Magento 2 Cash On Pickup

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Magento 2 Cash On Pickup
The Magento 2 Cash On Pickup extension provides your store with another trending and highly effective offline payment method, in which the customers place the order without payments and will come to your pickup points to pay and collect the goods.
  • Add the Cash On Pickup (COP) payment option to the checkout
  • Choose countries in which the COP payment is applied
  • Set satisfied order total range (minimum-maximum)
  • Customize the COP label on the checkout page
  • Add instructions associated with the COP option
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What Problems Does Magento 2 Cash On Pickup Solve?

Provide flexibility and variety to customers - Minimize failed deliveries and associated costs for Magento store owners.

There are more and more delivery options, and home delivery no longer dominates. The buyers now want greater freedom in their withdrawal options, which leads to increasing demand for out-of-home delivery such as store pickup/ in-store delivery. These options are great for shoppers who do not have a bank account and prefer having cash on hand or those who simply do not want to be charged any fees for shipping.

Although Magento supports the in-store delivery shipping method, it does not provide any related payment method. Therefore, if you want to integrate this incredible missing feature into your Magento store is using our Magento 2 Cash On Pickup extension. Let's discover how it works below!

This Is How It Does

The Cash On Pickup extension for Magento 2 allows you to add the Cash On Pickup to your available payment method list on the checkout page.

Then, the customers can select that option and complete the checkout process without making the payment as other offline payment methods (e.g: cash on delivery, check/ money order).

After they come to the pickup location, pay and get the ordered items, the order status will turn to complete.

magento cash on pickup

Significant Benefits Of Cash On Pickup Payment

The option of local pickup for online orders offers plenty of advantages for both the customers and the merchants.

magento cash on pickup cop

For Customers


It's clear that out-of-home delivery such as store pickup is more flexible than common home delivery methods. It allows the customers to decide and arrange their time to pay and get the items they want actively, instead of having to stay at home waiting for delivery.

The in-store pickup also surpasses traditional shopping activities at physical stores. Although they both require buyers to come to the store location, the customers choosing cash on pickup don't have to worry about "out-of-stock" (since the order was placed previously) and save the time of walking around to find the products.


Most buyers love shopping at the stores that provide them with a variety of choices, even when there are some options they will never take.

Due to that, if your e-business can offer from online payment methods (e.g.: credit/ debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers) to offline ones (check/ money order, cash on delivery, and cash on pickup), your target customers can choose you over your competitors.

For Sellers

Avoided failed deliveries

One of the most common issues with home delivery is that the shipper cannot meet the customers and have to return the package to the warehouse.

Moreover, the shipping carriers often ask the store owners for extra fees in the case of repeated failed deliveries.

That potential risk can be minimized thanks to Cash on pickup since the customers will manage the withdrawal according to their time and availability.

magento in-store pickup

Full Features


Store Owners

  • Enable/ disable the COP payment option
  • Edit the COP label/ title on the checkout page
  • Select countries in which the COP option is applied
  • Write instructions associated with the COP payment
  • Set minimum/maximum order total - conditions for applying COP
  • Set the display order of COP besides other payment methods



  • Select the COP payment option when placing the order
  • Place an order without making the upfront payment
  • Paying when collecting the products at the pickup points

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  • Version 1.0.0: Release (August 16, 2022)
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