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Most Downloaded Free Magento 2 Extensions and Themes In 2019

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Up to now, Magento 2 has become one of the most prevalent platforms in the world. One of the reasons for its attractiveness is that there are thousands of Magento 2 extensions and themes for free download. In this article, we would like to provide you with Top Magento 2 plugins and themes that have the highest number of monthly downloads in 2019. Let’s get started!

1. Rex Electronics Magento Responsive Theme – The Most Well-designed Theme For Magento 2

Designed with creative professionals in mind, REX is an elegant electronics Magento responsive theme (free download) suitable for online stores.

Its templates come in desktop, tablet, and mobile flavors and in multiple layouts. The results are clean and eye-catching, coming with some free premium plugins, and it’s yours for just $0.00.

There is detailed documentation for this theme that guides you on how to install it easily and configure properly.

Although this is an electronics Magento theme, you can still apply it to different types of goods and services.
free magento responsive theme
download free magento 2 responsive theme

2. Free Magento 2 Ajax Suite – The Most Essential Magento 2 Extension

magento 2 ajax suite free
Magento 2 Ajax Suite includes 4 extensions: Ajax Cart, Ajax Wishlist, Ajax Compare and Ajax Login. These extensions will help your site to remove all annoying page reloads and execute some related functions in the popup.

For example, by using the Ajax Login, the customers can easily log in with their Facebook account and complete sign-in while staying on the current page.

As a result, the Ajax Suite for Magento 2 will contribute a great part to enhance the customer experience in your Magento 2 website.
free ajax suite for magento 2
download free magento 2 ajax suite extension

3. Free Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart – The Most Favorite Free Magento 2 Extension


Actually, this Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart extension is a part of the Magento 2 Ajax Suite but we separated them into 2 modules since many people are interested in the Ajax Cart only.

Owing to this free Magento extension, the customers in your Magento store can add any product easily to the shopping cart without reloading the page.

Also, for the configurable products, they can choose product options (e.g.: size, color, material,…) directly in the Ajax Cart popup.

Therefore, they might be willing to add more items to cart and spend more time on your Magento site.
magento 2 ajax cart extension
download free magento 2 ajax cart extension

4. Advanced Magento 2 Cash On Delivery – The Best Free Magento 2 Payment Extension

free magento 2 pwa
One of the easiest ways to improve the cash on delivery payment method in your Magento 2 website is by applying the Advanced Magento 2 Cash On Delivery extension (or Magento 2 Multi Cash On Delivery).

Thanks to this module, the store owners are given more flexibility to create up to 6 COD options instead of only one Magento default option based on different conditions.

For instance, you can multiple COD options based on time of delivery, types of direct payment (cash/card) or extra charges based on order subtotal,…
magento 2 cash on delivery time

5. Magento 2 Redis Manager – The Best Free Magento 2 Extension

download free magento 2 extension and theme
Magento 2 supports various types of cache with the aim of improving page loading speed and minimizing resource requirements, especially when there is a high volume of traffics on the site.

Besides Memcache and APC that are widely used, Redis has been becoming more and more popular due to its powerful features.

On one hand, some caches can be erased by using the default Magento Cache Management, it only helps to clear certain caches owing to key or tag. Moreover, there is no way to delete the sessions.

On the other hand, Magento 2 Redis Manager module allows the admin to execute flushdb and flushall commands for true cache purging.

download free magento 2 extension

6. Free Magento 2 Splash Page – The Recommended Magento 2 Extension

free splash page extension for magento 2
This is the last voted plugin in the list of 2019 Best Magento 2 extensions and themes for free download.

In many cases that the Magento store owners want to create a splash page (e.g.: Coming Soon page, Maintenance page, …) in order to inform their customers of the website status.

This free Magento 2 extension is a perfect tool for you to do that.

It allows you to create the splash page with a useful time countdown in just a few minutes by using the available templates.
magento splash page coming soon
download free magento 2 splash page extension


Don’t Miss Any Magento 2 Extensions and Themes on The List!

We have shown you the top Magento 2 extensions and themes for free download in 2019. All are available at the Tigren store. It would be a pity if your store missed any of these modules.

Find more amazing Magento 2 Extensions and Themes here.


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April LeeMost Downloaded Free Magento 2 Extensions and Themes In 2019

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