurations

Firstly, click on Create Configurations button in the Configurations section.

add configurable product in magento 2

Secondly, select attributes. You can choose among available attributes (tick on the box) then click on the Next button. If you want to create a new on, click on Create New Attribute button.

Here I will use 2 attributes – color and size.

configurable product

Thirdly, select attribute values by ticking on the box.

config product magento 2

Fourthly, configure Images, Price & Quantity. If you want to use the same image/price/quantity for all SKUs, please choose Apply single… . In contrast, if you want to apply different image/price/quantity for each SKUs, please choose Apply unique… .

magento 2 product

Fifthly, check product summary then click on the Next button.

m2 configurable product


  • 4th step: Set product thumbnail – select among your variations and make it the shopping cart thumbnail.

magento 2 configurable product thumbnails


  • 5th step: Save product and review on the front-end.

magento 2 tutorial

magento 2 product types




April Lee[VIDEO] How To Create A Configurable Product In Magento 2 (2 minutes)

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