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The Magento 2 Reseller Extension is a tool to create a professional program to manage and reward the resellers who make high volumes of purchase at the store. It empowers the store owners to assign all resellers to different groups based on the customers’ spending and give them equivalent discounts. Moreover, there is an automatic system for the reseller rank promotion or demotion. Highlights of this module are:
  • Create a custom reseller application form
  • Create different reseller groups
  • Set target purchase value/ entry level for each category
  • Set different discount percentages for groups
  • Manually assign the reseller to a specific group
  • Set rules for reseller rank promotion or demotion
  • Send notification emails to the resellers

Product Description

Owing to the Magento 2 Reseller Extension, the Magento store owners can easily create a special program for their resellers – “big customers” at the store. On this program, the admin is able to create and assign the resellers to multiple groups and grant different rewards (discounts) for each group. 80% of the process is automatic, the admin just needs to make some initial configuration and make approval/ disapproval when there is a reseller registration request.

Any general customer wholesaler or retailer (based on the admin configuration) can become a reseller as long as their total spending in a month satisfy the “entry level” of any reseller group.

To understand about how the Magento 2 Reseller Extension works, let’s take a look at its flow:


magento reseller extension

Step 1: Reseller registration

In order to become the resellers in the store, the customers must submit a Reseller Application Form. Then, they will receive an email notifying that their request is under review.

Step 2: Admin approval

The admin will receive a notification email of new reseller registration once the request is submitted. Then, the admin will examine the provided information of the register before making an approval or a disapproval.

Step 3: Reseller group assignment

After accepting the customer request, the admin is able to assign that customer to a certain group (for example: Silver, Gold or Platinum).

Step 4: Discount acquirement for reseller

The resellers now will get a specific amount of discount (%) for all purchases depending on the groups they belong to.

Step 5: Rank promotion or demotion

The initial rank of the resellers won’t last permanently but change overtime. Based on the money they spend on the store on a month, if that amount reach the target of the higher reseller group, they will be promoted automatically.

By contrast, after a certain period of time, if their total spending is lower than the required minimum amount, they will be demoted or even are no longer a reseller.

It’s worth noting that all rank adjustments are based on the Calendar month, which means that the tier pricing is established from the 1st day of a month to the last day of that month.

magento reseller extension example

In most cases, the customers must go through a challenge month  before being assigned to a certain reseller group. For example, a buyer is approved to be the reseller on the 15th January, we will ignore the period from 15th January to 31st January. Then, the challenge time will start from 1st February to the last day of February. The total amount of customer expenditure in February will be the condition to assign him/ her to a group.

Assumed that there are 3 reseller groups as the following:


Entry Level












If the customers spend in the range: $500 ≤ … < $1,000 in February, they will be qualified in the Silver  group and get 10% off for all orders from March. Next, in March if the customers consume equal or more than $1,000 but lower than $1,500, they will be moved to the Gold group and get 20% discount from April. On the other hand, if their total spending in March is just $400 for instance, they will remain at the Silver  group.

If the customer spends less than $500, which is lower than the entry level of all groups, he/ she will have another “challenge month” – March.


Create the custom reseller registration form

Besides requiring basic information like any other forms (phone number, address, zip code,…), The Magento 2 Reseller Extension gives the admin an ability to add more custom questions for the registers.

For example, asking about the motivation of the customers to become the resellers, the main focus of their businesses, their plan of selling products after buying from the store, or their estimated spending per month would make the admin’s evaluation process become easier.

magento reseller registration

Create the reseller groups

The admin can create multiple reseller groups from the back-end.

The settings for each group will include:
+) Choosing qualified customer group (guest/ general/ wholesale/ retailer)
+) Defining the entry cost (in a month)
+) Determining specifically the discount amount for members of this group

magento 2 group price

Set a target expenditure for each group

For each group, the admin can set an entry level, or in other words, a minimum spending ($) in a month for a reseller to be qualified in that group.

For example, the reseller must buy all orders with the total cost that is equal or greater than $500, $1,000 or $1,500  to join the Silver, Gold  or Platinum  group respectively.

magento special price for customer group

Set specific discount amounts for groups

The reward for being a reseller is attractive discounts (%) for all purchases at the store. Depending the group that the resellers belong to, they will receive a certain percentage of discount.

For example, a Silver  group member just get 10% off for his/ her orders while a Gold  or Platinum  one will get 20% or 30% off for any purchases.

magento group price percentage

Manually assign the reseller to a specific group

Normally, the customer must go through 1 month after registering to become the reseller to see how much their spending would be before being assigned to a reseller group.

However, in some special cases, the admin can immediately assign a customer to a group without the “challenge time”.

For instance, because of knowing that the register has been a loyal customer of the store for a long time with the high volume of monthly purchases (based on the order history), the admin can save that customer to the Gold/ Platinum  reseller group right after approving his/ her request.

magento customer group pricing extension

Set rules for reseller rank promotion or demotion

For rank promotion, it’s simple. On the last day of each month, or called the rank review day the reseller’s total spending on that month will be reviewed and evaluated. If this amount is equal or higher on the entry level of the higher reseller rank, the reseller will be promoted automatically and get a higher discount percentage on the next month.

For rank demotion, the admin can set the minimum amount of purchases over a certain period of time for the resellers to maintain their position in that group. If they cannot fulfill the requirement, they can be demoted to a lower rank or even be eliminated from all reseller groups.

For instance, if the resellers don’t make any orders/ spend $0.00 in 3 consecutive counted months, they will be terminated as the resellers and changed to the regular customers.

magento customer group pricing

Send notification emails to the resellers

The customers will receive notification emails when submitting the reseller registration requests, getting result for approval/ disapproval from the admin, being promoted or demoted.

Especially, Magento 2 Reseller Extension allows the admin to send a special email to the resellers, showing the resellers’ amount of purchases on that month and how much they should spend more to reach the higher rank or to maintain in the current group – X days prior to the end of the month.

For instance, there are only 5 days left before the rank review day. In this month, the customer has spent $850 and now is in the Silver  reseller group. The store can send an email encouraging that customer to spend more $150 to be promoted to the Gold  group automatically.

By this way, the store can stimulate resellers’ spending wisely and effectively.

magento reseller module

As you can see, the Magento 2 Reseller Extension is very useful but simple and easy to use. By using this plugin, you not only attract more people to become your resellers but also boost their purchases at your store.


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