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Real Example Of Magento Migration Process And Results

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Croft Online is a family firm with incredibly 40 years standing in the pet products market, who always endeavor to deliver high-quality items as well as customer service. Over a long time running the online business, Croft website met some significant issues with its performance and design. That’s why they got in touch with Tigren to improve the site. After examining Croft’s old website, and listening to their expectations, we suggested them to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 to enhance the site comprehensively from the design to functionality. In today post, we will summarise all of the major tasks on Croft migration process and hope that other Magento store owners can learn something useful via this example of Magento migration.example of magento 2 migration


It can be said that this is a typical example of Magento migration, which includes all crucial phases of the migration process from theme migration, data migration, and extension migration.

Here are the highlights of the project:

1. Upgrade from Magento 1.9.x to Magento 2.2.x

magento 2 migration websites
2. Migrate essential data to new Magento site

  • Products (catalogs)
  • Customers & subscribers
  • Sales (orders, invoices, shipments)
  • CMS pages

3. Migrate theme (implement a new template for Magento 2)
magento 2 theme migration

  • Install and configure Alothemes Xshop
  • Customize the theme to as requirements

4. Migrate extensions and migrate data

  • One Step Checkout
  • Order Attributes
  • Shipping Table Rates
  • Shipping Rules
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Reward Points

Extension migration includes installing and configuring the new Magento 2 extensions, solving conflicts among the extensions, customizing front-end of the extensions to match the selected theme, and migrating data from the Magento 1 modules.

5. Integrate with payment gateway (Sagepay)

magento 2 payment gateway migration

6. Configure email templates, languages, currencies, CMS pages

7. Set up the server and deploy



After two months, we finished migrating Croft website from Magento 1 to Magento 2. However, we continued supporting Croft for an extra 3 months (included in our Magento migration service, without extra cost).

Below are some screenshots of Croft’s new Magento 2 website:


case study magento 2 migration

Category Page

magento migration case study

Product Page

example of magento migration

Checkout Page

magento 2 migration examples


If you want to implement the transformation from 1 to 2 successfully like our example of Magento migration, contact us now or find more about our migration service here. Then, we will discuss to understand more about your website and requirements before creating a detailed proposal (with estimated time and cost) for the project. With over 6 years of experience in Magento website development, we will be able to migrate your site to Magento 2 without any problems and within your budget.

magento 2 migration services


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April LeeReal Example Of Magento Migration Process And Results

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