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How To Make An eCommerce Website For Electronics Store In 2019?

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Many surveys have shown that electronics ecommerce stores contribute a big segment in the ecommerce industry, just behind the fashion industry. Moreover, the number of ecommerce website for electronics store is predicted to experience a significant increase in the year 2019. That’s why we would like to give you the guide of how to create an electronics online store from scratch, which will be immensely useful in the case that you want to be an e-business owner.

7 Steps To Develop An eCommerce Website For Electronics Store

Actually, creating an ecommerce website for electronics store is a long process, which might require a lot of time, money and effort. There are a wide range of big as well as petty things to do. However, in this blog post, we only mention seven essential steps of starting an electronics ecommerce business from scratch. Let’s figure out now!

Step 1: Select the right platform for your electronics ecommerce store

When it comes to ecommerce platform, there are a variety of choices (e.g.: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Wix, 3dCart, osCommerce, Drupal, etc.). Regards the open source ecommerce platform (free) only, there are more than 30 options for you to choose from.

develop electronics ecommerce store on magento

Nonetheless, we believe that Magento would be the best selection for your electronics ecommerce store for the following reasons:

  • Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms now
  • Magento has 2 editions: Magento Open Source (free) & Magento Commerce (premium)
  • Magento provides all fundamental ecommerce features that your electronics store will need
  • Magento is flexible and easy to customize
  • Magento website design is mobile-friendly and responsive by default
  • Magento allows multi-currency, multi-language, multi-store
  • Magento offers professional site management dashboard
  • Magento is good for SEO, which is pivotal for an ecommerce website for electronics store
  • There are a lot of Magento electronics templates and themes for you to choose from
  • Magento support is amazing

You can find more advantages of Magento ecommerce website development in our previous blog post.

Choosing the right platform will play a big role in your electronics ecommerce website development success, so investing your time on it!

Step 2: Prepare your budget based on your chosen ecommerce platform

Do you know how much does it cost to build an ecommerce website? This is a tough question, isn’t it?

Actually, the price of creating an ecommerce website for selling electronics online is varied, based on a combination of factors such as your selected platform, your requirements for the website design and functionalities, and your website development company’s hourly rate, and so on.

starting an ecommerce business from scratch
For instance, assuming that you decided to go for Magento website development and partner with Tigren to develop a simple Magento electronics store (using a ready-made theme and embracing Magento default features), it might cost from $2,500-5,000. Also, it might take 1-3 months to create your ecommerce website. Contact us to get a detailed proposal (with estimated time and cost) for your project.

Step 3: Come up with the idea about the design of your electronics ecommerce website

Without a doubt, planning about the website design is one of the first steps before starting the development process. In general, there are two options related to ecommerce web design:

    • Developing your site based on an electronics ecommerce website template. After buying or downloading the template from the theme markets or theme providers, you just need to install it on the site and make some customization if necessary. There are both free and paid electronics ecommerce templates for you to choose from. This is a perfect method for small-to-medium e-businesses who have a tight budget, or for whom want a quick design solution.

free electronics magento theme

  • Creating new electronics ecommerce website design from scratch. If what you need is a unique design to make your electronics store different and stand out from your competitors, this is an ideal solution. However, it will take a significant amount of time to create your design with the web designer, and more time to turn your PSD design to the actual website template with the developer. As a result, it will take an extremely higher cost than setting up an ecommerce business using a ready-made electronics template.

Step 4: Think about must-have functionalities of your electronics store ecommerce website

how to sell electronics online
Every electronics store has a certain list of requirements, and you need to clarify that list before moving to other steps. Here are some elements that you need to consider in terms of ecommerce website functionalities:

  • Language
  • Currency
  • Payment gateway, payment method
  • Shipping method, shipping carrier
  • Checkout flow
  • Page speed
  • Email templates
  • Banner manager
  • Social login, guest login
  • Third party integration

Step 5: Buy and register your domain, hosting, payment gateway, shipping carrier

As far as we know, some store owners even buy and register their domain a long time before starting their ecommerce electronic store design & development process to avoid losing it to anyone. In general, the cost of acquiring a new domain is not significant, except for some hot and desirable domains, so you should register your favorite as soon as possible.

Unlike the domain, you don’t need to select the hosting immediately but making a list of reliable hosting service for later selection. It’s worth noting that if you opt for a hosted platform, you can ignore this step.

how to create electronic store ecommerce website
Besides, choosing the payment gateway and shipping carrier is also crucial for your electronics ecommerce website. You have to define these first and then find a way to integrate them into your online store. For example, your website is based on Magento, and you select Stripe as your payment gateway, and then you must find an extension to integrate Stripe to your website.

Step 6: Look for a trusted ecommerce website design and development company

After going through all of the above steps, you can probably imagine how your electronics ecommerce store would be. However, they are all ideas and plans on your head and the papers. To turn those ideas into reality, you must hire an excellent website development agency to implement your project.

The thing is that you should not seek for general “ecommerce website development company” or “ecommerce web design company” since you would be overwhelmed by the huge number of available web agencies.

Instead, if you determine Magento as your platform, so looking for “Magento development company, Magento agency, Magento ecommerce website developer, Magento developer, Magento expert…”.

By the way, in case you are looking for a prestigious Magento web design and development company that offers a reasonable price, Tigren is one of the first choices. With over 6 years of experience in Magento development, we will definitely help you to build an amazing ecommerce website for electronics store that meets all of your needs and requirements.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and tell about your ecommerce website for electronics development project!

Step 7: Deploy your ecommerce electronics store design and development process

Once you have a good plan for your electronics ecommerce store development as well as choose the right web agency, project implementation would be much easier.

In most case, the agency will be responsible to give you a detailed project proposal and timeline (schedule) before getting started. Therefore, you only need to provide them with needed information and materials (e.g.: theme, extensions, payment gateway account) and follow the deadlines for testing results.

Moreover, a professional website development company will send you weekly reports to keep you updated with the progress.

So, How Can We Start Making An Ecommerce Website For Electronics?

As mentioned before, we have more than 6-year experience in Magento as well as ecommerce development. If you give us a chance to build your electronics ecommerce website and make a solid foundation to start your e-business from scratch, we will never make you disappointed.

electronics ecommerce store design
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April LeeHow To Make An eCommerce Website For Electronics Store In 2019?

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